Sean Kingston To Make Full Recovery

A publicist from Epic records has confirmed with CNN that Sean Kingston will make a full recovery in six weeks. Sean is currently at a Miami hospital in the intensive care unit suffering from a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs. He was hospitalized from a jet ski accident over the weekend.

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  • Praise the Lord, and now let all the Sean Kingston haters commence

  • dontshootmedown

    Im happy for this guy that he’s gunna be alright. But come on don’t be stupid and try to show off going fast as hell toward a bridge how stupid can you be?

  • Later

    Awesome. I am happy for him!

  • BG

    I don’t wish ill on anybody, and I’m glad he’s going to be fine, but I can’t believe how much the media has glorified Sean since his accident. The dude had ONE hit song that is almost four years old, and he’s being labeled as a “superstar”?

    If Wayne, Jay, Kanye, etc. had this happen to him, I could understand the label. But Kingston is nothing more than an average to above average musician.

  • Boss

    Get well dude kinda of topic but Sean kingston kinda reminds me of Fred Da godson anyone agree?

  • retarded flow cuz im retarded for real doe i got down syndrome

    get well sean and i truly hope that fat fuck nigga finally decides to loose some weight

  • Black Shady

    @BG ; Im far from a Sean Kingston fan, but ‘BEAUTIFUL GIRLS’ and ‘FIRE BURNING’ sold 1milli+
    doesnt seem like ‘ONE hit song” as u said…

    Good thing he’s recovering

  • Money mitch


    It’s the bieber connection

  • young usama i aint dead bitch im still chillin in dem caves


  • BG

    @Black Shady, ok ok, TWO hit songs then. Still far from a superstar.

    @Money Mitch, that track didn’t even crack the Billboard’s top 10. But I agree, just JB’s name attached to it will have people remembering.

  • jams

    allah is fake fool

  • Fatnigger

    Who gives a shit

  • What happend with the bitch I thought she got fucked up in the crash too that’s fucked up G’Z

  • Converse

    ^she die and this fake fuk live? smh

  • BK

    I hope he die hahaha!

  • Ben

    I hate your music but I hope u make it fat fucker.

  • I send all my prayers to Sean Kingston and his family. I know how hard it is when someone close to you gets hurt and you wondering if they are going to have serious injuries. So I hope you will get better very soon so we could hear some more of that good Jamaican/ R&B music.

  • Damn Homie

    oh shit.. he gonna have Kanye jaw now.. he need to get to the studio and do a “through the wire” remix. lol

    Oh the bright side.. him hitting the bridge was his biggest hit in a couple of years!

    On a sad note.. though he is expected to make a full recovery.. his career died on the operating table.

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  • C. Baines

    Good thing someone remembered to Call 911.

  • Devil

    Fuck this fat boy…nobody cares if he’s alive or not.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @blackshady his music is corny as fuck… dnt this fat motherfucker know how to swim

  • First of all Bieber SUCKS, so money mitch, check yourself before you wreck yourself plz 🙂 and the rest of you hating on him won’t get you anywhere in life. i am 17 and I am not that disrespectful, have your mothers’ taught you anything, you disrespected his family and him. that is disgraceful, embarassing, and down right stupid of all of you. Just a word of caution Hitler was a hater and none of you are better than him right now, if you’re not careful, GOD might have a special place for you right next to you.

  • sorry i made a typo, but you all get what i’m saying:) stay blessed

  • Sean stay blessed, continue to heal, and my prayers are going to you and your family. get well big guy. And to all of you haters just remember, he’s a child of GOD and GOD loves him. Don’t call yourself a child of GDO until you have truly earned that title.

  • Sorry again but to all of Kanye West fans the dude is illuminati, GOD loves him, but he’s not going where GOD is, try looking for a person that may please GOD

  • Player hater of the east

    I bet that fat nigga will keep his ass off the water next time. Dumb fuck. He’s making such a speedy recovery because it’s BBQ season. That soft nigga needs some chicken!!!!

  • Bucknasty

    Jeaahh! Dat’s wat little mark bitches get! Sean, take dis to da bridge homie! Or should dis nigga b sayin phony? Jerk chicken eatin black dough rolla lookin mutha fuka

  • Come on man! you know that somehow you deserve it!…so enjoy it!

  • yes thank god that he recovered cause i have been following the story since the begining thank god that he made a full recovery cause it could have been much worse then that…nuff said thou…