New Music: Bad Meets Evil x Bruno Mars “Lighters”

Earlier today, Em and Royce’s track featuring Bruno Mars lit up the Internet. Sounds like something that will secure a spot at the tippy-top of the charts. Enjoy the unauthorized leak, but don’t forget Hell: The Sequel drops June 14th.


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  • heater

  • Jay-aka-phillyboy


  • SMH EM Fans what you gotta say about this pop Garbage? lmao

  • Dee Tee





  • Sean C.

    Whoa..Em’s verse.

  • Word

    I cringe whenever I hear Bruno Mars voice. I dont like this song. But the EP will still be dope. One bad song wont ruin the whole thing. I could barely make it through this though….I actually skimmed through it….I’ll just look up the lyrics and read the words cuz I definitely dont wanna hear this song anymore. But still looking forward to the EP.

  • buxdagreat


    watch the takeover

  • TA

    @kiddrap Pop garbage? Did you not listen to the verses son? Smh

  • BK James

    The man still selling out Hard

  • NYC

    lol this shit is soo whack but Em stans will love it

    Em was top 5 b4 this pop shit !

  • ;D

    good song

  • Later

    Maaaaad Late

  • dat bull


  • This is a good song. Only idiots that aren’t real won’t feel this. Real life Hip Hop songs are where its @!

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    Pop!? what the fuck are you talking about!!!??
    I rather hear this being played in the radio with ACTUAL lyrical verses than that Dancing, ace hood, lollipop sucking, Jerking off BULLSHIEEET!!!!
    I know haters will be saying “this isn’t gangsta!” or “Bruno Mars is too good of a singer!” or some Bullshit excuse!!!


  • hiphopfan

    i LOVE haters that just sit on this website to wait for eminem posts just to talk shit, it honestly cracks me up.

  • The Word

    song for FAGS FUCK EMINEM

  • ems verseeeeeeeeeeeeee n part of royces fuck the rest of the song

  • 2.0



  • lu8799533

    Royce is so good

  • zezzoi

    Im glad RR posts new leaked Em music now. Do it more often. Just cuz Rosenberg is your partner you can’t post it? C’mon…thats just losing RR hits.

    They gotta realize what this rap blog shit is doing for rap

  • zezzoi

    This song >>>

    yeah it’s top 40, but it’s still sick….fuck that hardcore hip hop faggot shit. nigga open your minds to current shit


    look while everybody scared to drop an alum and keep pushing they albums back after ross flop wit that weak ass 50 thou.. em aint pushin shit back.. now i dont know what this gonna sell.. but we gonna see how bad the market truly is when these sales come out… ross cut that check four ways faggot hahahahahhahahahaha.. whats that 12 thou a head hahahahahahhahahaha aaaaaaaaaaaaah .. next time drop that independent hahahahahah


    Oh man! soooo goood! This on some real shit. Em goes IN!!!!! Royce does great. Brilliant. Em’s verse literally gets better everytime I listen to it. Props to Bad Meets Evil.

    June 14th fuckers!!!

  • This song is fire! Hope this EP leaks soon. I’m still gonna buy it.

  • Mr. A. From Tha T


  • Mr. A. From Tha T

    I’m kinna feelin bruno now…….. DAMN


    Lmao @ people who instantly think that Em is going ‘pop’ with songs like this and is selling out. Fail. Theres ways of doing songs like this WITHOUT compromising one’s artistic integrity. And Em has done that with Lighters and LTWYL also.

    Seriously, fuck all the haters. Bunch of ignorant cocksuckers. If you gonna hate, atleast give fuckin legit reasons. Not just ‘oh he sold out’ or ‘he went pop’. Fuck outta here with bullshit.

    If you still dont believe me, listen to Em’s fuckin verse. If y’all faggots dont like it, then you have no soul. SMH.

    Peace out cunts. Lmfao. Can’t believe I wrote this much for a fuckin forum post. Haha. Stanley much?? Lol.


    How much you guys think the EP will sell in the first week? I’m guessing..100-300k


    @ JIMMY

    Hard to tell. I don’t think they’ve done a very good job of letting the general population that Bad Meets Evil = EMINEM & Royce.

