New Music: Tech N9ne Ft. Lil Wayne x T-Pain “Fuck Food”

Tech’s brand new album has leaked a little earlier than expected and here is the end result of what Tech and Weezy probably cooked up in the lab earlier this year. All 6’s & 7’s in stores on Tuesday. Produced by Seven.


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  • FIRE

  • Belize

    You’re kidding me Tech.
    Silly. This trash ain’t music.
    Do these morons enjoy losin fans & potential money?
    #RIP RAP

  • Whitest Kid to Know Hip Hop

    another disappointing verse from wayne…..




  • get it right

    fuck you t pain

  • ZoomZoom


  • Hater

    Weezy >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Mr. A. From Tha T

    DAMN we can really tell how weezys back to writing again.

  • Nahhh

    Weezy F. Crazy murdered this… Carter 4 should be dope! Eminem fans, I guarantee if Em just spit this same verse…you guys would jizz ur pants.

  • delasam

    T-Pain is garbage

  • Cali Trees

    LOL I Want to hear the tech nine stans on this one WANYE KILLED THAT NIGGA
    all you faggots have been saying for months is He would kill Wayne but he was lame on this shit fuck tech n9ne and his fans

  • venttruth

    thanks for telling us the album leaked and thus promoting the pirating of it, and causing a loss in sales, rap radar. this site has really gone downhill since it’s gotten more attention. and your yn blackout shit is unnecessary.

  • still best rite now!!

    not feelin the hook…the verses were kool tho

  • Donn


    I kinda agree, N9ne sounds like Eminem on this joint and i bet if Em spit that same verse, the script would be flipped and this post would have triple times the comments

    Wayne went off. And i will always be a fan of T-Pain, dude is just a great writer

  • Ya Boy G


  • BiggMar

    Ok so this song was hyped for so long and ppl were dying to see how they kill since there both “lyrical beasts” but it was a dud, are you serious? all the hype and the best you come up with is a fucking club song? haha this proves Tech is trying to go Pop/Radio and Wayne what you want me to say? Shit verse, no punctuality nothing special, really disappointing and im not ever a fan of there two artist but i accepted more, I really did.


  • A Gay Nigga


    You want tampons with that?

  • Yup !

    Lil Wayne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tech N9ne

    I’m Impressed….

  • Icy Boi

    Fucking lil waynes verse was shit absolutely atrocious! Tech raped him anally

  • K-Lam

    No you guys got it wrong, if eminem spit the same flow/lyrics on this joint AND he did a song with T-Pain he would get hated on SEVERLY.

  • SqueeGee

    Nice! Exceeded my expectations

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    ROFLMFAO @ the people who say wayne killed Tech on his own track…..smh *sighs* Stupidity at it’s finest!!!!!
    I hope this is the only mainstream track on tech’s album, I was expecting some real Rap shit from a wayne/tech collabo, but instead TGayne had to come in and Kill it! (in a horrible way!)

    someone shove tpain’s ciroc chains up his ass!!!!

  • Converse

    Wayne verse was clever and funny? tech was well GARBAGE! bunb murk him on?raw shit? 2

    damn rr why u mofo fuking up his money? thats fuk up and im not really a fan but come on smh

  • Kengel55

    Yall are crazy this song is great best ive heard from either of them in a while…… and I find it funny how even when Em isnt on the song yall still bring his name up the jealousy is really funny to read. Keep it up Wayne and ill cop the carter 4 still need a third great song from Tech to cop his tho

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Shit is wat I expected Garbage… @icyboi is bitch ass nigga

  • me

    pleas please

    Go listen to FLY IN by Lil wayne off the Carter 2

    THIS VERSE WAS WACK…wayne is muchh better than this

  • Haters Aint Shit



  • LA

    Ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww! 2 of my fav. rappers on 1 track!!! wayne verse was nasty!

  • Leslie Chow, Bitches!

    Disappointed in Tech hes not as creative as he used to be. And fuck TPain lol that much autotune hurts.

  • AJ

    Open up and spread, I’m pulling her hair, She pulling my dreads, I’m breaking her off, We breaking the bed, Fuck her like a dog, She shaking her leg, I’m killing this off, I’m making it red, I’m making her talk, I’m making her beg, I’m making her crawl, I’m making her run, I’m making it numb, I’m making her cum, I AM YOUNG WEEZY F BABY!………… FUCKING OUCH! C4!

