New Video: Kanye West Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver “Monster”

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Don’t get scared now. Here’s what looks like a rough cut of Kanye’s latest visual masterpiece. Monstrous cinematography. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in stores now.

UPDATE: Final Edit via Kanye West.

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  • kp

    doppe vide

  • kp


  • not fucking around


  • Yooo

    why is the sound so shitty

  • me too

    lol…..Best thing is nicky’s ass shot…video is ass tho

  • dontcare

    Failed.quality of the vid and sound was terrible


  • DSZ


  • femi


  • Freddy Long

    I found it to dope…Can’t satisfy everybody…

  • NeverMind

    The video is good.

    On another note,I just read a tweet from Swizz Beatz,he says he is working on a new song for Lil Wayne feat Eminem and Jay Z for The CarterIV ! That should be dope

  • RC

    This video is weirder than shit.


  • Cold Blood




  • Mobi

    The video is leaked

  • killakev92

    i dont think its done
    it had watermark nd shit

  • not fucking around

    @nevermind memba wen swizz said he had songs on relapse, he said he did stan 2 wit em b4 the wayne rumors, swizz sucks and is full of shit

  • Van

    Did that shit say Getty Images? Stock cinematography fail.

    This is obviously not the final cut but, it’s also obvious that nikki steals the show…again.

    @not fucking around: This is not hip hop, this is straight pop music. it is what it is. You want hip hop check Roc Marciano, or anyone that you can sill count on for uncut hip hop music. These niggas in this video are trying to be Micheal Jackson but lack the conviction to completely change themselves into white women. Hey, can’t knock the hustle; even when the hustle includes cannibalism, misogyny, and necrophilia.

  • wow

    nicki minaj yum just yum =-)

  • not fucking around

    o then em came out and said he NEVER recorded a stan 2 ar even had nNEVER worked with swizz, fuck swizz unless its at least 10 yrs old

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  • j blaze

    wtf!! why i gotta watch it on youtube??…I thought u guys were done leaking shit…SMH

  • KennyD


  • u dont got to think to see this isnt done, and it really must suck to see unfinished pieces of art put otu there then promoted. I can understand previews but ffs a full length dark fucked up sound music video :/

  • villain

    its unfinished u post this but u dont post the em dre song lol elliot u pussy

  • RC


    Cosign, homie. Very well stated.

  • fuk waka

    ok ye gonna be MADDDDDDDDD for the leakd unfinished video lol
    this reminds me of EMs 3am video…

  • This should of been out before Halloween. I like them hanging Taylor Swift in the beginning.

  • Able Danger

    Now wait a goddamn minute, where are the rented sports cars, the bling, the endless bottles of bubbly the dancing girls? GTFOH don’t be afraid to be different…

  • Finally a video worth watching, even though it is a rough cut — tired of the same concept for every video — Ye is in top form right now — wanted Jay-Z to be out of his element though, he was just standing there — bloody shirt, a cleaver in his hand, something…

  • smokeyou

    sick. this reminds me of a mainstream horrocore video. definitely liking nicki’s part the most.

  • Jersey

    would’ve been Hot….last summer… yawn

  • meTHATSwho

    Yo this video was DOPE! I digg the creativity so lacking in hip hop today… no chains.. no blunts.. no cars… I LOVED IT

  • Black Shady

    hot song

    wack ass video…wtf lol



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  • Filir

    0:57 Girl blinks!


    ITS the unfinished version



    YE 4 PRESIDENT 2020

  • officalrocgurl

    I thought with all the excitment around the video that it would be better … nice try


    damn kayne killed that.. he really takin this twisted shit serious.. that part when he holdin the white page head.. that shit was raw lol.. he nice man..

  • Chris

    @no fucking around … um Swizz never said he was ON Relapse 2. He said he made a beat that SOUNDED like a Stan Pt. 2 and sent it to Em. Em never recorded it. So that beat ended up being used by Lil Wayne. it’s not out yet. So yeah, Swizz only said it was a perfect beat for Em and sounded like it could be called Stan Pt. 2. that’s all.

  • raw rap

    ºthe “dead” bitch between kanye and the other bitch blinked

    ºkanye your mouth it´s not something that i wanna see so fuckin´ close back off smh

    ºit´s kinda whack this shit … or maybe it´s just art and i´m just a hater ..right stans ?

  • Markoni

    Em did the same video last year.. it’s called 3 AM. this one ain’t bad either

  • Word

    @raw rap

    Yup, if you dont like this shit its just because its Kanyes “art” and your too stupid to understand it, therefore your a hater. Thats how the Ye stans treat people who dont like Kanye. They get butt hurt in a hot ass second.

    Anyway, video is ass. Imma wait for the finished and polished version. Who leaks unfinished music videos thats gay.

