New Video: Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em”

[vodpod id=Video.9708656&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Just before the start of the weekend, Nicki releases a viral for “Did It On Em” which includes a montage from the I Am Music 2 Tour. If you haven’t, go cop that Pink Friday in stores now.

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  • Donn

    Yes tomorrow im going to get my nails done and then bump pink friday! And find some sexy mens (pause)
    Best song of the album!

  • belly

    pointless video, i thought concert videos went away after em’s “sing for the moment”

  • ZoomZoom


  • Vorhees

    This song is fuckin terrible.

  • Word

    Lmao! I knew Donn swung that way. @ZoomZoom thats the real him bruh lmao!

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  • Real Talk

    The montage would have made more sense for moment for life….
    That album been wack since February anyway…

  • Shitty video for a shitty song. Fits well.

  • The only good thing about this video is Nikki’s Ass up and down the stage.

  • RC

    Man yall cats is flagrant as hell.

    Rap Radar needs to enable those gravatars cause cats be clonin the shit outta folks on here.

    Damn Donn…..

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  • still best rite now!!


    word! thats a C-section violation…lol these niggas is stepsons

  • Donn

    LMFAO @ Fake Donn. Good one bro! HAHAHAHA!

  • i like the song cause atleast 1 person in my life makes me want to shit on them cause of the shitty things they do to get on my family and i nerves! nuff said thou…

  • Donn

    @ Real Donn. Anytime Playa! Hope to be impersonating you for the longest time homie!

  • Converse

    Donn ur a gay mofo

    [email protected] talk song wack

  • Black Shady

    damn YMCMB tryna be like SHADY RECORDS???? this is a weak ass attempt at recreating Em’s Sing For The Moment

    SHADY!! Winning is a habit

  • Black Shady

    Shady once fuck me in the butt and I loved it!

  • ..

    ^Ok weirdo? ew!

  • K-Lam

    so she basically copied the concept for “Sing For The Moment”?

  • This is absolutely 1 of the worst songs I ever heard in my life. No exaggerating. I mean, who allowed this to leave the damn studio??

    “used to be here,now you’re gone- nair???

    I know everything doesnt have to be lyrically top notch but even as a club song its nowhere near good. But I guess it sells tho smfh

  • Donn


  • jam

    yu kno how many montage videos have been put out before and since Sing for the Moment? song may be wack but get the fuck outta here with those tired Em comparisons, yall see that dude everywhere

  • LA

    Don’t mind the stans.

  • the One

    Reema Major will tear this girl a new ass crack!!! Remember I said it !

  • m

    @ The One I jus checked her out ..Shes pretty good ..reminds me of lil kim n nicki lol

  • Fact remains u suck

  • cosign @theJFKshow

    terrible. just terrible. wasted 4 minutes of my life.