Nas Announces New Album Title

Although Nasir scrapped the Lost Tapes 2, he’s ready to get the ball moving with his next album, Life Is Good.

Last summer, he told Tim Westwood producers Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Dr. Dre, Kanye West and RZA have reached out to him to work on the project.

In the meantime, you can catch him reciting Illmatic this summer at Rock The Bells.

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  • Phillmatic


  • Jinx

    my nigga is finally happy.

  • llll


  • Vodka

    horrible title

  • novakaine


  • support real hip hop

    Looking forward. My man Nas will take that crown again.

  • Wiz Sucks

    Title is kind of Meh, but who gives a fuck the GAWD IS BACK!!

  • GodsGrandson

    Thats my daddy!

  • Soul_Assasin

    Title is not that good. But fuck it, I’m still looking forward to the album.

  • So Icy Boi!

    nas is wack
    Rick Ross is GOAT, fuckers

  • Donn

    The album aint comin out. So im not even gonna get excited…

  • Kwamé

    Title is meh but am excited to hear this.minimal features, i hope.

  • King Speez

    Hov >>>>>>>>>>>>> Gnoz

    I can’t wait to hear this tho

  • wickwickwack

    i dont like happy rappers
    anger,depression,hate ,injustice usually brings out the best of an artist
    BUT good to see him back at work

  • 1234…

    @ So Icy Boi!

    Take your whack shit off man, nobody checking for your garbage on this site, I’m pretty sure 90% of the people on this site hate your ass – you think they want to hear you mumble your way through your retarded lyrics!

    Just go back to your day job and suck off Gucci.

  • JB

    lol just checked out So Icy Bois song expecting it to be wack but its actually alright

  • Kanye Is a Faggot

    Kanye West?!?!?! That fruity faggot? Why not just work with Elton John? At least we know he’s not denying he’s gay…unlike Kanye. Come out the closet already you fag!

  • lets just hope he doesnt scrap this one

  • Chi-Town

    When will this drop Nasir…this dude take longer than Andre 3000. I take that back the An(DRE) take the longest but Nas is a close second.

  • Black Shady

    Lets see if Nas can catch a break this year lol



  • NePh

    Life’s a good bitch??

  • Fact


  • loveb

    Yeeeess Nasir Jones Top 5 Dead or Lv

  • Chris

    Lets see what it do

  • MSB

    Best rapper alive

  • Se

    Best rapper DEAD or ALIVE

  • realhiphop

    Nas is like half man half amazing

  • RC

    You cats stay getting Trolled on here.

    Especially with cats posting the same shit looking like a bot.


    Regardless of the title, I’m looking forward to more Nas.

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  • indeed, a peaceful man…. i hope the lyrics are still intact! with the godfather of rap dying he does indeed have alot of lyrics to good

    1 love

  • GAM3x1991

    @JB- i checked it out too bc i was super bored and i have to say So Icy Boi is better than his lovers Gucci n Wocka hahahaha

  • Desman

    Damn With those producers a classic fursure

  • Gordon B.

    As long as he leaves Swizzy out of it I’m happy.

  • wack

    so icey boy is the last nigga on myspace lol.. and yo shit is extra wack! stick to rap radar commenting!

  • puerto-black





  • clos1881

    Vodka says:

    Saturday, May 28 2011 at 11:35 AM EST

    horrible title

    Your life must suck

  • clos1881

    Chi-Town says:

    Saturday, May 28 2011 at 12:26 PM EST

    When will this drop Nasir…this dude take longer than Andre 3000. I take that back the An(DRE) take the longest but Nas is a close second.

    nigga he had a album out last year

  • hiphopboy

    Nas has always been one of my favorite rappers so I will definitely be buying this new album!!

  • real talk

    GREAT title!!!! Haters spent the past two years talking MAD shit about Nas’ life, money, business acumen, not running a label and trying to disrespect his legacy by attempting to compare his career to those rappers without HALF the amount of talent Nas is blessed with. So Nas is making a statement with this title “FUCK YOU, LIFE IS GOOD!”

  • iamblessed

    Cant wait for this shit

  • Clos1881

    @real talk cosign

  • Word

    Im surprised YN even posting This on his site as much as he shit on him. Lets go tho!

  • Converse

    I guest he doesnt have 2 pay alimony checks anymore? lol

    I believe it when tha album is in my hands

  • Jay-z aka young houa is the g.o.a.t! Nas top 5 no doubt

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  • No Swag

    Nas is G.O.A.T.!

  • KanyeSmug

    He should call it *Working With All Dope Producers*

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  • I love Nas, but this is the Weakest. Title. EVER!

  • yeah

    i can’t wait to hear it. Cus Nas has bean my favouright rapper right 4rm day 1.

  • YN

    The best to ever touch the mic.

  • hiphopisntdead

    I guess the fans and bloggers are so critical cause they want the more analytical Nas that’s all. I think hes in a good space and wants a feel good album and, besides im dying to hear what him and frank ocean can stir up.

  • Kwamé
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  • nickey black

    i clicked So icy Boi to see if homey really exist and he does, i was shocked about that, cuz i swore he was some fictional character RR made up to irritate fans of great artist like Nas, Jay and others. Unless RR made the fake myspace page to throw dudes in a loop?

    I HOPE THIS NAS ALBUM BANGS! The last Nas i bought was HHID and i should have copped DR.

  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    It’s an aight name but I’m hyped for the album

  • Ser

    It’s sad J Cole gets more comments than Nas..these kids are sad.

  • hiphopisntdead

    Respect a real Emcee fuck the hater’s Nas 1 of the greatest! Queen’s Bridge in this bit*h!

  • naseef


  • madmayne1

    Nas is the greatest Rapper of ALL time, it aint even close when you judge it on Mic skills. The only thing Jay has over him is sales cos of that wack juice he put out after blueprint.

  • ok really

    What does getting more comments mean..when you have had a career better than any new artist could dream? Nas has did it all and seen it all…sold millions of albums wordlwide and is considered on the the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES/TOP 5 DEAD or ALIVE!

  • Jake

    Gucci mane>nas

  • Jones

    nas is the greatest rapper of all time, taking what rakim was innovating and running with it. hopefully this will be another illmatic/stillmatic that we have all be waiting for.

  • hotasice

    So it’s basically official that Nas is on GOOD music now?

  • vax

    Fuck ya the kid-wavey is back to smash the game..oh and that title will change later on he just wants ya to jump out the window and spazz like ahh title wack lol,but peep game. follow the kid @iamvax

  • zimbabwe

    Ya’ll american niggaz dnt know real hip hop anymore man. Ya’ll can say whatever but keepin in mind that no one is perfect, nas is one of the few rappers who’ve tried to keep it real. Keep em hatin esco.

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  • dominic

    yo Nas love the Daughter song man cause i have 2 lil girls