Juicy J x Cory Gunz “We Gon Delete Em” (In-Studio Performance)

Shot in front of Jake Handegard‘s camera, Juicy J and Cory give their duet a live performance from the studio. This title pretty much sums up our email inbox. Click click.

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  • Peter Pankey Jr.



  • recordpusher


  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!

    I hope this kid don’t end up like his pops, who I liked when he was in the game wit his man. I’m rooting for Gunz, but he needs to take that line from 50 “Banks said go ahead switch that style up”, too much of that Fu-Schnikens shit is not worthy of cd sales, or concert material. Come Gunz lets gooo!

  • wickwickwack

    wow i gotta throw up …
    u cant mix these two

  • ayoooo

    gunz killed it goddamn!!

  • Dino

    I anit feeling dude… sorry

  • DAMN

    Damn Brush Your Teeth Cory

  • …..

    Listen I like Cory…he got flow but I just hope his whole career n albums to follow arent filled with this double time, fast rap….I wouldnt go pay to hear that in concert n most likely wouldnt pay to buy an album of it either….OK CORY we know you can do it, yu’ve proved yur point, yu can rap fast as shit wit alotta bars in shit but C’MON mannnnn slow it down n give you fans some substance n not that I RAP FAST N ALOT WORDS SOUND THE SAME type gimmick……c’mon Cory Im pulling for yu…slow it down n give us some real substance, not jus how many bars yu can rap in 20secs!

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  • Juicy J sounds like Soulja Boy, here.