• specialT

    sick flow!!! one of da best lyricists comin up imo

  • whomever


  • Endure1

    Jon Connor has been tearing it up! He’s killin every track he touches. Wicked, dope, fresh

  • Real Hip Hop

    Man this new cat Jon Connor is the truth. I know he is gonna blow. Is he signed to Shady records if so that is a good look. If not shame on Eminen this dude is from his backyard Flint, Michigan and he is killin everybody right now. If you don’t trust my word just goggle him

  • 2Face

    i cant begin to explain how dope this dude is, he is next….xxl i hope yall paying attention!

  • HK

    This Kid’s a BEAST

  • Real Talk


  • spags

    wow fire track