Wale On Working With Lady Gaga

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Before Lady Gaga became an international superstar, she was featured on Wale’s 2009 debut single “Chillin”. While on the MTV RapFix couch this past Wednesday, Wale spoke on the experience.

On a somewhat related note, Gaga is expected to sell 900,000 copies of her new album Born This Way.

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  • James

    Wale is good but he always sounds like hes about to say something cocky

  • Bat Man

    Wale sold his soul to the Devil (William)

    His album and mixtapes were really good before all this fake shit

  • c.j

    GAGA is selling her album for $99…….. desperate bitch!

  • Word

    A single with Gaga on it and he still flopped *gasp* I guess that shows that putting the biggest pop star on your single wont guarantee you success, so you pop faggots need to stop saying that all the time.

  • @SoIcyBoi

    youre reaching.

  • DG

    Only way Weezy selling a milli or more is if Baby decides he is spend his Bugatti money on bringing Carter 4 sales over 600k

  • TheKing

    This nigga Wale sound dumb as hell LOl he made Lady GaGa Career he should take credit for her success haha this negro is dumb as shit for saying that. She was doing it big before she even started messing with you if anything she made us pay attention or even realize who you were. Go sit down homie you sound like a retard.

  • fuk waka

    1. i love weezy but the REASON he sold 1 mil in 1st week was good timing and ‘Lollipop’
    2. u cant even compare hip hop to pop like lady gaga.. lady gag shit is in another level her fans r crazy mad

    3. wale GTFOOH

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Lady Gaga wasnt as big as she is now when she on wit Wale…Wale will gas a majority of these rappers tho

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Lady Gaga is going to do crazy first week numbers she might do a million from what im reading. Wale is wack anyway.

  • K

    This guy is dreaming!

  • original will

    Wale got the blacc and green 13’s there is a pit thats sitting outside and never allowed in my house anymore becuz of those shoes

    n you never know with gaga like who would expect her to do a song with Beyonce at that height she was at

    sidenote:Akon will never work again its ridicolous that a Blacc man owns her I know them white people hate that shit

  • Citylivin’

    @original will
    hell yea…Akon is super winning….it’s funny how other labels denied her but he’s the only one who gave her a chance.

  • Word

    Lmao @orignal will. Nice choice of words “Black man owns her” Perfect way to describe their relationship. I dont even know why this nigga Akon is still putting out music, he could retire in a shabby looking mansion back in Africa if he wanted to.

  • Just Saying

    Wale was being sarcastic bout saying he made Lady Gaga’s career. Also Wale disrespected Ross…U know Ross said something to him after da interview.

  • TheCool

    I aint saying Im against rappers making songs with pop stars, cuz Gaga actually has talent unlike Britney Spears or Kesha. But this shows just having a popstar on your song aint gon make it a hit. Although she wasnt as big back then. Eh.

    And damn, 900k? I think shes gonna do a millie. Shes killin’ ’em everywhere. Akon is set for life.

  • In a way Wale is right.
    I mean who was she before the Chillin’ joint?
    Not sayin he made her career but she ain’t do shyt before that song…

  • daiurs dar

    @word she wasnt the biggest popstar when she hopped on the track dickhead she just had came out niggas say anythng to downplay mmg

  • wtf

    lmfao this nigga be ad-libbin’ his interviews…like really…listenin’ to Wale then all of a sudden “ROGHH”