    I have fingers crossed for 180K+

  • shit haters say

    “I used to be an Em fan before Encore” – funniest shit ever, thats when you know they bullshitting
    “Em is pop” – no matter what song he releases, yet the so called best alive Jay, Kanye & Wayne have worked with more pop artists
    “Ems fans are a joke” – because they support him and buy his album, yet the haters will download their favourite rappers album instead of buying it

  • NY_2012

    Let’s just identify, in the most simple terms, the current state of hip-hop blogging.

    People who like songs that involve longevity, lyrical depth, and a unique degree of musical production tend to support a song like this, and write coherent responses when they blog their personal opinions on a web-posted song.

    Those of you who comment something like “dis sung iz wak.. fucc dis faggy azz pop shyt” are clearly ignorant, incoherent, and can’t appreciate something with substance. You most likely will not like this song because you can only identify with a piece of musical composition that is equal to your intelligence level (little to none).

    That being said, I believe this is a good song, and it catches a majority of criticism because it features Bruno Mars. If Bruno Mars didn’t make it mainstream, and was still under the RapRadar, I am sure the comment board would be a lot more positive. I guess internet critics think their hate actually influences people; keep posting the same garbage from different names, it will not deter people from supporting Eminem and Royce.

    In Twitter terms: Haters.. #epicfail

  • CaliSteppin

    Good song but i think Royce sounded outside his comfort zone.. He still spit good lyrics though





    @ NY_2012 well said, sir.


    ^or her. lol

  • the instigator

    the problem is not its flowerful gangsta sound, like gunz and roses to the ears. its the album the song is gonna be on. uhhhhhh “bad meets evil: hell the sequel, featuring the sweet soulful sounds of bruno marz in “lighters””.?!? c’mon now.


    ^Even the devil has a heart. Or so I hear…

  • Toya

    I like this song a lot more than “I’m On Everything”.

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    @shit haters say
    hahaahaa CO-SIGN!!!

  • Thank Me Hater

    I got news for yall. Em been “pop” since the slim shady lp. Fall back

  • Whateva

    This shit is so gay. Eminem’s flow is off and is off-beat. Royce is basically sucking Eminem off in this song. Slowly selling out. Oh and Bruno Mars is on this song. Gay. Gay. Gay.

  • Black Shady

    shit is dope!!! Em killed it….Royce killed it

    SHADY! June 14th we taking over

  • This song is ight… but that “On Everything” is BANGER! lol Royce is classic! LOL

  • K_W

    Nah fuck all you haters this is so dope. The more I hear the better Bad Meets Evil looks

  • Original Will

    i wonder how tyler feel about that cosign now LOL

    SN:Royce bout to be getting that serious money now i know he too juiced LOL

  • CaliSteppin

    I agree that Royce has one of the best flows in the game and he is one of the best doing it right now but I just think this beat didn’t suit him which in turn caused him to sound out of his comfort zone.. IMO

  • wow. never thought i would actually see the day em did it like this – no love he fuckin killed but god damn knowing he can rap like this is just fucking awesome. song a little corny with bruno watever but ems verse is crazy dope

  • ?

    How you gonna say this sh-t gay when Lil B has an album called “I Gay”. U some confused as hip hop fans? Every album needs a lead single dummys.

  • kat

    This track is Horrible. HORRIBLE!
    Bruno can sing his azz off, and Em can rap his azz off but the rest is HORRIBLE!

  • RealRap

    Royce didnt go so hard but watever Em still tore it up.. I knew they were gonna make a song to make it on the radio and here she is lol.. People are mad cause there to fucken retarted to figure out wat hes saying threw all the rhyming and good lyrics LMAO.. stick to the me like a lolipop… yoooooooouuuuuuuu

  • GTFOH you EM STAN FAGGOTS! IF Lil Wayne or Drake did a song with Bruno Mars you would go off, shut the fuck up, hypocrite ass niggas

  • the One

    Royce finally getting what he deserves track is ok ..

  • POW


  • dawg25

    Shit is Fire

  • Endure1

    the song is kinda growing on me

  • RealRap

    2 types of people i hate on the internet

    dumbfuck1= Yah EM!! SONGS DOPE!! FUCK HATERS

    dumbfuck2= Shits Garbage!! Pop bullshit!! Fuck Stans!!

    listen to the song before you post something

  • dunit

    Wooooooooow…. Love it

  • loveit

    Cant stop listening to it

  • Kid Cashier

    oh shit this shit is kinda dope fro havin bruno on the hook. the difference between me and the haters is i have an open mind and can respect music for the music sake. both verses were fuckin dope whether u like the hook or not. if u thinkin otherwise i guess u listen to other shit besides ill lyrics. plus all this talk about fuck bruno, fuck em for being on the track….but damn royce fuckin killed this shit.