  • Bangers N Mash

    This is whack. It’s like they took 3 AM by Eminem and just made it shitty.

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  • ugh…wtf is going on!!! this is not hip hop!! this is straight trash!!! i hate this video with a sincere passion!!! it creeps me out!!! Wtf is happening to hip hop!! i used to love her like common said but now ole girl is changin!! ugh this is terrible!! what happened to hip hop!! i miss tha old days this new stuff….kinna hard for you to say “i don’t worship thaa devil now!!” i’m freakin done wit hip hop call me when everybody gets thier senses back!! this is terrible!!

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  • Belize

    So wack. It’s amazing how good artists can work with a bad artist and a potentially good song becomes absolute utter garbage, Sorry ‘Ye & Jay.

  • who

    @rapradar C’MON MAN —why u gonna post a leaked video. seeing the final product is worth the wait

  • @KILLIN’ Me… Don’t listen then. Listen to the old school hip hop that you love.. This is the new shit that is on a whole other level artistically. Why hate. What’s this about devil worship?? And if it’s not hip hop like you say, then why are you saying it’s changing? You try to confuse lol

  • Ben


  • Micke

    Wack song, ok video.
    I hate the fact that nicky is doin it Em/Shady style..
    Where did she get her influences from ? Huh..
    Wack ass bitch.

    Yeah, you can hate on me now.

  • Devil


    They’re trying to copy Eminem’s style. But guess what? he does it waaaaaaaaay BETTER!

  • Drazen

    that’s some fucked up shit. jayz had a good verse tho

  • Belize

    Okay, after actually watching the video, my opinion hasn’t changed. It maybe wouldn’t’ve been that bad if they’d kicked Onika & the po-po out…And maybe if this had come out 10 years ago (i know, kanye wasn’t signed yet) Em could’ve been on it. Speaking of, why’d they have to copy 3 a.m.? That’s 10x the song this will ever be. Kanye-not so bad. Ross- did he even do anything?? Bon Iver-who?? Jay- not really his type, he looked uncomfortable and was a lil awkward. Barbara-what the fuck? Does she enjoy making herself look like a total moron? We all know she can’t act/move that booty for shit (prolly cuz the pad too heavy) and it was just horrible. Hope they at least cut her out the video when the final version come out.
    About the whole Swizz/Em thing: It’s all about relevance you dumbfucks. Em worked with Onika (swizz beat) only to stay relevant. Swizz bitchin about makin a song for Em only to stay relevant. He know he’s wack–he just trying to have a name for himself in music. That’s all.
    Overall, big waste of time for everybody.

  • Chan

    Possibly the coolest video EVER! I wouldn’t mind getting a lap dance from Nicki either.

  • reallyb

    shit is wack

  • LOKO

    Cosign @who. Why the fuck would RR post an unfinished video when yall preach all the time about not posting leaks and other shit. If you gonna post a leaked video then post a leaked song too shit.

    @Belize. You say Em worked with Nicki to stay relevant? That make sense to you? You sure its not the other way around? Imean, I just wouldnt understand why the top selling artist of the year would need Nicki to be relevant. Im sure you mean Nicki worked with Em to be relevant….right?

  • obviously

    “rap fans”…esp the frequenters to this site are wack. rap is the only genre that tries to break down artists, fans, and products. it’s like modern day slave self-hatred. ok, now you can go back to jerking off to girls that wouldn’t talk to you in a million years.

  • K-Lam

    Hey who’s head that new eminem tribute to proof? literally the saddest fuckin’ song I’ve heard…

  • Nigga’s on here are mad confused. She “ONLY” stole the show in the video. Not the song, assholes. Her verse in here sucks.

  • Word


    Damn right it is. But its also really good, I would rather him put that song on the album as a bonus track at least or something. Or not even leak the song at all, that shit was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too personal. I think Em stashed that for a reason.

  • justmyopinion

    Wow that was horrible.

  • justmyopinion

    On second thought average rap group last/relevant about 5 yrs (think Ruff Ryders, Rocafella, Defsquad) so, this whole Young Money thang will be history in 3 1/2. Am tired of the gimmicky bubble gum rap. *awaits detox*

  • Itz Yourz

    ok…I like the video…but Im confused with half you ppl on here.

    The song is called monster right? Please tell me where does this anit hip hop come from? I mean are they suppose to be around a burning garbage can with backpacks on, headphones to there walkmans on top of their skully, beef patty looking tims on(beat the fuk down), with a chew stick in there mouth rapping about a monster? What would of made this songs video hip hop? Really? Come on ….its just a fucking video. I think it fit the concept of the song. He may get a a lil backlash with all the dead whitegirls AFTER the finish product.

