New Music: Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had”

Beyonce’s the fuckin’ best. Here’s the second official single from her new album 4. It’s penned by Babyface and produced by Symbolyc One. If you remember, he and Bey were in the studio earlier this year. Album drops June 28th.


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  • music man

    Beyonce’s to pop for me

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    sucks that she has to try look as white as possible in every pic, she should represent herself; black beauty!

  • Kareem

    This album is kinda too syrupy-sweet…even by Beyonce standards.

  • damn beyonce is about to flop on the 29th….2 flopped singles and now irreplaceable 2011?

    her singing on this is nice but it sounds to 2006….

  • I distrust camels

    ” Beyonce’s the fuckin’ best. ” ??? lol she´s not that awesome .. she became booooooring ..the whole world is sick of the same subject matter

  • P

    rapradar when u start riding beyonce and jay dick..lool.. sorry but i am going to have to give this one two thiumbs down and agree with most of the comments here…

  • RedRocBoy

    Haters Rejoice. RESPECT THE QUEEN!

  • 106

    Sounds good to me.

  • blaqscorpio

    Lol, Bee got the Haters mad!


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  • Though it’s message like a lot of Beyonce’s songs is empowering to women I like it a lot cause it has meaningful lyrics & powerful vocals! Not to mention it sounds like another smash hit for B!





  • cece

    I like but, bey you know this music ain’t what you love. make more pop thats where your heart at.

  • Soul_Assasin

    She trying to attract that Lady gaga fan base by switching her style to that Eastern European techno movement. Even if this album does flop, beyonce is a powerhouse to make an easy comeback…

  • the One

    Go have a kid and then come back B … People need a break, I guarantee if you take 2- 3 years off you will come back and rule the world like you should.




  • cece

    The issue is that ppl want bey to make R&B black music, soon as they understand bey like the money and does pop. they’ll be happy, i don’t know why ppl wouldn’t just let her make that techno album that she wanted. this is not 2003 and that DL era is over. get over it smh

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Beyonce not fucking with ALICIA KEYS. Beyonce dnt even write her own music.

  • Mike

    This shit sounds like Tupac “Changes” lowkey lmao

  • jasmine

    nobody said bey wanted to be wack ass alicia keys. alicia makes songs for black ppl and bey does music where the money’s at which is white people. plus bey is excellent at pop not no damn R&B. she is a fucking pop artist damn.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @jasmine Alicia Keys has more talent than Beyonce can ever have. Beyonce is just a beautiful woman making crappy music. Beyonce should not be winning grammys and shit

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @jasmine Alicia Keys has more talent than Beyonce will ever have. Beyonce is just a beautiful womans making crappy music. She shouldn’t getting all them grammys and shit

  • Christine5980


  • The title of the song says it all, what ever comes to mind is what she never had

  • cece

    alicia suck ass sorry

  • D. L.

    cece and jasmine is the same person lol. white ho. anyways, this cd don’t sound too good so far but thats what i thought about chris brown cd. My wife bought F.A.M.E. It was fire. If she choose to buy this one I will give it a listen other than that… Not!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @cece or @jasmine Beyonce must signed your CD or something Alicia Keys music is real music not that bubblegum shit Beyonce be singing

  • Renegade

    Beyonce 18 grammy awards, keep hating.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @renegade shut up nigga grammys dnt define somebody career dumb ass. Alicia Keys won best new artist bitch

  • Ahaha

    Damn Jigga let’s get dat kiddie pills!

  • Miss D

    It sucks to be her right now. She is a beautiful black woman with plenty of style and songz that she could sell to her community but she is with the king of Corporate sell-outs who pays her and other women in that label to deny their blackness so that they youth will feel that they need to deny their blackness as well. Hip-hop is a world market now so she doesn’t have to be go pop if she really didn’t want to but people will change there whole belief system for a few extra 0s. I have always been a fan of of Beyonce until she denied the pefection that God gave to her to push off this sexually confused esoteric agenda. Please look it up Im not an expert on the New World Order just stumbled on it, so decifer for yourself. N-e-way this song really sucks horrible the worst effort I ever heard her put out I hope she snaps out of it.

  • cece

    first off im not white, i just think ya’ll musical ideas are ignorant. so ya’ll saying just cuz a black person don’t sing R&B your an sellout or your music is bubblegum pop. maybe pop is what she is going with just saying. like or you don’t smh

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    BREAKING NEWS!!! @cece is ASIAN… But wait theres more… @cece is a MAN wtf…

  • cece

    i’m a female you fucking faggot, suck a dick and die. this is clearly my opinion just like yours, if you don’t like it tuff. FOH if you wanna go there we can but, then again i’m too grown for your immature bullshit sooooo i’ll stop here. pissing me the fuck off smh

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @cece I rather talk to Jasmine lmfao… She bumbing “we run the world” right now in rage

  • Don K.

    i wonder if she would go on “LOVING” jay-z when he loses all of his money and fame…guess not lol…and btw beyonces music is the definition of CRAP MUSIC, why? because she sings everytime about the same materialistic and bubblegum love bullshit that doesnt make the world better…if you want to hear REAL MINDFUL MUSIC then you should check out IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE !

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @don k… Immortal Technique dope but I dnt how u bring him up when we talking bout female singers but since u brought it Immortal tech is a good story teller but if you want overall good hip-hop music J. Cole is illist artist out right now… Cole World

  • Don K.

    @jimmy, better ask yourself why rapradar brought beyonce up…what has that to do with RAP??? if you got a good answer then tell me…and about j cole…i never really listened to his music so far…if he got something senseful to say then i will take a listen

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @Don K… they bought Beyonce up cuz no matter what she do she linked to Jay-Z but I see wat u mean. As far as J. Cole saying something senceful I can’t think of a song that he wasnt senceful. Listen to “Lights Please”, “Won’t Be Long”, “Playground”, and “KIllers”… Cole World

  • reginarenee

    sucks sucks I hear soul,no good vibes nothings all vocals maybe a beat or 2! this is not it!

  • Beyonce is lame she sinqs about the samething and she always shakin that cottage cheese lookin ass….and for all yall lil beyonce stans have a seat cuz your queen is a flop…WE NEED REAL MUSIC LIKE SELENA QUINTANILLA MUSIC

  • i heard that song before i should have know that she sings that song cause she is 1 of the singers with the million dollar voice being that we don,t have to many of those these dayz…nuff said thou…

  • Clint Gerdel

    Beyonce has great songs and she creates her own lyrics..fro me shes the best

  • Clint Gerdel

    Beyonce had great songs but in Grammy, both niggas, I’m talking bout Kanye, they make some mess out of IT!!!!