• Ahaha

    Goodluck Chuck!

  • bluntz

    its Game’s summer.. RED august 23 bow

  • Music


  • Converse


  • West Coast

    Go Game FUCK Haters


    Hell yeah REd Nation KNOCKS.

    Can’t wait for R.E.D Album

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Can’t even lie R.E.D Nattion is fire but it’s J. Cole’s summer… COLE WORLD

  • Haters Aint Shit


  • studiothug4ever

    Its good R.E.D. got the fall and the winter along with Detox

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  • Black Shady

    R.E.D aint coming out in August lmao. Jimmy gonna keep that shit on the shelves!!!

    COLE WORLD……gonna be a Cole Summer!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @haters aitn shit… waynes carter 4 aint shit. 6 foot 7 was dope cuz Cory Gunz kill weezy on his own shit. John with Ross was horrble. it’s J. Cole’s Summer Cole World followed by Drake who will own the fall with Take Care

  • Converse

    ^?cory gunz kill weezy? lmao fast rapping dont mean he kill anyone? smh he wasnt even saying shit?im a man i vist urinal abroad?tune told me to shoot when tha funernal outside? WHAT THA FUK?! lmao

  • dre

    looks like wayne redid a clean version of the hook…dope song tho!!!!! red

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @converse wayne has no subject manner throwing a bunch of metophors on a song dosent make u lyrical yall need to hop off wayne dick. Cory on whole another level then tune. “now all I want is hits wayne signed a fien”, “Niggas think they high as I, I come laugh at your ruler” cory a freak of nature real talk he slay wayne… Cole World

  • CaniBlog?

    anyone know what happen with detox and the single kush? ….. crickets ..

    I mean as a Dj i tried to push that single but nothing happened.


  • CaniBlog?

    wait a minute my bad that wasn’t the single “I need a doctor” was my bad.

  • CaniBlog?

    Still “kush” was no “still dre” neither was “i need a doctor.”

  • ^matter? yo i agree tho he more of a punchline and simile rapper something like cassidy? his fans love it as of c2 just substance c3 partial more mainstream

    lmao?Cole World?on every non j cole post nah u tha dick rider fam

  • Converse

    ^matter? yo i agree he more of a punchline and simile rapper something like cassidy?

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Weezy was straight on The Carter nothing special. I do not see how he is the face of hip-hop with artist like Drake, Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco, and J. Cole in the game. No dick riden, some ignorant nigga the otherday ask me who J. Cole was so just helping the movement of real hip-hop so with dat said… COLE WORLD BITCH

  • Word

    R . E . D. Album gonna be sick, Purp and Patron still on rotation but not as much cuz that Frank Ocean Nostalgia-Ultima been banging for a minute. Plus Soul Tapes. But Purp and Patron still get some burn.

  • rocstar

    yo bdot & yn

    good call on the you played yourself




  • shovito

    dope performance. didnt know Game was the type of dude to rock tight jeans tho.

  • Everybody bang, and put they sets up, rep your hood and take what you at at any time. Blood on the ground and in the house Augest 23rd

  • pap-game

    Red Nation !!! can’t Wait For hear This Classic Album

  • studiothug4ever

    Wheres jcoles single at?

  • coldbloodeatstrannydick

    Fuck haters. R.E.D. album of the year

  • howoldurboy?

    @BlackShady you talking about Game not dropping but Slaughterhouse will flop on moments notice.