• LL actually had a tight verse

  • Soul_Assasin

    Not only NY legends, but hip hop gods as well…

  • shazam_bangles

    LL still got it!

  • This beat is Urban Club. But I like me some LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes.

  • Kareem

    #LLBack ? Ha.

  • “Wanna impress me? Start manning up / Say somethin’ that sounds like you piss standin’ up…”

    HAHAHAHA yo LL still got it man. haha

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  • real talk

    This shits on 99.9 percent of the shit out today! LL and Busta showing them how it’s done!

  • Frontrunner


  • brutally honest

    Uncle L, never fell off “Uncle L, future of the funk/without my stamp on it/how this gonna bump” Ha, but I have ask ?….. Is the girl on the hook , a female or tranny?

  • Nickey Black

    This is fire.

    Anybody who hate this got problems

  • Nickey Black

    At brutally honest…….why would you say that?


  • brutally honest

    At Nickey Black, hey bruh hip-hop cats is getting outed nowadays; you never know. I still gave Todd James his props on the record tho….

  • ur moms boyfriend

    Icy boi shut ur ass up. These cats would eat gucci lames and cocka floppas ass no homo for lunch. These is legends show respect …….sucka!!!!!!!!

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  • Lol

    LL the real GOAT.
    IF it’s for lyrics and consistency that he is, but goat is measured, non sense like sales, “swag” (smh) and money made/
    LL is yet the first and original goat, heck is started them term.

    however, this song is musically wack. though LL bodied the verse. Busta is boring.

  • bigjay2501

    decent. is it me or does Busta sound off beat on that last verse? either way. nice to hear 2 legends in the game showing the young bucks how to do it.

  • RB

    Hip Hop

  • chilleymost


  • Van


    Did L just shit on the game?

    Thought so…

  • Kareem

    Of course LL ain’t, like, metaphorically killing niggas with similies and double entendres and shit.
    He got that LL flow, distinct voice, charismatic delivery. Plus, he’s proving after all these years, money, films, TV shows, and whatnot, that he can still hang with big boys.

    Shout outs to Todd James.

  • TheCool

    I can’t tell if So Icy Boy is stupid af or just trolling wtf. Get the fuck outta here and get on Waynes dick.

    This shits nice. I always say Busta is underrated af these days.

    And LL killed it : “Wanna impress me, start mannin’ up, Say somethin’ that sound like yu piss standin’ up,”

  • Word

    Sit down old fart your time is up!

  • vbodega


  • LL Cool J is still the G.O.A.T…. no one’s messing with him, and the same goes for Busta too

  • Curtis75Black

    Uncle L came with it !! A straight nasty verse !!

  • Jinx


  • six1twan

    LL still on his SH!T