• Kid Cudi

    @So Icy Boi! you`re such a fuckin idiot making everyone on this website hate you then telling them to listen to your music. FUCK YOU FAGGOT.

  • Kid Cudi

    one more thing faggot. you are nowhere near Nas if after saying this you say “money & cars” nas is real as fuck and youre just fuckin fake. FAGGOT GO SUCK A DICK. wait. you probably already are.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Kid Cudi ; u mad bitch? lol who iz yo fav rappa?

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Kid Cudi ; u mad bitch nigguh? lol who iz yo fav rappa?

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  • Gucci Mane


  • Coroner

    YELAAA!! This video is gonna be dope!

  • Money mitch

    ThIs lame can’t even come up with his own rap moniker or crew name he steals it off of all people gucci mane lol

  • RC

    This is the internet folks. Dont feed the trolls.

    Its that simple. All that attention leads to clicks, especially from the folks that dont comment but read the posts.

    Simple mofos.

  • swag

    @so icy
    lmao i aint even gonna click on yo page cause i already know its trash.

  • 1234…

    After So Icy Boi! disses so many top rappers I decided to give his shit a listen and man is that guy whack, boring, repetitive and just plain bland, no emotion, no smooth flow or delivery that shit is uninspired.

    Simple rhymes for a simple mind I guess!

  • chuBRO

    you what’s the name of the song at the end of the video??

  • it is what it is

    So icy boi got the juice now!

  • kazma

    the way he talks…isnt he gay?

  • @so icy boy…ima keep it real not like u. ummm i hate u for being compleate faggot w ur comments n all that but i actually gave ur song a peep n there is some potential im not gna front ur not terrible, i think u r gna end up being like gucci fagg n waka flaka lamer but someone is gna listen to ur shit u k…its jst funny how u allways hate on em n other ppl that would destroy ur whole life w one verse but thats all i had to say…pls think about the shit u gna say before u say it cus u come off stupid all the time

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Fuk all y’all niggaers

  • Damn Homie

    So icy trash… no wonder you stay on Gucci’s and Waka’s dick.. you tryin to swagger jack em’. I agree with dude up top.. nigga everybody on RR hate your guts.. then you want niggas to support you? Fuck you.. die slow bitch nigga. You staying dissing every top nigga in the game and anyone of them would murda you with a throw away verse on the blackberry. You more homo then a Perez Hilton sleepover. Your flow worse then ya fat ass girl’s time of the month. Your word play is non-existent like your following.. nigga got 71 friends and 2 songs with less then 140 listens a piece.. which means them 71 niggas ain’t even listen twice. lol

    Get a real 9 to 5 quick nigga.. its over.. you ain’t getting signed, there ain’t gonna be a deal.

    Your rhymes so bad that Lil’B thinks you need to get more lyrical. And what was up with the mixing on the track.. or lack their of I should say..

    OVERALL I say.. you gangsta right? So you got a gun right? And you don’t give a fuck right? Ok.. ok.. so take that gun and off yo self nigga.

    Change the title of the song from “I don’t give a fuck”.. to “Nobody else gives a fuck”.

  • Rachael5922

    lol Soooo whippie day….my cuzzzz is down in Alabama right now getting his license to fly his Helicopter and i told him to fly over your RENTS lot and drop a banner telling you i am your biggest fan..unfortunately I was informed this is illegal…but he told me he might take a fly out by your place and take a photo for me…i’ll ride in a copter copter copter you can keep the road road road! LOL

  • Tyler

    FUCK all the haters. Yelawolf is the shit. Go listen to your wack ass YMCM bullshit.