  • 416

    Very Inspirational ….GREAT SONG



  • no1

    Cosign Cat. Durn I hate to say it, but – Kindof a Stupid song. This song is Kinda stupid. Thats the best way to describe it.

    I listened, I pondered…i concluded: Taylor gang over EvErYtHiNg!

  • white milke

    royce wack. this was his time to shine and that verse was not memorable… em murked it as usual

  • Cory


  • dontshootmedown

    Dissin lil wayne? i came at 5’9 but i feel like im 6’8?? Anyway good song!!! Im pumped for the EP.

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  • Soul_Assasin

    Hahaha very true!


    @dontshootmedown SMFH Royce da ?? …..what the fuck does 5’9 have to do with Wayne? why would he make like 4 or 5 tracks with Wayne then decides to diss him?… seriously some of you are stupid he used Royce’s name as a play on words… just like Joell Ortiz in 2.0 Boys “Nickle, I just picked up a Phantom, look how it rolls, Royce”

  • Drizzy

    hahaha eminem is the shit and the next big after shady is Drake!

  • Like real Eminem’s fan…

    It………………… ;[

  • Shady Over Everything

    Fucking pricks, that’s what you shady haters only listen to….HOOKS! Pay attention to the verses. And fuck offs every Album needs a lead single. I bet all of you dick heads bumped “Real Slim Shady”, “Just Lose it”. Fuck offs you rather listen to Rick Ross talking about money or Kanye being Cocky! Watch the Throne has Bruno Mars on it too, so whats up suckas? Go fuck yourselves! Em is #1 and forever will be!

  • Ze Pequeno

    As a fan of hip-hop and loving the art and its progress, having Em on my top 5 and trying to be as objective as I can, this song is wack as fuck.

  • Kwamé

    You wiggas crack me up.u hate on ross for being ‘fake’ while u conveniently forget what ur racist idol said in the past.why the hypocrisy?Then he makes corny music like this which is utter pop and u eat it up.

  • Shady Over Everything

    So what’s the difference between this & “Stan”??? Lyrics?Beat?Hook? Almost the same thing, so you lame fucks and go kiss what ever rapper you listen to and watch this climb the charts. #ShadyAftermath #Slaughterhouse

  • akaclutch

    no one is fuckin with shady’s shit.
    u guys can hate all you want. but this is fire. and the numbers will reflect it when it drops.

  • yo WTF

    Yo wtf is up with you guys.
    This song is dope, it does not have to be all gangsta shit all the time. I hope Em wont stop doing this kind of songs. its nice to hear songs that actually have story and meaning.

  • JMC

    Its not that its not a good song, its just that this isn’t Recovery. This is HELL THE FUCKING SEQUEL!!! This EP is supposed to be nothing but Horror mother fucking core with new ass hole tearing rhymes…w/e though they gotta sell records just means i gotta skip one song.



  • candice

    (I Had a dream) i was king, i woke up, still king
    This rap game’s nipples are mine for the milking (M.L. King). genuis

  • Nah bro, none of us would care if drake and lil wayne did a song with Bruno Mars. Matter of fact drake and lil wayne are probably cornier than bruno haha.


    i am a stann
    and i wana love this track but i jst cant ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh mann
    y aint i feeling it !!!!!
    duno if im gonna like this EP hope da other songs dnt let me down…
    wana hear ‘kiss’ the bangladesh joint

  • I don’t know how people can say Em fell off and lost his edge based on this verse. When someone sells out they sell out. They stop doing it for heart and start doing it for charts. Listen to Eminem’s verse… that’s all heart you morons. The dude almost died. You realize that what that does to your brain? Yeah, it’s a shame he isn’t rapping about killing his wife and how much he hates his fans, and is thanking people for giving him the career he’s had.

  • mikey


  • shady

    eminem goat,eminem love him so much

  • ous

    Dope song em is the goat period!!

  • fucking trolls. please re-do the commenting system, yn

  • required

    I can’t even listen to eminem anymore. its not just that the song isn’t my kind of song, but eminem just sounds really anoying. why does he have to scream like that in every god damn song.

  • Matt

    Great verses, but corny beat and hook. Expected to be better.

  • RC

    Shit is cold. First song I liked.


