• Kwam√©


  • Wade

    nice!! few songs sampled this…from Made to The Game…R.I.P. Mr Mayfield

  • Post no billz

    Made ft. Total.. tell me what you want.. harlem world classic!

  • Post no billz

    *mase.. fuckin smart phone..


    I want some enchiladas

  • herbsaac

    All these breaks makes me disgusted with all of the sampling in rap haha.. Is anything original? I know supahot beats (aka WILLPOWER) is.. he makes dope beats for Yelawolf.. But seriously. Old rap producers are making me sadder and sadder.

    But I love that you guys put up this real music so I have actual stuff to listen to.. Kind of ruins the new or remix songs to me.. but thats just me

  • Luke

    ^ stick to house music bra

  • Post no billz

    Herbsaac is a fuckin idiot.. no idea is original under the sun..

  • Pat

    Mase, what ever happened to his comeback?

  • Black Shady

    Curtis’ freestyle “JUST FUCKIN AROUND” …used to love that freestyle

  • puerto-black

    “she said she love the dimple in my face/BITCH thats a bullet wound/I aint ma$e” 50 is still a legend of mixtapes

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