New Video: KiD CuDi “Marijuana”

Anyone up for a lunchtime smoke? Well, you’re in luck now that Cudder has rolled out his latest clip, directed and shot by Shia LaBeouf. Amsterdam, here we come. Man On The Moon II in stores now.

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  • Bigeasy

    Yay! Cudder! Somehow I don’t think this will get radio play, however.

  • this is my joint! (no pun)

  • Sam I Am

    didnt the dude say he quit?

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Can’t wait to get home and watch this! I pretty much figured it was either gonna be a visual made for this or “Mojo So Dope”

  • Your Father

    @Sam I Am – This vid was shot long before dude quit. Same goes for MANIAC.

  • cool visual. He should do something for Ashin’ Kusher, the drums on that shit are stupid.

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  • showp

  • Yo!

    Cudderrrrrr been waitin for dis, I don’t even smoke

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  • veesky

    He never said he would quit smoking weed, he said he would quit smoking cigs.




  • bluez2def

    Dat Ni##a like me!!!!I SAy I’ma quit smoking everyother week!!!And here I am Higher tha The Man on The Moon again!!!!!Fux wit Cuddi!!!

  • dre

    cudder is the shit…theres not too many artist that keep pushing albums almost a year after it released…motm is a classic

  • dontshootmedown

    Hell yeah i have been waiting for this kid cudi has to be one of my fav artists he always comes through…And for mary jane always had my backkk…

  • this was obviously shot before he quit smoking weed.

    you niggas smoke too much lol

  • Sam I Am

    @your father

    true, but if i stopped doing something, im not going to release material that says otherwise. oh well, thx for the clarification. and he said he quit smoking weed at first. if it says cigs, thats not what it said at first.

  • Yo!

    This was shot before he quit guys

  • about a year before he quit

  • Oops!

    I read somewhere that Shia Labeuf directed and edited this video for Cudi.

  • jb

    kid cudi maaanneeeee…

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @samiam he aint quit he use to do coke u think he gonna quit weed. Kid Cudi dat nigga he went HAM on Wale

  • Sam I Am


    lmao wild shit that was. the twitter make up was pretty gay tho “its never too late” roffle

  • Cudi is the man, with that dark get it tune with your feelings and make a song out of it, he is the best at that

  • the Transformer kid directed this? damn i didn’t know they were close

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  • that was krazyy yoo

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