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  • spliffmonster

    THe wayne kids in this post cant be serious.. Wayne said the same thing about pussy he says in every song.. Tech put some amzing harmonizing and flows on this one.. Way better than Wayne.. Very bland and mediocre verse from wayne.. Not a ground breaking verse from Tecca Nina but still showed his skill amzaingly..

    I dont get how people are saying Wayne killed tecca.. It dont make sense at all..

  • nightmare

    plz post download link for the album leak

  • BANG!


  • GSB

  • Damn it really seems like Wayne fans came out in abundance for this track? Im more of a tech fan then a wayne fan these days but id have to say this was a weak track but what is making wayne fans say he killed it? I mean you can listen to pussy monster once and hear all of these rhymes. Tech kills wayne in pure skill on every track, he’s been slept on for his whole career and is finally in the spotlight…who wouldnt collab with t-pain and wayne. No hate for any of these artists especially t-pain…go to a live show and tell me you you werent impressed. anyway got emmm.

  • @Dr. Butch – Lol true! Co-sign

  • dre

    @belize your a dumbfuck…your the deffinition of a stupid hiphop fan that thinks when artist are underground there so dope but if the popular there wack…

  • wayne got tech on here point blank i dont care if he was harmonizing wte he got bodied and yall tech fans /em fans just showin yall hate and wayne didnt even try you know when he tryin and not and he definately was not trying and got tech on his on song

  • Word

    @Kangel Cosign. Eminem just HAS to be mentioned on every post. I dont get why the dick riders and especially haters wont just get off the nigga dick. Goddamn, Em must be the only rapper yall listen to huh? And its funny, if Wayne was on this joint half yall wouldnt eeven give a shit bout Tech. Dickriding Wayne all day and night, damn if you gonna listen to this then at least check the rest of his album. Bumping it now and its cool, might cop it next Tuesday or Wednesday. Whenever im less busy

  • MadMan

    This track is garbage.Fuck tpain and his soft candy ass robotic bullshit voice,he fucks the whole song up.Why would Tech have that fag on his album?
    Anyway,good verse from Tech,Wayne was not bad but he didnt fuckin kill Tech,LOL.
    All these Wayne stans are so on his dick they cant even seperate a good verse from a bad.They think whatever Wayne does is godlike

  • Mr.G

    Cot damn wayne murder tech!!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @word nigga u stupid nigga… I agree wayne is garbage. But the reason niggas mention Eminem is cuz he the The Greatest… Who better than Em. @kengal fuck u too for ridin wayne dick yall niggas dnt hip-hop… COLE WORLD BITCH

  • Tech KILLED Wayne on this. Tight song!

  • jack

    I don’t know what the fuck you wayne dick riders just listened to. I didn’t hear one thing come outta wayne’s mouth that was impressive in that verse. We all heard the same song, right?

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  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @jack u kno your bitch ass is the biggest wayne dick rider sit down ho… Cole World Bitch

  • Pie Dude

    Honestly, if you believe that Wayne had the better verse, when he was saying some pretty basic shit…and Tech had TWO good verses…you need to hang yourself with a barbed wire.

  • Jon da Star

    NEW Mack Maine on The Carter 4

  • Yall reallu arguing this? Everyone was dope, this was a hot song.


  • *really. lol


    Tech killed Wayne, it dosent take much to destroy Wayne on a track though but Tech schooled Weezy big style. Fuck tha Carter 4.

  • akaclutch

    lil waynes done a good at job tricking you guys into thinking hes rapping.
    listen to wanyes shit with out the insturments/production. sounds like a dog dying

  • Yall really think Wayne went hard on this ? lmao — t pain was killin it on this track — Tech was decent, but I wud say T Pain took this by far — they could of had a better concept than this though

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  • D

    damn, this is dope… i hope we also get a collab by these two on carter 4

  • saint luke

    fuckin fire. tpain haters…start hatin

  • Real Talk

    Definitely Tech’s song … but Weezy killed his part !

  • J.COAL

    Good Verses aint always about lyrical content, just cos it was basic stuff, shows his talent that he can rip that sort of flow out of it.

  • Swissssh

    On this track…tech>tpain>Wayne
    Waynes flow on this is bangin but lyrically he ain’t near tech on this one!

