Shaq Announces Retirement From NBA


Apparently, you can stop the reign. After 19 seasons in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal announced his retirement earlier today.

As a member of the Boston Celtics, Shaq was out the majority of this past regular season with an achilles injury. Shaq leaves the league with 4 championship rings, 4 MVP (3 Finals) awards, and 15 All-Star appearances.


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  • original will

    Kobe: “Hey Shaq tell me how my ass taste” LOL

  • Ya Boy G

    ^ gay.
    Shaq need to go be a commentator on TNT. Him and chuck? That’s a win for the NBA, overall great career.

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  • m85

    The most dominating big man ever

  • Truth

    Salute to a legend. What a career this guy has had.

  • Brahsef

    ^ Still would say Wilt was the most dominating ever but Shaq def 2nd. He was, however, the most entertaining Big Man ever. Sad to see a legend go

  • original will

    @ ya boy g

    i guess it wasnt gay when cuz said it stop riding dicc hoe end of the day kobe did it without cuz twice n still can go for more

  • sarcasm

    oh i´m shocked !

  • original will

    this nigga @ya boy G

    got Shaq fu for xmas present stupid ass couldnt get past the 1st level still playing that shit

  • m85

    Wilt deserves to be mentioned..he put up crazy stats sure..but to keep it real..he did it in a time where he was the only real big man..there was a limit to how many black players one team could have..Wilt was droppin 50 on 6 8 white dudes..Shaq played in an era where the competition at his position was 10x times what it was in Wilt’s day..salute to Wilt..salute to Kareem…but NO ONE is touchin Shaq

  • original will

    this nigga @ya boy G

    still watch Steel talking about ray j and shaq killing Batman and robin ol gay ass boy

  • Black Shady

    Damn for real Shaq?

  • brutally honest

    Congrats & salute to the best years your domineering presence has given us basketball fans.

  • Dashing

    @m85, Bill Russell (5-time MVP, 11 Championships) and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6 championships, all-time NBA leading scorer) might disupte that but Shaq was unbelieveable in his own right and was definitely the most dominating big man of his era.

    Glad he’s retiring cause he’s already accomplished all he’s going to accomplish.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn i remember watching this dude his whole nba career. Shaq was a great nba player so what if he was a prima donna in Orlando & L.A. or he didnt get along with Penny Hardaway or Kobe. Dude is a legend good luck with your post NBA life. If im correct Shaq’s made the most contract $$$ in the NBA close to $300M.

  • Word

    Best Center and Big Man the NBA has ever seen IMO

  • Mischief

    Shaq should have went out w/ a bang, like knocking out LeBron or something. On a more serious note, Shaq retiring was after this season was inevitable, his legs would have never held up. It was fun having him in Boston for a year. Pretty sure we’ll see the big fella on T.V. somewhere. Pce.

  • still best rite now!!

    Def Top 3 Center of all-time… its a shame Steve Nash stole his MVP trophy that year..

  • sway-z

    Niggas need to stop discrediting Wilt because of his era and who he played against. Nobody discredits Jordan for dominating an era where there were hardly any great perimeter players.

    Everybody makes a big deal about him winning rings without a good Center, yeah nigga, because nobody had a nigga like Jordan on the wing anywhere, outside of Drexler & WIlkins. Ain’t like Bryon Russell or Jeff Hornacek was gonna do shit. So fuck that, Shaq was the 2nd most dominant, a big personality & probably the best “athlete-rapper” ever. “Biological didn’t bother” is still that shit!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    U remember when scottie pippen said that “MJ was the greatest scorer” last week? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Kareem stay getting dissed for no reason.

  • m85

    @dashing you can’t dispute what kareem wilt or bill russel (who got the better of wilt) has done..they are numbers 2 thru 4 in my opinion..but at the same time for his position shaq faced a lot tougher competition while rackin up awards and rings in a much more athletic era

  • There were many great perimeter players in Jordan era! Payton, kidd, iverson, drexler, etc. And Abdul- Jabar just elevated what Wilt did.. Shaq took it to the highest peak of what a player can do on and off the court, Movies and albums (That actually went platinum), plus a song with Biggie! come on man the big fella a hall of famer hands down and will always get respected.. best big man in history to me, hope to see him on the half time show on TNT with Chuck and Kenny

  • Ice Cold

    Best Center OF ALL TIME *ye voice

    congrats on a long career shaq from a heat fan

  • Yup

    This was long overdue. Go back to being a cop you incoherent dick

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Sound a lil mad nigga.

    Anyway glad he’s callin a quits he had nothing left to prove he’s done it all and it was amazin career.



  • sway-z


    Iverson & Kidd weren’t Jordan’s era. He played against them for a couple of years before he retired the second time, that don’t even hold no real weight. And you seen what happened when he tried to step out there and mess around with A.I. too.

    GP was the glove and all that, but he was also 6’4 and slow, he wasn’t posing no threat. Like I said, Drexler & Nique was it. Pippen was on his team, and guarded the other team’s best player. Barkley don’t really count because he wasn’t an athlete like that on the same level as Mike, NOBODY WAS, which was my original point.

    MJ was the Lebron of his time, probably even worse, cause at least Lebron had to deal with Kobe & D-Wade, Durant & Melo, Paul Pierce & Rudy Gay, niggas that can actually stand up to him and compete physically. IF people are going to discredit Wilt then they better start discrediting Jordan, that’s all I’m saying



  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Not a surprise, but still one of the best centers of all time and i’m just glad i got to see him play while he was in his prime

  • B. Emerson 909

    The Lakers need to retire his jersey ASAP

  • studiothug4ever

    Yea he was the only athlete to rap and go plat

  • Hoopz

    Im about to get paid off this dumb big slow nigga!! Cha Ching!!!!!!!

  • Zbreezy


    You’re crazy. If anything MJ played in a more difficult era than players do nowadays. When MJ played, defenders were allowed to hand check, now if defenders do that, they will be called for a foul instantly.

  • Shaq did it all on & off the floor…. dude is a legend, one of the best that ever picked up a spalding.

    I’m hoping we see him next to Chuck as an analyst on TV, dude is halarious.


  • @ Zbreezy

    Word! You on point there no doubt. MJ had to take on a bunch of great, great defenders in his prime too.


  • sway-z

    @ Zbreezy & Gusto

    Negroes please. What great perimeter defender was really posing a threat outside of Joe Dumars? The best perimeter defender was Scottie Pippen! On top of that, he was going to the hole exclusively, he couldn’t shoot until he retired and came back, so all that handchecking & “Jordan Rules” wouldn’t have been effective if that nigga didn’t allow it to happen by continuing to drive the ball to score. People need to forget all that gatorade and sneaker shit, and remember the truth.

    Jordan dominated an era where he was one of a kind, outside of Pippen Drexler & Nique, wasn’t no great athletic perimeter players. Today’s game is strictly perimeter oriented, which is why Dwight Howard can dominate. IF that nigga had to face Hakeem, prime Shaq, D Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Patrick Ewing & niggas like that, he might not even be in the league. It’s all about your competition in your particular era. Jordan lived off a weak perimeter era, Dwight’s living off a weak interior era

  • “LEAKS”…
  • Lost Boyz

    allright im gonna watch this diss on kobe in honor of shaq

  • Converse

    Ahh kat stacks of tha Nba retire? lol

    ?superman? aka shaq diesel best center in this era? agree and dwight got some huge shoes to fill

  • Ben


  • Stat3030

    Shaq was one of the best. Good luck in your future, man.

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Shaq ain’t better den hakeam alajawand