    Nah. I will be real with this. This shit is not only Gay by puttin that faggot Bruno Mars on it, its also HORRIBLE. Em’s flow was so bad. Royce also sounded wack. This rarely happens. You mix these two up and you will get nothing but PERFECTION, but not here. I bet Em made this track cuz fags and lil dumb cunts will take it to the top of the charts and will give him another hit. NAH FUCK THIS. but hell yeah for the REST OF THE SONGS.

  • Forever Black

    This song is weak tbh. I like eminem but he we will never be the same. Stop trying to be like the rest of the rappers. He need to go back to his original format because that made him different. I think that’s what he is missing, right now. I never liked Royce because he is a dickhead. Emenim fans will support this no matter. I’m not buying unless I can get it free.

  • Donn


  • Ashin Kusher

    This is so dope. People are obviously gonna say it’s pop with the feature and melody but just listen to the real shit being spat here. Ignorant fucks. And em and royce’s flow are untouchable. What Royce said about stopping the track to say what Em said about Dre on WTD, woah.

  • Forever Black

    This is just so-so at best. Eminem hasn’t made dope music since he came back. He needs to go back and take a look at how he rapped verse then. Verdict not good. TBH i’m not buying this EP
    unless someone gets it for me or I find it and can download it for free. This isn’t cutting it, but his crazy mental fans will. If he took a shit and sd this a new lp they go and get. DISAPPOINTED ON SO MANY LEVELS. I HATE ROYCE I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THIS TWO-FACED ASSHOLE.

  • ok really

    Em sounds like he is saying the same thing on all his songs lately….this song is soft ass all hell! Not bad but damn sure not good.

  • Nickey Black

    I like how they used the Jayz whisper style in the second part of their verses.

  • Josh

    Reading the comments on here makes me believe that haters just don’t know shit about rhyming and that they focus on beats to make a good song. This song is far from great overall. But the verses and the story itself is incredible. I dont even like Bruno Mars, or the beat selection. But the storytelling is on point. Suck a dick haters.

  • Dan

    hate bruno mars but eminems and royce’s part <3

  • Em-Fell-off.

    10 Years ago who woulda’ thought em would do a song with Anyone like Bruno Mars..

  • 9th wonder

    might have to grow on me no matter how many dope lyrics where unleashed the song isnt cutting for me right now

  • Ems penis

    Snippets on amazon now niggahsssss sound dope too




  • Mr Vampire

    Tha Carter 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bitch Meets Evil

  • So lcy Boi!

    Gucci won. dis pop muzik! swag

  • NY_2012

    Let’s just identify, in the most simple terms, the current state of hip-hop blogging.

    People who like songs that involve longevity, lyrical depth, and a unique degree of musical production tend to support a song like this, and write coherent responses when they blog their personal opinions on a web-posted song.

    Those of you who comment something like “dis sung iz wak.. fucc dis faggy azz pop shyt” are clearly ignorant, incoherent, and can’t appreciate something with substance. You most likely will not like this song because you can only identify with a piece of musical composition that is equal to your intelligence level (little to none).

    That being said, I believe this is a good song, and it catches a majority of criticism because it features Bruno Mars. If Bruno Mars didn’t make it mainstream, and was still under the RapRadar, I am sure the comment board would be a lot more positive. I guess internet critics think their hate actually influences people; keep posting the same garbage from different names, it will not deter people from supporting Eminem and Royce.

    In Twitter terms: Haters.. #epicfail

  • Ice Cube

    ^ STAN.

  • Van

    This is for the bitches.

    I can understand wanting to do pop numbers while still trying to satisfy original Bad Meets Evil stans.

    I’m an original BME stan so this shit is garbage to me but, I can understand the strategy.

    It’s gone forever, I’ll morn forever (c)

  • jordan

    hey can i get a download link

  • Haloya

    pop radar

  • Vee-set

    Nickey Black you are right, just that Eminem somehow still screams whilst whispering… only Jay z can do that better… I guess they wanted the Jay effect… i like the song, its good

  • MR. X


    You, sir, are a Stan. Substance? It’s not there. It’s just a corny song made for retards. I bet you also love the garbage he made with Rihanna. This song is nothing but a cheap attempt to get back on top of the charts. Normally when you mix both of these artists you get nothing but great music. This is probably the first failure of Bad Meets Evil. Everything from the hook to the flow is downright horrible. The verses also sound forced and unnatural. Even the beat sounds something out of Recovery. I like the previous two songs but this will be a song skipped by a lot of people. The rest of the album sounds pretty strong so lets just hope it’s nothing like this.

