• TuRnZ


  • franko

    Need more Emilio on this site

  • veve

    Emilio is incredibly dope

  • brutally honest

    Wow, Emilio is Hip-Hop to the bone gristle

  • C-Lo Dubai

    Gotdamn thats what Im talking about Roc City stand up. first the joint with Yelawolf now this. Respect

  • red1

    dope killer mike sounds like his been listening to j.coles verse from beatiful day “especially on your flows nigger”

  • southcakc23

    LOL @ Mike Bigga listenin to J. Cole for inspiration to get his flow game in check. Clearly there are still some individuals who need to do some listening to Killer Mike’s catalog.

    As for the record……I’m not feelin the beat…(sounds like somethin jeezy would be on) but ER and the MCEO went in lyrically. “Aint no eddie long over here, I rap for doe nigga” WOOOOOOO that boi Bigga stay drop socio-political gems even in a braggadocios record like this.

  • lunton

    Emilio is the nicest out right now. Really fucking dope emcee