J.Cole Samples Kanye On First Single

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During J.Cole’s Ustream session earlier today, he told viewers online that he’s already locked in Hov as a guest on the project, a new mixtape is coming and that he also sampled a Kanye track for his first single.


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  • Emile

    Everyone knew this before today though.

  • ZoomZoom



  • Rachelbaby

    Another mixtape? When is the CD coming out? What is the hold up with this guy? I’ve never seen a new artist have so many damn probs getting ONE CD OUT.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    cole world

    hurry with the new album !!

  • That Nigga

    I bet he sampled “all falls down”
    he said the girl who sings the vocals

  • flawda

    He clearly says Trey Songz isn’t on it, people assumed he was.

  • Converse

    How tha fuk is wack ass big sean lp dropping b4 cole? smh

    anyway he cant go wrong with a kanye sample? have never heard a weak production from him


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    YOOO Big Homie… SORT yourself out. This came from Soulculture.co.uk NOT hip hop chronicle

  • Rashod757

    The album iz finished, mixtape is done, 2nd album 70% done, and kendrick lamar collabo coming as well. Third single off album iz with trey songz

  • Emile

    Keyshia Cole was the woman singing in ”We Don’t Care”. I think that might be the song

  • Donn

    Is he sampling a record from Kanye or using vocals from a singer featured on Kanye’s record?

  • gerold

    He sampled “we don’t care” you know that part that says its a cold world…

  • A-Dot

    Ooh video for higher? Sickkk, & this first single looks like its gunna be killer damn cant wait, and he mentioned two other tracks i think- ‘Lost Ones’ and ‘Dangerous’. Cant wait for this. Cole World, real cole world…

  • So Icy Boi!

    Cole a wack rappa! Gucci way mo talented den Cole. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Cole a wack rappa! Gucci way mo talented. swag

  • BK James

    I’ll judge it when I see it….Which might be a few years.

  • Desman

    Can’t wait! Jcole is a beassst!!!!

  • supertruths

    I aint hatin on dudes rap skills or anything like that..

    But Ustream is so self appreciating its fucking horrible.. Narcissists and teenage girls who want you to watch them sucking their dogs dicks and to watch said dog attempting to stick his red rocket in their nasty ass soon to be diseased pussy.. so basically if you u stream and you haven’t won a grammy, sold a million records or other wise done something notable in american(or world) history you r a narcissist who is not worth the time of day.. who watches this whole thing? dick ryders who have nothing better to do with their life and or.. kids under the age of 18 who are grounded and cant go out and get some pussy or get high on a Saturday.. shake my head at anyone who watched this whole thing.. and SMH at rapradar for posting this.. wait let me guess.. Oh.. nope i was wrong it wasn’t david amaya who posted this.. im ashamed for you big home.. shame.

  • Word

    Cant! Wait!

  • King Speez

    Supertruths… Yoooouuuu sound like a hater

  • Word

    ^ Cosign!

    SUPERTRUTH What the fuck was that shit? Shit made no fucking sense. A dogs ass? Diseases? What does this shit have to do with Coles music? And UStream is a free service, you have it backwards. Ppl thats on the come up use UStream and Twitter cuz thats the technology these days. You just ranted on some bullshit talking about dog pussy and shit

    I suggest you find the thickest coat you can find, its finna be a Cold Summer!

  • King Speez


    Don’t be mad my young bull chippin away at your buzz while his keep getting bigger

  • cool
  • Lyrykal

    Wiz khalifa’s first week sales will be greater than cole’s, nuff said. How hard is it to release a single, its not a space shuttle launch people. Its like he’s trying to generate a buzz 4 his single and not the album. Like its going to be the greatest song ever and he needs people to be seated early 4 its premiere. FOH

  • cool

    You are about to experience something COLD man

    Sometimes i feel no one in this WORLD understands us

    — kanye west

  • Citylivin’

    u ain’t bout that “Cole fan lifestyle”….go over to Wayne & Drake.

    notice that date on that tweet…it was the day after the world was “supposed” to end and it was at 2:58….so might not be “We Don’t Care”…who knows.