  • majest

    have you morons ever heard of opinions or taste? everybody aint gonna like the same things dummies.with that said wayne didnt do anything special but he out shine tech .off course wayne is more mainstream then tech so that sums alot of that up.lisstening to wayne shit i gotta admit this nigga is a beast.his ability to change styles,his delivery his clever way of putting rhymes together is feeling how he blankets the critics who say he degrades woman in his music with a song like how to love…at the same time he shiting on niggas that said shit about the auto tune,the kid sang that shit w/o it.even tho his his singing isnt good, the structure of the song ,the emotion and delivery propelled it to a great song in my opinion.

  • wickwickwack

    Tech is kinda dumbing it down collabo wise (t-pain not wayne )
    not sure how he´s core fans will react




    @majest dude i totally agree people forget why they liked wayne in the first place. because he was defferent. i mean for a while i will agree wayne was sounding the same but i still liked it lyrically. but ever since he got out he’s been doin his thing again. and i love it. i love when an artist steps outside the box even tho they know the everybody might not like it. but with a song like how to love he’s not tryin to get people on RAPRADAR to like it obviously i mean come on lol. like what makes people on this site think that they are the over all opinion on all music. honestly i love all music always have. mainstream, underground, rap, rnb, rock, techno shit, and all the little genres that fall underneath those like music is music and an ARTIST should not be bound to just one. this is an industry and this boy makin his money. by the way this song gave me the feelin of old wayne. its cool. i feel like recently he wants it again

  • Lil Wayne ruined this damn song… tech n9ne never should’ve collabeed with that bitch.

  • nujerz84

    Niggaz hype off this generic basic ass Wayne Verse??? Niggaz dont know shit about MCing or lyricisim… Tech 9 just lost shitload of fans not surprising he shitted on Wayne but that was expected….

  • Ben

    Come on tech why u let wayne shit on u.

  • Dez

    The beat bangs, its wasted on a lame song though. Would rather hear J. Cole or even Rick Ross on this shit. Fuck T-Pain


    Wayne wasn’t bad…with his recycled flow w/added pussy lyrics.

  • ronni_blaze

    i’m feeling it, but wayne aint kill tech……………ima big wayne and tech fan………………shyt iz type dope though

  • CCCC

    lyrics are horrible..

  • Koo

    Actually T-Pain killed them both on this AHA!

  • James Lanteener

    Wayne Stans vs. Tech N9ne Stans. I for one think Tech did better, but that’s personal opinion. Different styles, yadalamean? Why can’t everyone just support two great artists making Hip-hop history?


    ^ I agree dude , Im not a big Wayne fan but Wayne did his thing on this track its nyce. Best Wayne verse Ive heard in a long fuckin time . I simply dont even feel like commenting on whoevers flow was nicest or yada yada yada ..all that bitch ass bickering shit .Im more of a loyal Tech fan tho for real.I have been listening to Tech for a lot longer than wayne an Ive never been disappointed in his rhyme patterns , lyrics , or flow . Wayne I know is tryin to be diverse and switch it up but I havent really felt him since Carter 1 & 2 . T-pain sounds awful on this track n I would enjoy much better not having a lil whiny bitch screaming dum shit in autotune on this one but to each their own. Im jus happy to hear some good music for a change . Tech been killen em an will keep doin so. Am I psycho wit BOB an Hopsin is 2 dope , and If I could wit Deftones deff stands out on this album. I suggest people cop it and listen..

  • jack

    @Jimmy, the Creator
    fuck you wayne stan.

  • Undead Brother

    @Cali Trees how dare you hate on the King of Rap? unblock your fuckin Ears fag boy! u can’t be closed up with 1 rapper you Peice of Shit! Tech N9ne is a Beast and still Goes Hard so keep on hating u lil bitch! damn fuckin 9 years old faggot!
    Tech N9ne is The Realest Nigga!
    shut ur fuckin lips if u Can’t Imagine How He Stayed Real until this time! he has been a Beast at Rapping! no one can Touch him! He is the Hardest Rapper and the Best at All! Tech N9ne is gonna take the Hip Hop to the Next Level with All 6’s And 7’s!
    Seriously …….. Tech N9ne is Made of Rap! Cha!

  • Krayzie Fanboy

    Tech N9ne is so Lonely at the Top!
    Can’t Wait to Hear “Lil Wayne Play My Game. Feat. Tech N9ne” on The Carter 4!
    it’s Funny how people Think this track is the only Track off “All 6’s And 7’s” lmao
    Damn Loser Ass Bastards!