CyHi Da Prynce Royal Flush 2 Cover

Billboard recently sat down with G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi Da Prynce and he spoke about his upcoming project, Royal Flush 2 which drops on June 14th.

Tell us about the look and feel of “Royal Flush 2.”

The actual visual is a more aggressive version of the first one. The first one was more laidback; it was wintertime music because it was wintertime so I wanted it to feel wintertime-ish. This one is more summertime, more energetic, more show-driven music, more aggressive, so you know that’s what Royal Flush II is- it’s the flipside of Royal Flush I. The artwork is self-explanatory: It shows a prince in all six forms and fashions, and the music displays that as well. And you know, the visuals, everything we do around it, is going to display the “Prince of America”, and that’s who I am. So when I go to these other countries, I really represent America and I really get to sit down with these other princes and politicians and try to change the world.

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  • Noringtone

    This is dope.

  • BK James

    Wasn’t feeling the first Royal Flush too much, I hope he steps it up for this one cuz he’s got some potential.

  • Sin
  • Jerry

    i fuck with this nigga, his verses on kanye album and that self made album got me hooked

  • Downgraded To Human

    “The actual visual is a more aggressive version of the first one” lol that sounds familiar

  • James

    Good Artist, he’s definitely developing and getting better and better. I cant wait to see where he is in about 3 years.

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  • Nice cover, hope this is better than the last one

  • Ben

    The first one sucked.

  • Chu Chu

    Hope This Shit Is Better Then Part 1. CyHi Hope You Made Some Music On This Joint

  • JHP

    Cyhi’s got the lyrics, he knows how to write a great verse. He still hasn’t truly proven he can make a great song. The beats, Concepts, etc. on the first Royal Flush were sub-par and pretty boring, lets hope he makes it more interesting this time around

  • hgjkg

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  • Kris

    I hope he steps it up wit RFII, I was expecting more cause this nigga CyHi stay in beast mode, especially when he’s being featured on someone else shit. 2nd chances are always deserved to everyone, so im not giving up on Da Prynce yet.

  • he’s gonna get BIG in the upcoming year

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  • JAS14

    Wow… Some of ya’ll are buggin’ Cyhi’s mixtape was tight last time round. His cadence and delivery is crazy refreshing compared to all that snap music out nowadays. Some of ya’ll don’t actually listen you just want more of that Rozay Lex Luger recycled beat nonesense.

  • yodaddy

    I agree with JAS14

    that first mixtape was riding like a fool….maybe yall misremembered and yall need to relisten to that one

  • yeah Cyhi goes in. Nice cover.I hope he lives up to his potential

  • Anon DCPL

    The first royal flush was ok, it was hit and miss w the songs but the tracks that really stood out to me were hero and living wonderful.

    ill def. be anticipating this mixtape tho, dude has mad potential.

  • ck

    Royal flush was dope, on the béats &lyrics. We all Know cihy is one or the best lyricist out here, gotta live up to the expectation s … Still bumpin roya flush to this day. Looking for the album now !!

  • Boiiii

    Cihyyyyyy. Royal flush 1 was great. Much love. Hero, sideways, so original, neveu a gain ….

  • dmfslimm

    wake me up when its gets gangsta, cause im sleeping on dude.

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