Lloyd Banks Brings Out Juelz In CT

During yesterday’s Hot 93.7′s Hot Jam 10 in Hartford, CT, Banko brought out Juelz for “Beamers, Benz & Bentley”. Expect the dynamic duo to rip the stage tomorrow during Hot 97’s Summer Jam.


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  • The Word

    Go Banks u da best from the Unit

  • “Bad meets Evil”…… Has Leaked


    Bad meets Evil has leaked and……………….. DAMN.

    Slight Spoiler Alert….. Em FINALLY makes a lady gaga Line…. Lol, Its Clever and Funny as hell……..

    As far as the Album as a Whole… Well, Im a Em fan so, asking me would’nt be fair. Judge for yourselfs………… BUT, I will say this tho…………. Em wanted to shit on Royce. Trust me Lol. “Friendly” Competition my ass. Royce went in tho

    Check it out before Youtube shuts it down.

  • Black Shady

    BANKS!!!!!!!! wish that nigga was signed to Shady Records. So much talent

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Hell yea Banks should sign with Shady Records

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  • basedgodfuckedyourbitch

    you know what Banks on Shady would be a good idea & look

    he def deserves the spot more than wack ass/industry gimick yelawolf.

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Bank dick feel good ass!

  • Belize


  • Mystogan

    hi all we are a group of rappers from the UK and would liek to hear about what you think of our freestyle, thanks!

  • Mystogan

    heres teh video for the freestyle, thanks!