    And for fuck sakes…I know this is an eminem site but does everything got to orginate with dude? Its to the point yall gona start comparing his shit w/others…”Cmon son eminem been took a better shit then them niggas…I seen the toilet bowl duke, he destroyed that motherfucker…his shit was way better, way bigger, better form, way browner then a Brown person shit son…he got the shit game on lock dog”….roflmao

    And Ms. Minaj “dont shake your sassy ass in front of me” you’ll get yourself in trouble like this that.

  • K-Lam

    @ Word

    When do you think that was made?

    Because I want to say it was after Relapse….but it also sounds like some 2008 shit, like right around the time Eminem made Beautiful…or Idk but at certain parts its slurred so I can’t tell if he’s trying to refrain from crying or if he’s doped up on meds.

    I also would of preferred this song over “You’re Never Over.”

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  • i said YERR

    who cares … eminem leaks > this crap

  • WUDidDup

    wow thts terrible.. heres real music…..

  • PrincePolo

    i watched this video just because of nickis ass . fucking illuminati video .
    @rapradar wth ??? why didin’t you post syllables track ? and why didin’t you post eminem ft dr.dre and NAS – topless song ? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! man , rapradar is my fav website , but you getting like rapbasement ….. smh

  • PrincePolo

    funny thing that post the rummors about syllables track and when it was actualy released , he didn’t post it . WTF again . i know that track is from 2007 or something , but it was never released before . so WTF

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  • Belize

    @LOKO: I see where you’re coming from bruh. That makes sense. My reasoning though is that Em is trying to expand his audience maybe. People (that l know at least) who like Em generally like old school, emcee-ish rap, and people (again, that I know) who like Cash Money n everything like pop-ish type of music. Also, Em (bein who he is) wants mostly everyone to like him and see he’s not the 2000 controversial Slim Shady-type artist anymore. It’s a bit hard to explain, but he’s just trying to keep himself in the news, aside from controversial news and record sales and stuff. WHy else would he work with Rihanna, Small Gayne & Barbara Maraj? I think he’s just tryin to be open-minded and get more fans or something. Also since all his songs pretty much sound the same nowadays, and some find his stage presence and socially-awkwardness lame and annoying, havng someone else on stage will help. Also maybe he’s trying to regain his fans back? (I don’t know about this one, but maybe that’s going thru his head). Onika just trying to make a name for herself outside of porn I guess.

  • Belize


    Hey bruh, where’d you find that?? Also Em said he wrote the first verse and a half of Beautiful while waiting in rehab or somethin…but where’d you find it, does it have a title or a link to a video or something????

  • K-Lam

    @ Belize

    Look it up on youtube

    its called “Difficult”

  • BBoggz

    Is that difficult song new? That shit was dope. Im not a big fan of syllibales song, Jay z doesnt deserve to be on the same track as em.

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  • Belize

    @K-Lam: Oh, okay thanks. imo it maybe sounds like it’s from 2006 (or maybe 2007) cuz it does sound insanely personal and raw, and he did say he was still kinda shocked and mentioned the grieving process once. I co-sign it prolly wasn’t supposed to be released, and maybe it’s just me but it almost sounds like he crying (maybe the pausing in the hook was supposed to sound like that to prove no words could describe how hard it was, or to hear the piano & the beat or something?) And sorry to say, he sounds a bit drugged, but I can’t be sure. Damn though. :/

  • Donn


    Awesome video. And can’t wait to see the final version. That seen when had the head in his hands was ill and the fashion is off the chain. Giseppe heels, Marc Jacobs suits, Alexander Mcqueen, y’all have no idea what level Kanye is taking hiphop. If you don’t research the artwork and fashion you just won’t understand. Miraculous stuff
    I don’t expect anyone to like it if you don’t even know what a Giseppe heel is lol

  • WUDidDup

    syllables 05-06 but jus released difficult 07-08 jus releasd cocaine suppose to b on relapse 2 so late 08 same with i need a doctor and the snippet of fly away all were suppose to be on relapse 2 dont kno bout tht nas beat em was spitting dres lines idk if hes even on the song but some dud used to work for shady records nd stole ems hidden music and is releasing all this shit that space ship noise u hear on difficult nd i need a dr is the dudes trade mark he says hes got beats from 2000 up till relapse hes all over twitter nd supposbly hes in south africa somewher crazy shit

  • DaMic Newszine

    Just pause the video when Nickie is on her knee’s wit that azz in the air!!!! *NUFF SAID*


    Necrophilia huh?…..*shrug* Go Yeezy……?

  • sway-z

    Hov’s my nigga, I was on that shit since ’96, a true fan, and I believe all around he’s the best to ever do it, speaking straight artistically.


    C’MON SON!! He could have at least played along, ‘Ye doing his weird shit, Nicki’s part was kind of dope with both her versions, but Jay’s just standing there? Lol, they already believe you on some secret society shit, might as well play wit the concept, fuck it!

