Kanye West & Jay-Z Spotted In SoHo

No, that isn’t Akon, it’s his bro, Bu Thiam. And yesterday he was spotted in SoHo yesterday with Kanye and Jay-Z. Word has it, Ye and Hov are finalizing Watch The Throne in NYC which may be released in July. Let’s hope so. In April, the pair were spotted in Paris working on the project.

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  • The Word

    All homo’s Jay n Ye + Em n Royce Bruno

  • Post no billz

    Big thangs

  • RJ

    Hov shaved his head already? Doesn’t that mean the album is already done?

  • Benji

    Cannot wait for this project to come out.

  • John Macabee

    Summer Jam is gonna be epic yo.

  • Lyrykal

    All we see everyday is these 2 together like they a couple, put the music out 4 crying out loud please. Where are the hackers when u need leaks. Em n royce ain’t wasting time on their shit. Hov n ye are certainly taking an awful lot of time on it, i guess u can’t rush perfection. H.A.M came out like months ago and we haven’t heard shit from these 2, all we get is romantic trips to paris instead. Bunch of homos.

  • BlazinSkull

    ooooo wow kanye, jayz and akon look alike were spotted in soho
    i was spotted in pakistan wid bin laden at da night club

  • Person

    ^No, it wasnt. But American Gangster was.

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked


    Bad meets Evil has leaked and……………….. DAMN.

    Slight Spoiler Alert….. Em FINALLY makes a lady gaga Line…. Lol, Its Clever and Funny as hell……..

    As far as the Album as a Whole… Well, Im a Em fan so, asking me would’nt be fair. Judge for yourselfs………… BUT, I will say this tho…………. Em wanted to shit on Royce. Trust me Lol. “Friendly” Competition my ass. Royce went in tho

    Check it out before Youtube shuts it down.

    And Oh yeah.. Hurry up with the Single Jay and Ye.

  • I came here and saw a bunch of men calling other men gay! SMH I thought I only saw that on NB. Just cause they have money go travel the world to work on their album, does not equal gay! Paparazzi loves to take pics of them cause it gets hits!! (you clicked on the link lo!!l) anyways…Jay and Ye’s album is gonna be so dope…we all know that!!

  • puerto-black

    Can’t complain, Bad meets evil, Watch the thorne, Com and nas…….Black as my nigga Blu.

  • Black Shady

    no homo…but Jay-Z wearing old shirt? Remember him wearing that shirt on a pic with 50 and people saying that was a subliminal to 50 lolol

    that album aint never coming out

  • Soul_Assasin

    So how is this news again? There not holding hands, they didn’t have a feud in the past and made up by going shopping. They’re just seen together at soho… This blogsite doesn’t need to become another TMZ…

  • Lyrykal

    @bad meets evil, yo how did the slaughterhouse collab sound like? Who had the best verse?

  • Professor


    – Unfinished Business (2004) — Trash
    – Collision Course (2004) — Not hip hop
    – Kingdom Come (2006) — OK
    – American Gangster (2007) — OK
    – The Blueprint 3 (2009) — Trash

    Kanye West:

    – Graduation (2007) — OK
    – 808s & Heartbreak (2008) — Trash, not hip hop
    – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) — OK

    Watch the Throne won’t be a classic album. They don’t like RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Q-Tip. They are working with Lex Luger and Alex da Kid.

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked


    Well…. Lol, I had to save some songs for when I buy it in Two weeks. Em starts the Verse off and Spazzes on it. Nothing Special but still Dope.

    I keep hearing that Crooked I killed it on the Internet tho…

    Go check it out

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked

    Lol, Oh Nevermind… Hear it now ^^^^

  • Han Solo

    @Black Shady

    Thats an Artful Dodger shirt. Jay Z owns the company.

  • DJ


    Kingdom Come was Trash

    Blueprint 3 was Average

    Graduation was WAY BETTER than just OK

  • Lyrykal

    I know slaughterhouse are the only people who can go bar 4 bar with em, its always joey and crook 4 me. But umma check it out nonetheless

  • Han Solo

    – American Gangster (2007) — OK
    – Graduation (2007) — OK
    – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) — OK

    Lets give credit where credit is due… those are 3 of the best albums to come out in the last 5 years, by any artist in any genre. If you’re too jaded to be impressed by incredible music, thats your problem.

