Wiz Khalifa At The Roots Picnic

The Roots’ fourth annual picnic went down yesterday in Philadelphia. Wiz was on the bill and even brought out hometown heroes Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and the Young Gunz. Hopefully footage of that arrives shortly.

Sidebar: Mel D. Cole event flicks

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  • Jimmy, The Creator


  • youngjannetti

    i was there, shit was epic…hope somebody uploads that footage of ol boy
    gettin knocked the f out lmao

  • IT’S THE ROC! I lost my shit when he brought them out

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  • Donn

    I wish Jimmy, The Creator didn’t retire from making comments on rap radar. but don’t worry I will be here everyday 24/7 posting comments cuz I have no life. I will also be using Jimmy, The Creator name so it dosen’t look like I’m on here all day

  • Mystogan

    hi all, we are a group of rappers from the UK and would like you to watch some our video. its a little freestyle we done

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  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Why you got a problem brotherman, spam manaids eatin crakers

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  • MsCocoaV

    The Roots Picnic was off the chain. Iwas unbelievable. Bad food, overpriced drinks, lots of weed and incredible music. The Roots, Nas and Wiz was killin’ it! Lot’s of cameo appearances by my Philly favs Beanie Segal and Freeway! I’m still recovering…