  • Word

    @Lyrikal Wiz first week may be bettwr, but who gonna.have the better album? Cole. Nuff said

  • Lyrykal

    Okay so u fans are saying u would rather cole release an album that would please u which might not get him record sales? How selfish is that, u want him to be like nas. Do u think he is in this game to please u ungrateful hiphop groupies who hop on artists dick. He wants the mula, he and drake should both def leave their record labels and form 1 and call it the untouchables. U would think they got HIV cuz nobody could fuck wit em. cole is an amazing mc but lets face it that nigga is scared shook about releasing his album cuz of poor album sales

  • Kayn

    He clearly says, the album’s coming and that he might drop a mixtape in the summer. He never said before the album.

  • J.cole sampling a kanye song, thats all I need to hear. Its gonna be a Cole Summer. http://www.MOFOSINCHARGE.COM

  • Word


    That shit makes no sense. We’re saying make a GOOD album. If its a pop, mainstream album but it still sounds GOOD, then I dont mind. You can have SALES and still have a GOOD album. *GASP* Didnt know that was possible huh? A GOOD album that SELLS well and isnt all POP? Cudi shit aint pop, Ross shit wasnt pop, TI shit wasnt pop. What are you really talking about? No one said they want him to not succeed. We just want a GOOD album, regardless of if he has to make a radio friendly song or not. If its good, then why not? If its super lyrica, fine. If its BOTH thatd be the best way to do it. Wiz aint lyrical at all, he just made funnny sing songy music for the sales, but was it good? Some of it. Nobody said he should make Nas type shit, only Nas can do that anyway. I just want some iLL music. If it dont sell, then so be it. If it sell, hey, cool.

  • studiothug4ever

    jcole aint never dropping. sorry fans!

  • premo

    dope ….i wish i was on vacation rite now…lol

  • No Swag

    Another mixtape?! The people are waiting!

    @So Icy Boi go back to your gucci post! We don’t want the hate here! This is real hip-hop shit!

  • JHP

    Haters die slow, I bet when the single drops and it’s classic yall gon’ be all on his dick again, I got faith in him, that Return Of Simba was crazy, if that’s just something he’s releasing to hold ppl over, then the album must be crazy

  • ethug

    new dreamvile artist? i peeped this dude’s tape on twitter


  • HollyWood

    That success is really fucking with u J. Cole. Smh you can see your ass chaning already.

  • HollyWood


  • Lil B

    J cole on some other shit , swagg

  • -_-

    Lmao at the nigga who ranted about dog dicks and nasty pussy or whatever the fuck. New/Current artists use UStream as a way to promote themselves or stay close to the fans. The reason niggas like Wiz, Cole, Drake, Tyga, Big Sean, etc. etc. got a huge fanbase is cause they use shit like youtube, ustream, twitter.

  • Black Shady

    Haters scared!!! they know cole bout to drop A CLASSIC DEBUT!!! yes….C-L-A-S-S-I-C

    Cole World!!!!!!!!!

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    This nigga is never dropping. I will bet a 1000 dollars even though I dont have it cause Sony is A BITCH but his shit aint never coming out trust me am in the bizness. this dude has no chance. People with talent never come out!

  • Jaediggity

    This nigga act like he just the shit. I wish all you faggot ass grown men would get off his dick.. I can’t wait for his album drop so it can flop 50k first week..

    And for you gay ass niggas ALWAYS bringing drake up.. J.Cole is not on Drakes level.. NOWHERE NEAR.

    J.Cole is a better lyricist… (not by a lot) but Drake is on Superstar level. J.Cole couldn’t even sell 80% of a club in fucking Massachusets.. thats sad.. I mean the only reason hes on this tour with rihanna is because of.. dun dun dun dun… Jay-Z and Live Nation. Don’t get it twisted.. J.Coles not poppin

    he’s a lil nigga that got shelved for 3 years and is finally getting a lil shine.

