Maino Says The Day After Tomorrow Is Oct 4.

Maino’s off to a good start with his latest single, “Let It Fly” and while kickin’ it with the lovely Dollicia Bryan at the Fontainbleu, he speaks on the record with CheddarDVD and says that his sophomore album, The Day After Tomorrow drops October 4.


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  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Does anybody really give a fuck when this nigga album comes out. He was ok back in 2005 on a few Kay Slay mixtapes but nobody wanna a full album from this simple rhyming ass nigga… He almost 40 and he just about to drop his sophmore joint wack…. Cole World

  • Pac Man

    @ Jimmy, The Creator Maino served a 10-year prison sentence for a drug-related kidnapping. Apparently, Maino and others kidnapped a drug connect during a deal, and they got caught.

    simple rhyming ass nigga

    wacka, gucci, he got more bars than all them.

  • D

    Fuck you talkin bout Jimmy?

    Maino had a dope debut album. I just hope Atlantic markets him right.

  • Ben

    Jimmy shut the fuck up cracker!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Yall niggas dumb as fuck… This niggas music is fucking wack he had one song “All The Above” that was considerd a hit and niggas just listen to it cuz T-Pain auto-tuned it up. I agree he better than them weak ass nigga like waka and gucci but he not fucking wit J. Cole, Jay Electronica, or Lupe Fiasco. Just cuz u went to prison dnt make u a good rapper. @Ben u the only cracker on this bitch @ben is a Jew who kicks it wit jehova witness and bumbs bow wow on a walkman lmfao… COLE WORLD BITCH

  • WhoCares

    mainos a real street dude but he could def step u p his bars…but then again not everybody has to be as lyrical as cole or electronica thats the beauty of hip hop everybody gotta story to tell and a different way of tellin it….more importantly …dollicia got that ass tho damn lol

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    No one cares, Maino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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