• Word

    Dallas Dirks in 7.

  • Darrell Lee

    this is exactly why they are going to lose. lol. Really!?!? We all on TV, knocking down free throws. ROFL! Yes, I am from Miami. A little bias on picking Heat to win but we can all agree this is horrible.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I was watching the local news they say NBA FINALS tickets are going up to $50K on online.

  • Po

    Dallas in 7, maybe quicker depending on how quickly LeBron gets frustrated and quits playing.

  • Nick

    Heat in 4 you guys are ridiculous the mavs cant play d for shit

  • B.Dot

    @Pro: Dallas in 7, maybe quicker depending on how quickly LeBron gets frustrated and quits playing.

  • supertruths

    Hey wheres all those Bulls fans.. They can now jump off the bandwagon that is the Derrick Roses.. SMFH that he got the MVP.. all you have to do is double him and he is just a regular point guard.. You want proof? 41-43 for 120 shooting against the Heat.. This title picture is up in the air.. If Dwade and Lebron and Bosh and Miller can all drop at least 15 i think they win.. Because Jason Terry willl be smokin too much weed because hes so happy hes in the finals and Kidd will break a hip.. But if Terry and Barea can match lebron bosh miller and wade with 20 points per.. they will probably win..

    LOL at the bulls for not trading Noah before the deadline last season and for over paying carlos i suck at life boozer.. hahahahahahahahha FUCK ILLINOIS

  • Post no billz

    anyone that makes a rap song for thier team ends up jinxing them.. lakers.. knicks.. bulls.. and now dallas..

  • Mr. A. From Tha T

    ^^^ Green and Yellow??
    DAMN this dude always got the illest beats


    J. KIdd all day boi, they taking the title this year

  • get bucks

    @ Supertruths

    D. Rose deserved the P str8 up. That boy played his heart this year. Wait until he gets a few more pieces. I agree that a double team limits his productivity, but when he has some legitimate help on the wings it’s gonna be trouble.

    Boozer definitely needs to give the Chi back some of that $$$, because Lord knows he hoe’d out last night. lol

    Miami is gonna spank the Mavs in 6. Maybe 5.

  • Codeen

    Am I the only one who saw what happened to the bulls last night? HEAT IN 6, AND I PUT 6 STACKS ON IT. WHO WANNA BET?!!!!

  • ant

    TRIPLE D BITCH ! ! ! ! !

  • East ATL

    Mavs in 6 nigga fuck the heat go hawks tho

  • Post no billz

    Green and yellow came out after black and yellow(stellers).. and WEEZY was a bandwagon fan

  • @post no billz

    No wayne been a fan he even made a song before. Do your research next time!

  • @^

    ^He’s claimed at least 3 different teams in the last 3 years, which makes him a fake fan of all of them.

  • HEAT!
    allready, tx

  • @^

    Go listen to Ignorant shit, and I actually have facts you dont.

  • Person

    Dallas in 6……..??? Do you watch basketball…….??
    Prob Not.