  • Jake


  • supertruths

    No its because they cant get the backing like artists useta get.. And yes.. If you have never heard of these teenage whores sucking their dogs dicks look it up. It was in Time magazine talking about how todays youth is so fucked up they have no real idea of what is going on and that people are actually taping this shit(like they did of this u stream by j. cole) and putting it on the internet.. Anyways..

    This kind of shit is narcissistic.. They cant get backing from a label.. but they need the verification form the dumb ass old use to be fans of fall out boy(i.e. old emo kids) that like this kind of “progressive” “hip pop” or “hipster hop”.. it aint real rap.. this is the kind of shit record labels want to sell you because its easier for them to sell it to the MOMS and DADS than gangster rap(where the shit started at) but hey.. whatever.. shit changes.. i understand that.. but it doesnt always change for the better.. i.e. music that debuted form 2005-to the present.. For real.. shit has gone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down hill.. if you came out before jan. 1st 2005 you still have some credibility.. after that tho.. you just a fabrication of whatever record label/company wants you to be..

    I mean shit look at odd future.. so many people pulling those strings but they too stupid to see it.. Drake? same shit.. Whatever tho.. young kids need “new” shit they think is hot so they jump on whatever/whoever is newest and call that shit.. its why bands that play rock music(you know real instruments) have gone so downhill.. Its all one basic sound and they all try to re create each others sound because the last group sold numbers.. Oh well…

    The world is definitely ending in december 2012 partly because of the drones(they are all the same) of fans who like this new music.. For real.. expand your brains and listen to Gangster Gibbs.. Or Talib Kweli(remember him?) Dont listen to Nip Hussle(ggeneric gangster rapper at least gibbs can flow) Or just stop buying new shit and buy the old stuff.. if you show the record labels that pre 2005 music sells better they WILL STOP RELEASING THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

  • suppppppp

    ayo supertruths, shut the fuck up tho.
    he does ustream to update his fans, dumbass, nothing more to it.
    Also, Cole has to click one button on ustream to record it, l0l,
    ur so smart d00d, plz kick some more knowledge.
    The world laughs at deluded fools like you.

  • suppppppp

    You clean toilets in the Sony headquarters fool, you ain’t in the business, lmao. You IN the businses but don’t got $1000 dollars, man you a clown. fuck outta here sonnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    Coles 3rd single bout to hit #1, 300k first week, grammys, #classic, #coleworld, #suckadickfaggot

  • raywill01

    He’s here too give you pussy ni$$as hell. Cole World= Cole C L A $ $ I C.

  • JDot

    Cole World!!!

    But we got more info from dude in the background…

  • Word


    If he drops a good album despite it selling 50k, will that still matter to you? Imean what matters to the consumer, sales or quality? Talking numbers is fun and all but at the end of the day, the album isnt any better or worse because of the sales. A classic 50k album is the same as a classic 500k album IMO. If MBDTF flopped, what would yall say? Its wack?

  • supertruths

    The problem with music today is fans like #supppppppp smh. smh. smh. Wont buy a copy of coles album.. will download it.. and try and give to his friends.. but his friends prolly dont like him since he downloads music.. and or.. since he types like “d00d” and “l0l” fuckin emo fags.. smgdh

  • suppppppp

    nigga you fail at life, shut the fuck up, go to sleep, go suck ur moms dick faggot.
    I’ma cop 2 albums for my nigga Cole, even though he don’t need it. He goin platinum either way homeboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
    How u gonna say Cole ain’t real hip hop and is a gimmick, and ppl say Nas is real hip-hop? Or that the date matters when some1 debuts?
    ur fucking stupid, u really are. i hope ur trolling or else i feel bad how stupid u really are.
    Wolf gang will fuck u in the ass faggot. fuck wit some emos, get ran out ur own town
    How old are you, like 70 years old nigga, don’t u got a coffin to buy or some shit? fuck outta here