  • Lyrykal

    I say late registration is kanye’s best work, kingdom come was trash, B.P3 too, american gangster was bad bad bad. I know watch the throne will suck too cuz of the delay and because swizz beatz cosigned, that nigga got bad taste

  • Professor

    @ DJ @ Han Solo

    Those albums were just ok. Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, The Black Album, The College Dropout and Late Registration are amazing piece of art.

  • Sincere973

    Nas was with both Ye & Hov yesterday too…we saw them eating at Miss Lily’s last night

  • Professor


  • Han Solo

    ^How is your name “Lyrykal” if you hated American Gangster? Just curious, cuz lyrically, that album is absolutely incredible.

  • flawda

    lol at American Gangster being bad, album is easilly a 4.5 mic album. Some of ya’ll taste in music fucking sucks and even the bad Jay-z and Kanye albums aren’t bad compared to other niggas shit.

  • Han Solo


    Well, its unfortunate that u feel that way. Just as long as you’re aware that the rest of the world disagrees.

  • Sam I Am

    Whoever said Graduation was “ok” needs to re-evaluate. Graduation was a brilliant piece of work and honestly i feel thats where Kanye peaked. 808’s and BDTF werent that good IMO, but the impact that Graduation had on the world cant be ignored. American Gangster was a reawakening in Jay as well.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol…1, Blueprint, The Black Album were all classics. Kingdom Come is worst Jay-Z album ever. American Gangster was wack like 2 songs was hot. BP3 was a ok album. The College Dropout, Late registration, Graduation and MBDTF was classics with College Dropout and MBDTf being MASTERPIECES 808’s O Hartbreak was trash

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  • RedRocBoy


  • Hip Hop Fan

    Yeah Hell The Sequel did leak. Its pretty good for how fast they made it.

  • rap rappaort

    negro look just like akon..lol..
    … Best Buy went Bankrupt so they working with Apple to give away these $1,000 giftcards for ANYTHING Apple at their store!! I use 2 emails & got 2..lol http://goo.gl/CPe0B

  • Lyrykal

    @han solo american gangster is wack compared to the black album, kingdom come is hov’s worst and that album had his best sales in a week. Personally i wanna hear what watch the throne will sound like.

  • dontshootmedown

    I bet compared To bad meets evil this album will be shit.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    “gaga can quit her job at the post office, but she still a mail lady” – Eminem

  • I distrust camels

    july ? i doubt it ..

    and that hell the sequel ep ..DAMN .. very dope lyrics .. eminem is a monster

  • A Gay Nigga


    Stop talking out your ass! Only because 808s & Heartbreak isnt hip hop ..its trash? GTFO!

    Graduation was more than Ok.. Flashing lights?Cant tell me nothin?Good Morning?Big Brother?

    U dont know shit about music if u say Graduation is ok.Thats your opninon,not a fact.

  • ceaser

    and wtf does it mean if they were seen 2geda???.get sth newsworthy.

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked

    Lol hey….

    Lady gagas “Monsters” are attacking Em on Twitter. There mad about that “A Kiss” song…

    Im not going to Spoil it. Just go and Listen to it…

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  • @DJ
    Kingdome come trash ????

    It’s a vey deep album, not the best but much better than bp3
    I think KG is unappreciated and had a bad promo

    KG prelude > all BP3 songs

    I hope watch the throne will be OK



  • DJ

    I’m A Jay-Z fan, but to be honest some of his albums felt like “filler” albums (almost like how albums have filler tracks). Out of his Eleven albums he only really had 5 good ones, including 2 classics (Reasonable Doubt & Blueprint).

    Kanye Albums:

    The College dropout – Classic

    Late Registration – Classic

    Graduation – Dope

    808’s and Heartbreak – Not my style (but if had to listen to auto-tune, Kanye’s the only one that does it right)

    MBDTF – Very Good (Considering the production and emotion that went into it)

    Kanye’s not the best lyricist, but his very good with wordplay and saying witty (mostly funny) things. What seperates Kanye from the rest is he does his own production and his one of the greastest hip-hop producers of all-time.

  • Word

    @DJ I Cosign you 100%. That’s exactly how I feel also about all those albums as well

  • Don K.

    why is kanye wearing a shirt with skulls on it??? whats the point??? do they really like to spread their negativity all over the world over and over and over again??? i dont understand why you go on supporting them when they obviously chose the wrong path of life…i see most of you worshipping them like they are your gods!!!……now i begin to understand why the holy 3 books (torah, bible, quran) forbid people to put someone besides the true one god…these so called stars make you blind…wake up!!!

