• this is good music

  • DAMN

    fucking dope !!!!

  • Later

    Doooooooopppeeeeeeee Kid Cudi^

  • Noringtone

    Dope song.

  • JAYE

    i like it

  • Duder

    The song is fucking incredible. This guy keeps growing and maturing as an artist, trying new things and different sounds. It’s kinda mind blowing.

    Cudder is the future. Fuck that wack shit like Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, etc.

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  • bob

    LOL @ all the kid cudi stans up there… I’m not trying to hate, Ive been a huge fan of cudi since before AKNC.. but this shit is really bad, really really bad.

  • Good shit, Good Music.

  • Duder

    @ bob

    The only really bad thing here is your attitude dude

  • Later

    @bob: You don’t have to be a stan to know what is good music and this is good music.

  • MAtt

    Pretty much been following cudi his whole career, this solidifies my theory that he has been getting progressively worse!

  • BK James

    Real G.O.O.D. track, this is what I’ve been waiting for. 2 Be Continum

  • sky

    Fucking G.O.O.D. MUSIC!! I have liked Kid Cudi since he released that A Kid Named Cudi mixtape. All his songs are awesome.

  • Ummmm, ya lost me on this one Cudi.

  • nah b nahh

    I’m gonna side w/ bob on this one…thought he’d be flexing his vocal chops a little more like on “GHOST!”. This one’s kinda repetitive, doesn’t really hit me for a first single.

  • Bryce

    It’s just OKAY, we’ll see how this rock album works out for him.

  • Later

    @nah b nahh: I agree with the single thing. This is a good song, but it doesn’t seem like a single let alone a first one.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    This songs seems to be lacking substance.

  • b.wils

    im with @Matt dude is getting shittier and shittier not to say he dont have good tunes but its hit and miss with him this is a fucking miss ………… pretentious and undermining my intelligence

  • Later

    @b.wils: You obviously have no intelligence.

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  • Ist time i heard it i thought it sucked dick, but it got better 2nd time i listened to it. He can do better with this whole rock thing so hopefully his album is dope

  • Neo

    Soundclick rapper sounding ass

  • that “rocket” snippet sounds dope

  • Han Solo

    Idk. Im disappointed.

  • Yo!

    ^AV.. That’s how most of cudi’s music is to me, it gets better wit time, I remember I couldn’t listen to the whole MOTM1 album but it got better each time I listened and that album is a classic.. So I’m not sayin anythin yet on dis track

  • Fr3$h

    Jim Morrison called, he wants his lyrics and acid back



  • MrBlackFolks

    This shit sucks…..lmfao I aint high enough to like this shit.

  • JermaineCole

    Is there something wrong with ur ears? this has to be the worst song ive ever heard

  • djodo


  • SmokeYou

    This is what he calls rock music? LMAO Fuck outta here

  • s

    this is worse than lil wayne’s attempt at rock. anyone who says this is good either has horrendous taste or has never EVER heard music that is not hip-hop or r&b. This is like a .01 out of 100 when put against REAL rock music.

  • This is garbage.

  • Chex

    I feel like he’s commenting in this post…

  • Josh

    absolute trash. i’m from the cleveland area and followed this dude from the beginning, he used to be one of my favorite rappers. but…just LOL @ this shit

  • Braniak

    WTF! lol @ tha youngstaz saying…..this is cool, good shit, keeps growing…..GTFOH
    Last time I checked Kid was a rapper not a rock star…..this shit is garbage.
    I’ll stick to his old but GOOD mixtapes.

  • aceman

    Wack ass shit, you compare this to “A kid named Cudi” and its like wtf is this new shit he putting out,

  • Why is everyone on here lying, this is easily one of his worst songs. I’ve been a huge Cudi fan since his first album but this is poor, don’t even think it’s ’cause he’s tryna switch genres up I think he’s just progressively gotten worse.

  • onanigga

    Kudi fan here but im not feeling it.

  • Iceyjesse

    Cmon rapradar post rap not this

  • Ricsipop

    Ahh What The Fuck is this? I know, he want to try something new sounds but this is idiot music.

  • JHP

    I’m a Cudi fan, and IDK maybe it needs to grow on me, but I wasn’t impressed by this song much at all, and I especially don’t think it’s a good single choice.

  • Nicholas

    what da phuck….do what you do well cudi not this shit

  • Later

    Fuck would you hip hop heads know about Rock?