  • suppppppp

    ayoooooooooooo, keep shakin ur head til it falls the fuck off niggaaaaaaaaaaaa, lmaoooooooooooooooo00000000000000000

  • supertruths

    white boys sayin nigga.. another reason my neck is sore.. smh

  • supertruths

    And all im saying about Cole and artists like him is labels love to push that shit because mommy and daddy will let your juvenile asses listen to tthat type of shit.. instead of shit that is about fighting the power or making a change.. instead of shit that is going against the grain.. instead of real shit.. shit that is mindless and has no real value to your thought process.. because mommy and daddy want you to do good in schooll.. over pay for college.. realize that your education aint gonna help you to do what you want in your life.. and be un happy like them.. its your bitter ass families fault that rap music is no longer in the gutter and is on beaches and high rises.. because it lacks substance.. at least when it was in the gutter there were issues that went along with it.. not just chains cars and bitches.. tsk tsk tsk.. but since you still too young to see that.. you will keep reppin this type of music until you wisen up one day and learn to hate your former self like most of your friends prolly do and like I do.

  • supertruths

    Shit you better have your headphones on kid.. you dont want daddy comin downstairs and sendin your ass straight to bed and takin you computer till after memorial day weekend is over.. i hope you aint got subs.. i know you aint sposed to be on the internet after mommy and ddaddy go to bed.. lil ass kid..

  • suppppppp

    I’m convinced you haven’t heard a Cole song. Cole is a conscious rapper, idiot. If anything, he’s one of the only rappers talking about “making change” and “fighting the power” stupid fuck.
    Where the fuck you at? In apartment B talkin’ bout college ain’t getting you anywhere? Don’t you got some cans to return to the liquor store? Fuck outta here with that shit. You’re the type of nigga that lives in a fantasy land, and just bitches all the time instead of enjoying life. There will never be a perfect world, get over it. You want change, then tell me the solution without it being some delusional fantasy. Bitching and moaning about the industry ain’t going to do shit. Let a nigga breathe, go to sleep.

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    nah suppppppp music industry is failing. Only artists moving units is gaga. trust me I be at boardmeetings and shit. I hear what these execs are saying. you fools just cant comprehend a person who ACTUALLY works at a major label is on rapradar talking too fuckers like you who dont know shit. I did my college years and internship. I hear what these ppl are saying. trust me. Cole aint never coming out.

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    go back ur mcdonalds job before your brain starts too hurt. those burgers are getting cold

  • supertruths

    Cole is a conscious rapper? using metaphors and similies dont mean he is conscious.. he aint talk about shit in his songs.. just like drake.. talkin about how they rookies.. did some shit with jay-z// lil kids see that co sign and automatically think they gotttta like them because of the co sign.. like waht you like.. if you like cole thats cool.. he can rap.. meaning he can put together words in a rhyme pattern.. he aint talkin about shit.. he is a post 2005 rapper.. that means the shit is already stale before it comes out.. for real.. shits boring.. shits played.. we;ve heard all this shit before .. it came out 2 years.. it came out 4 years ago.. it came out 5 years ago.. its horrible.. thats the only problem.. its all been done before.. and its been done before as recently as last month.. the shit is too repitive.. ok.. fucking horrible.. thats the problem.. like what you like.. but realize that its your parents fault that music is like this.. they dont want originality.. they dont want you to think for yourself.. they want you to be mindless drones.. they want you to forget that you arent gonna get social security.. they want you to mindlessly pay for their lives past 60 with your tax dollars(youll find out what those are when you turn 18) i feel bad for kids these days.. but then i dont because they claim their shit is good when its not.. they fight so hard to make us listen to this dribble when we know we’ve heard it before.. god. i hate new “music” “hip pop” “hipster hop”

  • Ape

    “And all im saying about Cole and artists like him is labels love to push that shit because mommy and daddy will let your juvenile asses listen to tthat type of shit.. instead of shit that is about fighting the power or making a change.. instead of shit that is going against the grain.. instead of real shit.. shit that is mindless and has no real value to your thought process.”