  • Marshall

    Relaaaax it just a sales strategy, but that doesn’t make them sell outs tho,shit still dope, but Bruno annoys me in some way.

  • dmfslimm

    why does it have to sound so damn pop? i dont understand. if em and royce are lyrical monsters, dont the music spose to reflect that?

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  • this song will b #1 all summer long.

    weezy shit aint up there
    ross shit aint up there

    you mad aint you?

    we know


  • dmann

    Smh idiots y so many haters lil wayne jus made some wack autotune pop song called how to love and people wanna criticise because he had bruno mars on the hook? Did any1 even listen to the verses ok I agree bruno gets on peoples fuckin nerves but I guarantee if em were to spit this verse 7 years ago u would all bust off in yo pants but I get it it happens to every artist they get to a point in there career were people hate and compared their old selves to their new shit n say they sold out some people jus to damn close minded to realise it smh I’m done go do the fuckin dougie to gucci maines album if ur not happy with the occasional pop hook on a dope song

  • 666

    This is a good song, but not for this album.

  • Monk

    the shit is great only dont like that its kinda pop but its still better than any shit that dropped this year….all the shit gets flushed but this is staying

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    This shit is fucking DOPE!

  • therealest

    what the fuck i thought this album was suppose to be rap?

  • PWR

    This is why em will never be GOAT.. You wouldnt catch any resectable artist jumping on this pop shit.

    Label puppet.

  • Donn

    “This one’s for you and me, living out our dreams/
    We’re all right where we should be/
    Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes/
    And now all I wanna see is a sky full of lighters, a sky full of lighters.”


  • Hand’s down Bad Meet’s Evil killed this track. Bruno Mar’s is great at singing (and i for one hate pop music) This to me is far from pop though. It’s all real shit, far from Gucci Man retarted ass. Lil Wayne is “okay” to me, prolly a 3 out of 10, but he does song’s with j-lo and nobody said shit ?????????????? PEOPLE ARE JUST MAD THE BEST RAPPER IS WHITE AND BETTER THEN EVERYONE, THE HIGHEST SELLING RAP ARTIST, AND THE ONLY RAPPER TO HAVE TWO ALBUMS PLATNUM !!!!

  • TheCool

    “Now Bruno can show his ass, without the MTV awards gag” Ohhh shit. jajajaja. Royce is bagged this shit forreal.

    I like the song. It does sound pop-ish, but the verses are straight spitting.

    Ya’ll act like making a pop-ish, rap-ish song is the worse thing on the planet. This shits. Niggas just wanna hear that ill smack a bitch, pop a cap in yo ass shit wtf. The I didnt like Love The Way You Lie, becuz I know Rihanna can’t sing for shit in real life. But Bruno’s talented.

  • C

    I’m not a fan of Bruno Mars but it’s not bad, all y’all who keep calling em a sell out and “pop” artist are slow, lyrically no one can touch him these days.

  • Drink Responsibly

    I’m taller than RD59; but M’s verse was the magma… um, ya heard.

  • nujerz

    Both verses were dope and Bruno can sing even though he corny but this beat is terrible…I also peeped another subliminal shot at Weezy with that 6’8 line.


    Tired of his fuckin voice and his fuckin flow. Where is the old Eminem damn

  • Mario

    good song a little too soft coming these two tho.

  • Nickey Black

    @ lethal poet i get mad when you Em fans say he`s the best ever or greatest ever. You Em fans choose to disregard the legends of hip hop and im not just referring to Tupac or Big because we have plenty of legends. Em is a good rapper and being a good white rapper has Its advantages. 1 being whites truly support their race, whereas its a different story for the black culture wheres theres no unity or support. So when its practically majority whites saying Em is the goat proves to alot of blacks that our hip hop culture is not respected to the fullest, so we may type or scream fuck Eminem! Its not hate from me if i say fuck Eminem, its anger cause something we created is not being taking seriously. Our legends are being shitted on and they need to be acknowledge b4 Em gets all the credit in hip hop.

  • dmann

    I think lot of dudes r stuck in the past they picture eminem with blonde hair n baggy shit cussin at people on mtv or watever its been how long? Move on he has

  • nasonemic

    This is the dopest thing ive heard in a while.

