Indie’s Mental Giant: Tech N9ne

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In Al Lindstrom’s new feature, he sits down with rapper Tech N9ne and they speak about the early days of his career, the time he spent chasing major labels, hanging with 2Pac and more.

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  • Guy

    you can love or hate dude… but you gotta respect

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @guy u stupid… this nigga will never be nothing more an underground over hype rapper

  • Chris

    @Jimmy, The Gay-Whore… NO, you’re the only stupid one here. This guy is great. He’s been struggling for 20+ years and you still hate on him and talk shit? u should feel ashamed of your fucking self. Learn to respect. He’s ill as fuck on the mic, has the best stage show compared to ANY rapper and is unique & creative. FUCK OFF WITH YOUR BULLSHIT. “underground over hyped rapper”? His last 2 videos were both #1 on MTV fuck boy!

  • Icy Boi

    Real talk right here boys! Tech N9ne all day!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @Chis bitch ass… 20 plus years struggling in the game and dnt have much to show for it, I gave this nigga chance his music is weak. J. Cole and Lupe Fiasco have the best live shows in hip-hop his flow is annoying I dnt give a fuck about how many small venues he plays a years he need to mic down COLE WORLD BITCH

  • SqueeGee

    This is what’s up!

  • Tone

    Thats what I like about Tech n9ne.. he’s getting more exposure but he’s not turning into a gimick or fad Rapper. people that love his music are diehard fans, people like @Jimmy that dont cant stand his music and hate on him! Any great artist needs that balance. We should thank cats like @Jimmy for the hate just fules Tech to make bigger and better music im sure! he sales out damn near every show he does there are Mainstream rappers that I know cant do that for shit!! Im sure if he went down as the : “One of the Greatest underground Rappers ever he would be happy with that!!”

  • That Dude!

    Underground is were the money at!!

    -Jimmy, The Creator.. Your a jackass Independent Dollars my friend Fuck a major there dead!! get the fuck out the 90’s early 2000’s homie its a new era in this rap game and tech in the for front of it all

  • Derek

    TechN9ne is a well known rapper and has a net worth of $8 million. TechN9ne has accumulated his net worth with his many hit songs, some of which appear in films, television shows and video games, as well as being the co-founder of the Strange Music record label. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri U.S.

    -Not to bad for a “Underground Rapper” Remeber he owns half his own label too Strange Music!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @Tone and @Thatdude! yall niggas aint hearing me. I never said major was the way to go but yall put tech n9ne on the level of Jay-Z and Eminem. I never said major is where its at I understand albums dnt sale no more. How is J. Cole a gimmick he never had a following until he got signed a deal he got signed strickly off his music artist dnt do that no more. I love the underground but yall make seem like tech is a legend this nigga was around when majors was running shit and never made a buzz. I fuck wit real hip-hop major or underground J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Big Sean, Nas, Drake, Currensy. FUCK I CAN’T LIKE EM ALL

  • Tone

    you right my nigga!! everyone has there on opnion on good music and I respect yours

  • TC

    Tech is top 3 rappers of all time

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Ok I’m gonna put it like this I dnt usally do this but since I’m out numbered lol…I’m not gonna say I like this niggas music but I do RESPECT this niggas hustle. When he comes to to my city he got a good following I hear him as long as yall dnt start supporting niggas like waka and Gucci but to each his own. Cuz as 21 year old man I feel my generation is fucking up hip-hop. But wit niggas like J. Cole, Jay Electronica, and B.o.B their might be a bright future… Cole World

  • Chris

    @Jimmy, i like everyone u like. J. Cole is one of my fucking favorites right now. I know you’d love Tech N9ne if you get into the right songs. Tech has different songs about different things because they came from different times in his life. listen to ” LEAVE ME ALONE ” and ” LOW ” to get a good idea of what songs i think & hope you’d like from him. If u still don’t like it, its all good, as long as there’s respect.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @chris I will listen to those songs. I dnt want niggas to think that I’m not a open minded nigga. I give every artist a chance in hip-hop. I’m not one of those ignorant uneducated niggas dats talking shit. All of yall made some good cases. Most people debate hip-hop and dnt kno wat they talking about with no facts. He earned my respect. Cole World

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Just heared “Leave Me Alone” shit was nice @chris did u want me hear dat because it was aimed at me cuz I doubt him lmao…. Did yall hear dat new shit “Fuck Food” it seemed like Wayne got em on dat shit & I’m not a big wayne fan. From what I heard Tech is nice but Im not jumpin up and down wanting to download all his shit but homie got some lyrics… Cole World

  • Billy, the hater of the creator

    Drake has to be the shittiest rapper ever, so you deserve to be punched in the mouth for even comparing the two.Tech is real and that is what makes him stand out. I’m sure if he wanted to sing about what everyone else sings about, he would go mainstream, however, tech nines music comes from his heart, and any person who is willing to share that with someone who shows no respect, I think that takes was more of a rapper then shitty ass faggots such as ” jcole, drake, nas, lil Wayne, eminem, jayz. All the mainstream artists that used to be huge and rap for real, all turning into little pussy ass faggots man, therefore tech is the best rApper alive, and says fuck you foe to faggots like Jimmy sup!