    Why dont u try actually listening to a J. Cole track, reread that paragraph, and then shoot yourself in the face.

  • Citylivin’

    what a artist sells in the first week don’t make me shit so why stress…these niggas just trolling…they just want you to turn away from your favorite artist because in their opinion “he’s losing” or he’s gonna “flop.”…..Nigga pleaseeee!….Haters! *Hov BP3 voice*….then want you to support a artist that’s “supposedly” winning….for fucking what??

  • Black Shady

    LOL this nigga above said Cole “aint saying shit in his music”
    you can tell he never listened to THE WARM UP..or FNL. stop talkin bout ya ass and go listen to these amazing mixtapes. Until then, just stop posting

  • Jinx

    “We Don’t Care” Songwriters: Kanye West, Ross Vannelli
    Producer: Kanye West
    Recorders: Rich Balmer, Eugene A. Toale
    Mix engineer: Manny Marroquin
    Assistant engineers: Taylor Dow, Nate Connelly, Mike Mo
    Additional vocals: John Legend, Riccarda Watkins, Diamond Alabi-Isama, Keyshia Cole, Terence Hardy, James “JT” Knight
    Violin: Miri Ben-Ari
    Contains a sample of “I Just Wanna Stop” performed by The Jimmy Castor Bunch

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  • No Swag

    By no means does album sales = the quality of an album no matter how much he does first week or overall.

  • Word


    PLEASE, SHUT THE FUCK UP! You have NEVER heard a Cole song beyond whats posted on this site. Listen to See World, Losing Your Balance (his best song IMO), Hold It Down, I Get Up, Till Infinity, Farewell, Before Im Gone, It Wont Be Long, Song for the Ville, Problems, wtf?!

    You trolling hard, except you type a lot too. 80% of this niggas catalogue is REAL SHIT about REAL LIFE. The other 20% is a display of his AMAZING skills and punchlines and what not, his future in this game, his aspirations, random stories, songs for college students, etc etc. The nigga went to college, he knows how to talk about more than money cars and hoes. He talks about it too, but he more real with it. When it comes from the heart, dont it sound more iLLer? Thats from Return of Simba by the way, which you prolly didnt hear

  • Wildstylerep

    Another dumb n#gga talking about record sales. Sales have absolutely nothing 2 do wit skills and quality. Drake might sell out shows to teenage girls, but only cuz he is a sellout. They got him singin like a slave. And whoevers tryin 2 say Hoochi Man is better than Cole dont kno hip hop. U would rather listen 2 that fagget talk about fucking, even tho u aint getting none than listen 2 sum real rap shit. ITS 4 N THE MORNIN HA HA HA

  • Sam from FL


    J Cole sings too, does that make him a slave too?

  • Black Shady

    ^ He’s not hittin them high notes tho….he’s just tryna be melodic

  • Sam from FL

    OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!!!! Cole Wold coming out Neverary 3rd!!!!!

  • supppppppp

    You’re nobody in this industry. You’re a joke. You shine shoes for those “execs”, lmao. Idiots like you are the problem with the industry. Always trying to suck dick and whore themselves out just to get insider info that’s already public knowledge.
    What you sat at a meeting with your head down and heard an exec say “Cole aint neva comin bak, yo!”? Shut the fuck up, duck tale ass nigga.

  • Desman

    Drake is a rapper jcole is a lyricist
    Drake raps about any thing that sounds good on the beat jcole focus’s on what he’s gonna say actually spills out real shit

  • Live Nation

    J. Cole’s not on Sony, so what would that idiot even know about it?

  • Dm0ny

    is it just me or does rap radar hate on j. cole he’s never in top 5 posts but he always has the most comments like wtf

  • Leslie Chow, Bitches!

    Post “How High”

  • Infamous_R_

    @supertruths Looking In The Mirror Is Narcissistic, So Is Being Single, So Is Eating By Yourself And OF COURSE Wiping Your Own Ass Is Narcissistic

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