• NePh

    #SECTION80 Gon be Dope

  • Your mother’s “friend”



    I am well aware of section 8 but never heard of section 80


  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Dope shit

  • no1

    What is this crap? Autotuned waste of time

  • I know the project will be dope…but eh on this…

    *goes back to #HiiipoWer*

  • t

    this ggooooessss! Yo it really makes a difference when u blare it tho. this shit knocks

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  • A Reply To Leave I Did

    “My attitude is [email protected]#$ it, house big as Publix’s.” Yo that new “Inkredible” remix is hot. Trae Tha Truth’s new album “Street King” dropping June 28th is a must cop.



  • FlocKaveLLi

    lose the hash tag man. let this shit be a classic not a title with some trendy bullshit on it that everyone wont remember in 5 years

  • Black Shady

    Nah…Kendrick u my nigga but this is meh…
    Get back to your HIIII POWER shit. and where is that CDQ track with Cole

  • Braniak

    I guess is average…..Could’ve been better.

  • V

    This jams!

  • most anticipated right now.

  • This is meh.

    Kendrick you disappoint me with this trash.

    And only groupies like every song of an artist. Disgusting.

    Listen, evaluate… then holla at me!

  • Citylivin’

    this is dope to me…i know it’s better than that “Michael Jordan” joint he did….but even that one is kinda catchy.

  • Person

    Im not a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, I mean he’s dope but I don’t see him as the savior pt. 2 like some of these dudes. But from my perspective, this is dope as fuck.


    dude got flows and this proves it.

  • west_up

    dope track why compare every song to the next true this is not as good as hiipower but overall still a good song…just my opinion tho

  • a different kinda vibe…a good feel to the joint no diggity


    Another Kendrick song with deep ass lyrics that flies over these dumb niggas heads. This guy will get Lupe’d. He’s over the mainstream fans heads, so he’ll end releasing some mainstream garbage, get super popular and people will beginning to forget that we may have been the dopest, creative out in a long ass time before he started making singles.

    Fuck you in advance teenagers.


  • Chan’SO_GQ

    despite auto tune , this a big movement. i bet everyone bites