Lupe Fiasco Freestyles At UCLA

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“I don’t need no duo, I’m going HAM all by my goddamn self.”

While performing for the student body at UCLA in California, Lupe gave the crowd their money’s worth and spit a freestyle. Shots at Jay and Ye? Nah, right.


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  • shots fired !

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    Wait What? since when does college kids listen to hip hop? am lost

  • Donn

    0_o ??

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  • is website hacked?

  • Word

    How is that line a shot at Ye and Jay? Why do ppl always have to instigate shit. Thats not a shot at all, he just saying he can go ham by himself, playing off the song HAM in which TWO people are rapping. Not a shot at all. Come on now, what motive would he even have? I think ppl been thirsy for beef so long we willing to take any little line and take it as a diss cuz we wanna see some good beef (#pause). I would like to see a good rap beef tho

  • Money mitch

    I’m a lupe supporter but he is very contradictory; he talks about the rich the poor and than tries to sell 6000 dollar vests. He purports to be a muslim than says godddamn in his freestyle. All of this is well and good if he didn’t try to hold himself on some righteous pedestal.

  • LetterToMoneyMitch


    I Feel You money mitch but at the same time how many rappers you know claim christianity but do things that are questionable to the faith, im not saying its ok but lupe’s music promotes good positive vibes on its own even though it isnt done in a religeous way and i respect that

  • Money mitch

    I agree and I def appreciate what he does and most of the messages in his work, I just feel he should be more consistent, but who am I? I struggle with contradictions as does every man. I’d like to see his contract get bought out and him release his own music where he can really express himself.

  • D. L.


  • Sheep get drowned in the folklure


  • Dino

    I fucks with lupe! but not to much… to political at times….


    not a diss, just a nice lyric.

  • Mr Ali

    What stupid idiot wrote this article? Amaya? You need to get a life. Firing shots??? You pathetic instigator. You need to get a new job, before he fires shots at you!!! Your not a true fan of hip hop, you weasle, Lupe is the realest out there. Some haters just do what they do. You need to fix up.