New Music: Wale Ft. Stalley, Black Cobain x Tone P “Cook Up”


Funk Flex lets loose what Mr. Folarin recently cooked up in the studio with Stalley, Black Cobain and Tone P. Off the Young Gifted & Black mixtape due June 7.

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  • phraynkhp

    finally a stalley – wale collab instant classic

  • DMV Lives


  • ok really

    Instant classic? The word classic has lost its original hip hop meaning in today’s society. This song is the usual MMG anthem.

  • BOA we see y’all

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  • coco loco

    dudes wit curly dreads are gay. why would u curl your dreads?

  • we need more songs like this whole time

  • Hmmm

    Me like, Me really like!

  • B

    He the only one that’s decent on that fake MMG Label. Im about to say something negative. Why Meek Mills and these 2 n-ggas look like they under arms stink . I remember at one time u had to have star appeal. Now everybody look the opposite of what a rapper supposed to look like. Just some weird no personality funny style type of n-ggas.

  • A Gay Nigga


    Lol @ fake MMG Label? What other group putting out hot music

    Take your time fag boy

  • Naptown

    Stalley and Wale, NICE!! The beat not the best I’ve heard from this Tone P cat, The Soup as BKS was some good work.

  • b.m%re

    Why is it loggers get so mad….meek is getting bread and his story is real….th.ny how u judge but don’t know shot about the music…215

  • mja

    why wale with dude from the ying yang twins in this pic?

  • first time hearing Wale and Stalley on the same record… anyone heard of Black Cobain though?

  • Black Cobain is a PROBLEM.
    If you don’t know him get hip ASAP.
    He’s been touring with Wale since about February. I went to one of the shows in FL, that man is a solid MC. He’s Wale’s new artist.

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  • GB

    @Jonathan – they both on Running Rebels from Self Made.

  • MoOo

    Dope as fuck

  • mm

    song is dope as hell and black cobain is steadily improving. wale needs to stop gettin hated on so much he’s a beast

  • YOUR pusha

    dope dope dope

  • DirkDiggler

    Wale absolutely destroys everyone on this track. The song would have been much better if he was rapping over the whole song.

  • Jinx



  • Moe


  • B

    @A Gay Nigga- Your title is “im a gay nigga” case closed. Don’t try to say it was directed at me dumb a–. Furthermore u a funny style type a dude because you following this deputy dog lookin dude in the picture and a fat cop who can’t rap. U just mesmerized by beats and corny a– I got 5 maids, and a Maybach lines. Were u from u fu-ckin cornball. Brightlights over hear bi-tch and places u can’t come.

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