  • NY is HARD!

    FIRE!!!!To all you FUCKING HATERS…..EM=G.O.A.T!!!!Get used to it and get over it!You can hate on GREATNESS because your listening to BULLSHIT!!!!Keep that waaaaaaaaack mmg shit pollution!!!!This is a SONG with GREAT LYRICS not some bullshit with the same beat recycled and same TOPIC!!!!GTFOH!!!You BITCHES dont know MUSIC!!!!!SHADY 2.0!!!!!TAKEOVER!!!!This EP is going to BODY that WAAAAAAACK Self Made!!!!WATCH!!!!Keep Hating….You just keep SHADY motivated to shit all over your BULLSHIT you call music!

  • the penguin

    its like they threw this in just to solidify selling hundreds of thousands of records week 1……whatever ill listen to the other 10 tracks

  • ak

    umm i dunoo .. kinda weak Kanye would’ve done a better job at this type of song.. Em’s verse was weak .. royce was all good ..

  • Tyler

    Anyone who says this is dumb needs to go play in traffic.

  • Record sales don’t make an artist. THE FANS DO. And with technology becoming more and more advanced, we f*ck the artist by downloading their albums (illegally). The money they make really comes from the shows and touring.(Redman said it himself) SO regardless of how much this sales (or what Ross & Co sold), it really doesn’t matter when you’re still relevant. Look @ the many platinum artists that can’t even put out an album when they want to. (LL Cool J, Mike Jones, The Game, Jeezy, etc…)

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  • Alex Da Perplex

    Wooow this is dope and very addicting. Em’s verse is the shit !

  • Frankie

    This song is a fuckin hit dispite the pop hook the verses are stright hiphop Ems verse shows why he is the best rapper of all No one will ever be better Eminem No One

  • Da Business

    Song is dope.

  • Song is sick! Album needs to drop already!

  • leak*

  • Da Business

    OK, after a few listens I’ve gotta say that this is kinda wack. Em went in tho.

  • caramel

    “(I Had a dream) i was king, i woke up, still king
    This rap game’s nipples are mine for the milking (M.L. King)”. genuis

  • candice

    “(I Had a dream) i was king, i woke up, still king
    This rap game’s nipples are mine for the milking (M.L. King)”. genuis


    lets not hate.
    Ur favorite rapper has PROBABLY WORKED WITH A SINGER ( Bruno Mars caliber )ON THE TRACK WITH HIM, AND THATS A FACT.
    And this wasnt no love song club rockin bullshit, it was REAL. Great song, and i honestly wish this was released over I’m On Everything. Eminems verse gets better after each singer, Royces was solid form the start, and Bruno did great.

    So lets not judge a book by its cover, this song was actually really really deep and im sure its gonna be a highlight on the EP

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  • mrass

    idont see why ppl bitching lil wayne and all them niggas be on some MAJOR pop autotunebullshit yet half yall complaining probably love that nigga
    but when em puts bruno on a deepass hook he sellin out? always gotta have a reason to hate.

  • da 5’9

    amazing!!! bruno killed the hook, em destroyed his part, and royce was a beast

  • Game

    You morons think that I’m a genius
    Really I belong inside a dang insane asylum, cleanin’, try them trailer parks
    Crazy, I am back, and I am razor-sharp, baby

  • SmokeYou

    WTF. This is not what I expected from BAD MEETS EVIL. It’s decent… but I don’t ever plan on listening to it ever again.

  • dillweed

    dam these guys r dope

  • J.COAL

    @Kat surely thats 80% of the song then? the rest is a tiny amount. good one.

    Too much bitterness, all these people that are just upset because their precious “underground hiphop” hits sea level! Get out the 90s, a rapper can still be dope on a track and that is not taken away from him because hes got a (OMG NO!) a pop singer, if anything its appealing to a wider audience, who can blame them for doing that when you got cretins on this website fucking hating on anything but 64bar freestyles.Shits boring.

  • anthony

    thats not true if wayne or drake made this song neither of them has the skill to wordplay like em did on it. itd be that same slow ass rap with corny metaphors. hey if you like waynes three word bars, then thats your deal but this is the radio song for this album and how much better is it then that whack “how to love” trash wayne just put out to get spins…even though it not haha.and dont hate i actually like wayne and drake but sorry theyre not on the same level as em no matter how much you lie to yourself.