  • Han Solo


    “Bad” was wack compared to “Thriller”, but that doesnt make it anything less than brilliant. One album doesnt affect the quality of another. And American Gangster was lyrically much better than the Black Album, which was why I was asking about your supposed emphasis on lyrics.

  • Cemal

    shiiiiiiiiit… cosign Don K.
    tell them satan worshippers what the binnnneeezzzz iizzzzzzz boi!! hahaha

  • bob


  • Close minded

    I can’t wait. F what all those losing ass haterz above me talkin.

    Kingdom Come wasn’t great but it was a 3.5 out of 5 album.

    American Gangster was classic, the lyrics alone make it a 5 star album. Dudes above me do not know hip hop, they hate hip hop.

    BP3 is the reason why Em made Recovery, he followed Jays Blueprint. BP3 isn’t classic but dope and I give it a 4 out of 5

    Watch the Throne will be better, why you think Em releasing his stuff so quick? Cuz once WTT drop you can 4get BME. Of course Em and Royce may sell more, but WTT will be the ISSUE!

    F the haters above me and if there is gonna be haters beneath me, then screw y’all to.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @Don K shut yo dick head ass up everybody know you a Jew. does yo mother even allow you to listen hip-hop

  • Em and Royce make classic music. But so does Jay and Ye when inspired! Slaughterhouse is the powerhouse tho!

  • Pete boii

    all the gaga pop fans are bitchin bout em diss here in the a kiss song its funny as hell

  • cece

    while jay z ugly ass taking walks in new york with kanye. beyonce is in uk for 3weeks with juluis hmmmmmm lol not started trouble. i hope they had fun lmao

  • get bucks

    BP2 the only DUD in Jigga Catalog.

    Kanye has 0 DUDS.

    Knock it the fuck off!!!

  • Don K.

    hey jimmy, no im muslim who tolerates and respects every other religion because we all believe in one and the same god! and thank you very much that you show the people that you are anti-semitic…does your mother even know what you are doing here?…im sure she would be proud of you……and why you so mad? why are you protecting these “stars” who never gave a shit about you? who never did anything for you? everything what they do is caring for themselves…im not mad at you cause i was on the same wrong way like you…its not the right way believe me…the devil knows very well how to pull others on his side and make them ignorant……think about it……and please go on attacking me, it doesnt matter, my soul is too strong for such childish actions…peace!

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    @donk Shut up and let me get back hunting Nicki minaj Pink Friday!

  • Donn

    @Don K Shut the fuck I agree with everything Jimmy say, he my fucking Idol. yall niggas gotta get this classic Bow Wow and Omarion most slept on album

  • cece

    jay z and kanye is soooooooooooooo ugly, espically joe camel but, akon can get it. (chocolate)

  • Hip-Hop Fan

    @JIMMY, THE CREATOR retired from rap rader….damn that nigga was funny… He had us talking back to him…R.IP Jimmy, The Creator

  • 106

    Dude are you kidden??? American Gangsta only had one bad song Hello Brooklyn. Jay has no filler albums in his catalog.You must’ve hit your fucking head. BP 3 was 4 mics easily best album out in the last 3 years since American Gangsta. If you want I’m ready to go album for album song for song. Kingdom Come was his worst album and it was still good by hip hop standards.

  • Real Deal

    Whoever called American Gangster wack doesn’t deserve to have a radio, ipod, basically any device that plays music. Some of Jay’s albums maybe have been underwhelming (Dynasty, Kingdom Come) but none of them have been wack. People just think Kindgom Come is wack because he went out strong with The Black album. All of Jay Z’s and Kanye’s albums > anything lil wayne has ever made/all of Eminem’s albums after The Eminem Show

  • mikey

    @Close minded i co-sign 100%. with every thing you said..glad to see someone is smart on here, and for the ppl that say BP3 was wack, well, every single that came from that album got a grammy (D.O.A, run this town, Empire state of mind, on to the next one)=GRAMMYS. i rest my case… ps cant wait for WTT to shut the year down…

  • slimshady

    Co-sign @real deal 1000000000000%. It’s funny how everyone hatin on Jay and Ye. Kanye’s easily the most consistent rapper of all time.

  • Chris

    I’ve lost interest in this project. Should have dropped in the 1st quarter

  • WestCoast

    Bad Meet Evil = Fire
    kanye and jay can’t fuck with Lyrics Machine (Shady+Royce+Crook’id+….)

  • Devastation Inc.

    That’s me behind them with a demo.

  • Lol?

    Overrated couple?

  • 12reps

    look at that akon-looking motherfucker lol

  • cece

    jay z is ugly as hell smh

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