  • CodyB

    co sign @ s

    this is way worse than 95 % of rebirth… what a shitty attempt at rock dude. the fact that THIS is the first single is kinda sad

  • dfvdfg

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  • @bob agreed, this is no good. you need to start smoking weed again cudder.

  • DirkDiggler

    complete trash. and i actually use to like cudi.

  • b.wils

    @Later ….lololol why u gon fuck me up like that man im just givin my feedback… now u gon damaged my self-esteem and now i have to like it cuz apparently its the right thing to do ……

  • Kozak

    How could anyone say this is good music? It’s not rap or hip hop or rock, it’s shit. Cudi is falling off big time and it’s been happening way before he gave up weed. He had a bunch of hype and buzz for a little while but he couldn’t hold his own, we’ll see if he goes back to his old ways.

  • Boy

    man yall dont get it. if you like nirvana, raidohead, pearl jam, foo fighters, and other classic rock bands, then u fuck wit this. if all u listen to is rap, u dont understand how epic it is to hear a ‘hip-hop- artists make music like this. hes on another level now. (by the way, this is the first kid cudi song I actually like)

  • Logan

    I find myself unable to get beyond the Caucasian Jesus chain. (Unless it’s ironic – in which case, nice work Cuds. PS Please make better songs.)


    This song fucken sucks its a fake ass “The Doors” wannabe…….. come on.
    Rock and Roll is black music but you motherfuckers need a lesson! this shit is garbage

  • Keith Moon


    Stop stanning for Cudi. Im a big Kid Cudi fan, and a MUCH bigger rock fan, and you’ve completely missed the point of every single band you listed if u think this is even remotely close to their level. I kinda want to kill you for the Radiohead comparison, that shit is as cerebral and complex as this is simple and stupid. This is really, really bad “fake rock”.

  • kudi?

    o my god is this even cudi? this is horrible it sounds like the soundtrack to some foregin horror movie oo shit

  • Iggy Pop

    This song is really just a piece of Shit. Stay out of my genre.

  • fuk waka

    ok dat was shit… hmm
    hw long b4 he comes bak to hiphop?

  • dontshootmedown


  • rudra

    I agree with all the negativity here , this track is wack

  • Kozak

    Why are people saying this is rock? Are you really that deaf? I’ve been a rock/alternative rock/indie rock fan far longer than I’ve been listening to rap and even though i now mainly listen to rap, I would not put this under the rock genre

  • This shit is amazing. Not only is cudi doing totally creative shit w/ his new rock album but the lyrics to the song are amazing. Wizardry at its finest

  • Real Talk

    Huge Cudder fan … but i’m not fuckin with this one

  • cz

    im honestly a huge cudi fan, i thought the legend of mr rager was one of the best and original rap albums in a while, and end of the day was obviously straight groundbreaking. but id only listen to this again if i was tripping, its cool, but so fuckin boring, i expect better then this from him. and i coulda sworn hes on his own label now, so everyone say G.O.O.D music on this is retarded, if anything you could say this is Wicked Awesome music, but it just isnt. and this is not rock music, maybe some sub-category of it, but id say its more drum and bass mixed with some other instruments and (for lack of an actual style) cudis singing

  • TommyBombs93

    Cocain is a helluva drug… this shit is god awful

  • Trav1

    Sounds like bad noise to me smh…

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  • roderick

    thats different, but good shit! i dig

  • BigDogFrom the NATI

    yeah i love kid cudi and i bought both of his albums and listened to all his stuff no lie but this song is proboly one of the worst songs he has ever made, i really hope he starts actually rapping again and quits this weird “one hook for 4 minute shit”, please come back

    love BigDog From the NATI, 513

  • taylor

    no kid cudi ):

  • ghost

    g.o.o.d music, shits dope to me. can’t wait for that new new!

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  • Losingfan

    I love Kid Cudi, I have all his songs, pre-ordered Man on the Moon II when it came out, and I honestly have to say this song is horrible. Please don’t take this as hate, and everyone has their own opinion, but this isn’t the Cudi style, it isn’t meaningful or deep, its just a mix of words and a beat. He is still a great artist in my book, but I just don’t agree with this song.

  • I keep thinking they are too old to make much noise in the 2010 Playoffs, but they keep bouncing back the win against Dallas was impressive over the weekend. Well know more after they face my Nuggets this week in Boston!

  • jewphin

    smoke 2 blunts to the dome and then a few bags from a vape with some dank ass kronic…and THEN listen to this song… all the haters will understand 🙂

  • Erik

    I have been a kid cudi fan and will continue to support cudder. He has always make good music&will continue too make good music. ps cud get back on live! aha