Adrien Brody Reads “10 Crack Commandments”

This was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, but we’re just now getting wind of it. While at the Academy of American Poets in NYC, Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody paid homage to Biggie by reciting the lyrics to his classic track, “10 Crack Commandments“. This clip is strictly for my hustlin’ niggas.


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  • zee

    poetry to my ears.

  • crysis

    assassinated LOL Nigga got shot. In no way was he a leader of inspirational or movement for civil liberties or from any political power. Martin Luther King Jr got assassinated Malcom X got assassinated. no way should that be classified or put into for he was just a celebrity not a leader.

  • BiggMar

    Of Course He Was Assassinated, Someone Killed Him For Money Because He Was A Important Person At The Time So In Face, He Was Assassinated!


    this is awesome

  • Ben


  • the One

    Biggie is the illest!

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  • Nucky Thompson

    VAGUELY RELATED PLUG: Im guessing a lot of people here have already heard it, but “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy” is seriously one of my favorite tapes ever. Its a mash-up tape between Frank Sinatra and Biggie, and as strange as that sounds, its some ridiculously smooth shit.

    Datpiff link-

  • B.Dot

    i agree. its acutally the best blend tape ever.

  • tr

    yup there are some amazing tracks on that mixtape:

    – Everyday Struggle
    – Dead Wrong

  • Biittcchh!

    Please learn the definition of Assasinate before you speak…

    Assasinate: 1. to murder (a person, esp a public or political figure), usually by a surprise attack


  • YOUR pusha

    dope and funny too

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    thank you nucky thompson

  • will that was will but by 1 of the best actors of our time and age..nuff said thou…