• 2.0

    holla we want trina yeahhhh

  • YeBoy

    come on lets all be honest this bitch can rap for shit we only fuck with her cause she fucking hot

  • Chi Town

    ….how Trick Daddy doing ???

  • Great Look for the kids…wow!

  • Codeen


  • Black Shady


  • sway-z

    Good grief

  • big daddy

    i’ll hit it right baby… just give me a call

  • Word

    Fuck Trina, look at that other bitch with the leggins one at the beginning of the vid when they did a close up on her ass! COT DAMN!

  • shitNiggashit

    and this is supposed to set a good example for our young females? no wonder teenage pregnancy is through the roof, not to mention the amount of STD going around. Stop kids from listening to this kind of shit

  • Later

    Fuck she is sexy

  • Later

    @shitNiggashit: Who said this was to set a good example to young females? lol

  • oh my goodness.. my stomach just fell out of my ribs when i saw dem thighs on Trina!! my mouth stay open. my eyes glued. to Ms. Trina’s thighs!! WOW. Trina is sexier than anybody else in the game.

  • Converse

    DAMN! let me get a min fuk that an hour!

  • Cot damn!

  • James


  • Alas

    this. looks. awesome.