• Chris Puddin

    why does he have a bag of oregano, elliot? answer this

  • Game

    Amaya you so damn sexyyy

  • exot2012

    lol, the two verses from game are old as fuck.

  • bk82

    Bitch !!!!




  • dmfslimm

    nice verses.

  • Hahaha at the oregano comment.

    Those verses do sound familiar exot. Nonetheless, we need some more of Game in the scene today. Always been a fan.

    Btw, what happened to his name change? Am I just out of the loop on when he inked his face and changed his name to Hurricane?

  • nigger

    this nigga dope as fuck dre a fool not puttin him on the original

  • Mr Vampire

    Hey Dre, you can suck ma muthafuckin dick! It’s dope verse…. but you dont add that to single?

    Lol Detox is never coming soon… true shit homie 😀

  • loco

    that 2nd verse is fuckin sexy no homo LOL nigga sikkkk

  • foolio

    2nd verse = EARGASIM

  • big willie


  • the ganja

    wow…. game is so far above 50 now its actually weird


    slow day in music huh?

  • playa286

    @big willie yeah and lil wayne heard the red album too last week… an what happened? pushed his album back 2 months ha ha red will be phenomenal

  • DaWa

    That’s old verses and they didnt make final cut cuz Game record them after Dre relased Kush like a single….but nice to see you promote Game….waiting for RED about 2 years…

  • b dogg

    WOW…. another 4 month old exclusive from rapradr…

  • Black Shady


    BAD MEETS EVIL June 14th!!!
    HFM3 on the way!!

  • deezbk

    when it is finally time for detox to come out, no body will even care anymore, it was kinda funny and cute nd all to b waitin on an album for 10 + years,now its just gettin to b outright ridiculous..


    ohh yea lt me add this as well, FUCK DR. DRE dude needs to check himself into a retirement home

  • No Swag

    Amaya you gotta confirm if your a woman or not cause dudes are acting up on here!

  • Poof Bgoene

    that nigga washed up..like a dead whale..
    …my girl & I going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 Gift card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our emails..lol..im puttin the fam on it.. http://goo.gl/KhIj9

  • Ben

    This verse should of stayed lost. Game is the epitomy of a wack rapper. Are people serious when they say game is nasty?

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ dudes not knowing Amaya is a dude.

    I think that’s his last name.

    westcoast all day

  • dre

    game shoulda been on the original..that was my thought when they released the original…

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Don’t even matter cause Kush was wack as fuck anyway, and fuck Detox 2. Dre knew that overhyped shit was gonna be wack that’s why he’s scared to release it.

  • Sam I Am

    Amaya is a dude. David Amaya. He does post kind of suspect at times, but he’s a dude.

    On topic: This verse was “lost” for a reason.

  • studiothug4ever

    @Ben @ColdBlood @BlackShady will be the first in line to cop R.E.D. cause their cheerleading bitches. Stop fuckin hating and take them rainbow stickers off the bumpers of your mother’s cars.

    Verses were old but dope.

  • studiothug4ever

    @Fuck ya Life cosign Dre ain’t never waited this long to drop shit. Scrap Metal!

  • Converse


  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    That was actually reall dope.. Wonder why they cut it out..

  • CP

    I’d like Game if he didnt name drop in EVERY SINGLE SONG! Give me a verse without talking about someone else or comparing what youre doing with someones name or just saying other famous names and I’ll give you more respect…Damn give it a break GAME, its annoying!

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    this IS old but its pretty rare the first time i heard this was over3 or 4 months ago when they had it on the aftermath website there was a remix with a verse from slim da mobster then these 2 verses. it was uploaded on slims page and i couldnt find it any where else but one day it was gone off the site it was kinda strange.

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    Lol found it and the proof of how old it is. props to rr for looking out though!!

    slims verse is in between the 2 game verses so wait for it

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jzSO4q_DlA&w=425&h=349%5D

  • Keith

    “One love to 50.” Man, I really wanna see that beef deaded. Not only because it makes me feel good inside when rappers squash beef, but because they sound so good on tracks together.

  • The Word

    @Black Shady FUCK U Motherfucking piece of shit GTFOH IT’s GAME TIME FUCK SHADY N BANKS

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  • D

    If Game would have been on original, song would get so much better response…

    Homie killed it.

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  • Curt

    no… the reason he’s not on the final version is because it leaked before dre was actually done mastering it…. I don’t know if game would have been on it but still… You can thank whoever haked that shit for him maybe not being on the final version… DOn’t believe me? Look it up… I remember when it came out

  • Studio gangsta