  • Josh

    @Kidd [email protected] Eat a dick bitch…. I don’t fuck with Bruno Mars and the beat selection but you’re not a real fan of hip hop if you don’t respect storytelling ability. Go fuck with that ol bullshit that you’re on these days.


    the games gone pop and TIP’s gunna save it? what so TI collabing with rihanna is defferent from Marshall colabing with Rihanna, & what about TIP’s collab with christina agurlera? does that not count as pop? OF COURSE NOT, BECAUSE HE’S BLACK. —-> (SARCASM)

  • ben

    This is some pop shit… I wanted this to be a DETROIT album

  • cz

    im 6’8″…that sounds like hes sayin hes one inch taller then wayne (6’7″), diss

  • YOUR pusha

    not bad,they need something to rotate on the radio to help sell the EP and this will do just that, i just dont think eminem is at that stage of his career where he needs radio songs to sell his lps, but from a business perspective u have to do it i guess, im sticking to the other guys over in south beach myself, i need that gangsta shit

  • Protest

    this is corny and cheesy, not gonna lie. Sky full of ligthers? Eh…. and im a big fan of both. Fast Lane is the only song out of the 3 that leaked so far that I fuck with

  • Devastation Inc.

    As far as these two go, fuck the song
    I’m just glad they were able to squash
    their bullshit and make music. Because in
    the end that’s what it’s all about,The
    music. “Dont’ stop the music” (Jay-z voice)

  • jerrayyyy

    I swear to god in this music I’ll be the illest there is and there ever will be…

  • I’m a huge fan, and I defend a lot of Eminem material. This song though…deserves all the hate. It’s straight pandering to Top 40 radio. Everything everybody was saying badly about “Im On Everything”, scratch that and apply it to this song. I’ve always been a B-Side kind of person anyways though. Fuck your single. ha!

  • jake

    BIG and Pac would be proud that someone is keeping lyricism and meaning to songs alive…great job em’. the haters don’t even know what you’re sayin anyways

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    @jake Damn, maybe your comment it’s the only that worth here…
    It’s a good song!
    Not his best, but still good…
    If he changed the beat, and the singer, yall was going to say that he’s a legend…
    but just cause of Bruno and the beat, you don’t really see the real mean on his lyrics…

    The hate is making zombies…

  • Blow it

    As Jigga Said:
    “Niggas wan’t my old shit, buy my old album…”
    So GTFOH with the hate!

  • Almarti5


  • Bronx NY

    come on EM!!!! what the fuck you thinkin ……… im shady fan hard body …….. but this shit aint gettin played in my vehicle …… fuck this noise …

  • You do realize that Eminem has been ‘Pop’ ever since he blew up, right? Pop is short for popular. Eminem is the most popular rap/hip-hop artist of all-time, indicating that he is ‘King of Pop’.

    I just don’t understand how you can hate on Eminem’s verse, listen to what the dude is talking about. How is that selling out? That is from the heart, that’s what ART is. Selling out is when there is no heart, just money. This project was all done for FUN, for HEART, for ART, for the SAKE OF IT. Eminem and Royce repaired their relationship, you really gonna try to claim that they’re selling out? Are you stupid?


    Hmmm , Lyrics are tight but what the fuck wit bruno mars and this lame ass beat ? seriously not feelin this one..someone needs to remix on a diff beat and then I’ll feel it..until then , Im not wasting my time .. this = headache for real

  • haq


  • Pascal_kyzaa

    great song! Bruno Mars is a bit cheesy, but otherwise the song very well!

  • Frayzer

    I like Em but…
    Fuckkkk me first Rihanna and Pink now Bruno Mars watch Eminems next album ull have bieber, ne-yo and britney spears on it, its getting fuckin ridiculous

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked


    Bad meets Evil has leaked and……………….. DAMN.

    Slight Spoiler Alert….. Em FINALLY makes a lady gaga Line…. Lol, Its Clever and Funny as hell……..

    As far as the Album as a Whole… Well, Im a Em fan so, asking me would’nt be fair. Judge for yourselfs………… BUT, I will say this tho…………. Em wanted to shit on Royce. Trust me Lol. “Friendly” Competition my ass. Royce went in tho

    Check it out before Youtube shuts it down.


    just listend to the album, you wont be disapointed!!

  • André

    C’mon guys, WTF is this piece of shit ? What’s the difference between this trash and any Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber song? Fuck it… All the talent Marshall Bruce Mathers had died in the rehab.