  • bgirl


  • Bob

    5:14 to 5:15 you see a tit

  • mrbabyhands

    why doesnt someone just replace that audio track with a good one? lazy mofos. i would do it but someone else shoulda done it by now lol

  • f-ucking retarded

  • freedom

    ??? RapRadar fails for leaking shitty-looking leaked music videos to get hits. Come on my dudes, quality control

  • KDD

    Nici’s part was gr8! Jay-Z & Rick Ross could’ve been more creative. Kanye was Kanye…nothing negative to say about him for a change

  • Evanflo

    I like how they gave that fat motherfucker 4 bars, hahaha and Jay need to step his game up. its 2011 time to bring it back.

  • Bryce Ayyy

    It’s ill. Could have added a little more dementedness into Jay-Z and Nicki’s part.

    But overall…I like the vid. Kanye went all the way with the insanity/House of Horrors type deal. I feel this. I don’t get why others don’t like it but ehh…shit ain’t for everybody. I stay bumping this track though.

  • get it right

    for some reason i feel as if kanye deserves to get his ass whooped. vid was kinda demonic but i guess it’s kanye…

  • fail

  • WUDidDup

    the realest shit ever written ^

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Nothing short of amazing!!! Damn. Nicki giving Nicki lap dance…yeah don’t get too much better.

  • This go hard

  • Nickis ass shot gave me a stiff shot

  • Later

    Why would you re-use this post you idiot?

    Dope video. Art at it’s finest. Kanye^

  • James

    No Video


    $WonDough$ is a MuthaFuckin Monsta

  • Sam I Am

    This should have gotten its own post honestly

  • wouzi


  • YOUR pusha

    interesting video, took their time finishing it tho


    the comments that will come in about this updated post are already a great experiment in misunderstanding

  • Nasty

    Only took 6 months for final version to come out, not bad.

  • showp

  • showp

    the video here

  • Jimmy, The Creator

    Drake murder kanye nas and jay. he is the bet rapper alive

  • Belize

    @K-LAM you still a bich ass nigg you know I don’t know shit about hip-hop. I tried to get Nicki to sign my Pink Friday cd but she laugh at my ass so fuck. Nicki made Em rlevant

  • Ummmm

    6 months later wow lol

  • Marshall


  • Black Shady


  • omag5

    whoever posting this link from rap radar is stupid, if you wanna c the real version go to

  • I seen this months ago on Worldstar. Shit is old.

  • James

    I had to cut it off at the close up of Kanye’s mouth,,,,grossed me the fuck out.

  • Braniak

    favorite part @ 5:00
    still fuckin’ with the best.

  • TDF

    if you want to see the full video go to rap radar is on some bullshit

  • Later

    For everyone who has been saying they saw this months ago, this is obviously the final version, idiots.

  • Jinx

    Claim you a monster but y’all ain’t growling

  • dll32

    track sucks + video sucks

  • Yomster

    Its way too late to drop a video for this track. This was one of the first G.O.O.D Friday tracks, everybody has already heard it, played it out and retired it by now.

  • GB

    Cool video I guess, but this song is by far the weakest on the album. Weak hook, weak verse from Jay, and Nicki Minaj is just terrible in general. Couldn’t we have a full vid for Devil in a New Dress instead?

  • Ashin Kusher

    What’s with the 3am connection? I don’t see people commenting on other music videos, “hey, look at the cars, money, women, alcohol and more money in that video. They’ve straight copied such and such”
    Anyway, I’m just glad to see something different. This and the ‘she’ video are the best I’ve seen in a long time. Kanye would make good cinematography.

  • J

    did yall not see the update… the new version is on his website

  • whitle milke

    why is ever1 complaining? no this is not str8 hip hop. like van said if you’re looking for str8 hip hop search out those type of artists… most r not mainstream but some are (Nas for ex.). imo this is just music and how is it that they’re trying to be white just bc they arent making “real” hip hop? maybe they loved mj’s music just as much if not more than say erib b n rakim.. we all should know to expect the unexpected from kanye by now. im not referring to those that dont like the vid but to those that are complaining about the actual music. no its not hip hop, its a mixture of genres including hip hop. n nikki KILLED it! outta there vid tho..

  • cece

    why is everyone coming at jay did ya”ll forget his married, while would he touch those women if his wife will see this. he did his verse and part respectful, didn’t have to have a bunch hoes around him to feel cool. good job jay way to be mature, atleast now i don’t have to dragg him 🙂

  • RB

    good shit, kanye always on it when it comes to the visuals

  • …..

    new? leaked? I seen this video atleast 6mnths or longer ago….exactly how it is in this post…this video has been out or been leaked

  • zp

    hip hop isnt what it was but evrything changes nothing stays the same and nothing ever will until the end of time keep pushin boundaries kanye west, ive heard way worse than this