New Video: Wiz Khalifa Ft. Chevy Woods x Neako “Reefer Party”

Wonder what Wiz and the rest of his Taylor Gang crew were doing in London at 3:51 a.m.? Yeah bitch, you got it and here’s the visual aid to their latest remix. If you ain’t smoking, get the fuck out.

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  • namesarehard

    Fuck Wiz, we get it. You smoke weed. So does every other black person.

  • Original Will

    Ok i been doing some digging right now i know how this whole wiz waka shit happened Wiz was on Whookid show and whookid asked wiz has a rapper ever gave him bad weed he said yea n he was about to say somebody name but then he said he wasnt going to say names now if you look in the video it shows him Smoking with Juicy J Nipsey Hussle Big Sean and CurrenSy meaning that he provides the weed when he smokes with them or he enjoys smoking with them but if you remember Waka also smoked with Wiz he doesnt include the clip with waka although its his beat like a couple of days after wiz did the interview with whookid waka was dissing wiz joints so its obvious that waka was the rapper with the bad weed wiz was talking about if you go and look at the video of wiz n waka smoking together wiz not even high but Waka is high as fucc

  • Hustla

    This guy smokes too much, he will become a victim of own success. How many tunes can we take talking about weed, fuck.

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  • dontshootmedown

    Waka said in that video were her was dissin wiz i want to see your response vid here it is waka im not a big wiz fan but he made that nig look stupid waka was tellin wiz to step his game up shit…Waka was stupid high in that vid he was in with wiz haha

  • phraynkhp

    its a paaaaarrtyyyy

  • phraynkhp

    didnt like this song at first but the video makes it better

  • dre

    ITS A PARTY!!!!!!!!! wiz hottest nigga out

  • ColoradoKnight

    Ish is funny as hell. Kick rocks with all the “hate”. This dudes are havin’ fun enjoying life, you should too.

  • Honesty_hurts

    @Original Will – you detective ass nigga!

  • LA


  • Dope song too bad the album fucking sucked(Real Talk), he should’ve put more tracks like this on that shit.

  • TMZ

    I heard a rumor that Wiz Khalifa is working with Rebecca Black on a song. Any word if this is true?

  • therealest

    fuck tmz cuzz

  • @tubbskrueger

    whoever is this kats weed carrier is that dude!!!

  • jtm

    black n yellow 3x platnum
    roll up 1x platnum
    before you kno it rolling papers will be gold
    first half of 2011 goes to Wiz Khalifa & the Taylor Gang

    Thats why its a Reefer Party

  • puerto-black

    Now if it was moet it’d be cool? Its ok to shout out armadale, beveldare, cris, e%;, sysrup, etc but you cant smoke? Let him live. It could be pills or worst. Willie nelson is never told anything or snoop

  • Kenn Tuckky

    engaging video no dwt!! if u r anti-blazin get lost if not u must be a hater 2 criticize.

    track cuda com better and deeper still. yh let the nigga watch the nigga inhale back his cough. we dont add tobacco in these concoctions