  • Evanflo

    this doesn’t sound like Bad meets Evil, come on now.

  • yo momma

    Idiots! this is great. HORRIBLE. you say. Go get a life. EMinem’s worst song>your favorite rapper

  • Abbey

    For those of you that claim he has sold out, please just shut the F up! The guy is 36 or 37 now! its not that hard to understand that hes grown up!!!! hes rapping about different things now, life experiences and shit! hes real!! why do you think he has such a huge fan base?????? because a lot of people can relate to him!!

    Went pop? stfu!! just because bruno mars is on the hook doesn’t mean that the lyrics aren’t on point! both verses were dope! the song is gonna be a huge hit!!

    Stop hating!! if you dont like it, then dont keep posting on here idiots!

  • 2fast

    the whole album is crazy! get it at

  • killa


    I hope the thruth comes out one day.

  • kalluminati

    the cd is crazy. it leaked people get ur copy now… and for sure get anotehr copy on the 14th. i'[ll b getting one for da house, and another 4 the whip. 1..

  • KanyeSmug

    All verses dope but that line with *hairy box*

  • C4 > all

    C4 will be so much better. dont get me wrong em is great but Weezy is the greatest.

  • jake

    the whole cd leaked and its amazing…i don’t care what any haters have to say they’re just a bunch of insecure losers anyhow. this is the strongest eminems ever come on a cd since the beginning of his career, maybe in his whole career. he’s back that lyrical level that just leaves you sayin “huh, rewind that, i gotta hear it again” but now his flow is out of control. reminds me a little of the eminem show days where it just seemed like hip hop on roids.

  • jake

    lady gaga could quit her job at the post office and she’d still be a male-lady i wouldn’t fuck her with her own dick hahahahahah good stuff

  • Mendim H.

    other songs are to hard ! this is perfectly epic 😀

  • You’reWelcome

    after hearing this a couple off times its absoloutly perfect. the album i mean!
    theres lines about lady gaga and justin bieber, theres emotion, creativity, story lines, metaphors& feeling, he talks about people steeling his music, the album is perfect it gives me goosebumps and at the same time makes me Laugh Out Loud at some off the methaphrs… AMAZING

  • Bullshit, all you haters fuck you, even if Em were pop he’d still be the best lyrical artist in the game present!

  • mikey

    ehhh!! this is pretty much a bruno mars song just with eminem & royce rapping on it… but Im sure em fans will eat it up anyway.

  • A-Dot

    The difference between this and a Bieber song? Both emcees are talkin about something real and struggles they went through, but fuck the words yall dont listen to them anyway

  • stevie

    basically all the “haters” shitting on this song can go fuck themselves cause eaither way you look about it… he made it you didnt… hes making bank and your sitting on a computer judging lyrics you dont even know

  • TheCool

    Listened to it a couple more time… And i actually don’t like it now. Bruno Mars is straight. I’m on one of those that thinks if a rapper works with a pop artist he sold out. Cuz Bruno actually has talent and can sing.

    But the beat is to fuckin’ wack it for me. Em and Royce were nice on it, but the beat sounds so corny.

    Fuck it doh, outta 3 songs I heard from Hell: The Sequel, this is the only one I don’t like. Fast Lane and I’m On Everything are fire.

  • its like hes trying to make a pop song but they each have like 32 bar verses….how does that work?

    ems cursing his ass off in the verse too…this song is all kinds of off

  • 10111

    eminem scared the shit outta lil wayne and tha carter 4…..sorry wayne fans…FACT……wait until august suckers…….gaga also scared the shit outta your fav rapper……….JUNE IS HOT….shady we takin over….FIF COMOING BACK ALSO

  • NBD

    HAHA. This song is horrible?? WHY? because Bruno Mars is on it?

    You guys need a musical reality check. Not everything has to be gangsta. It’s obvious after going through what Em has been through he has MATURED. And his latest music has shown it.

    Shame on the people who only care about the music they want. Not what the artists are going through or what THEY WANT to do, after all – Hip Hop is about expressing YOUR FEELINGS aint it????

    And like “?” said – EVERY SONG NEEDS A LEAD SINGLE DUMMYS!!! You can’t release a big label album without doing a track that will make them money.

    Damn you haters need to get out from behind your laptops and learn the music industry.

  • jon

    this is fucking horrible