Lil Wayne x Drake Featured In FIFA 12 Promo

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Today marked the start of the 2011 E3 Expo in Los Angeles. One of the companies that held a conference was EA (Electronic Arts) and one of the games they presented was the new FIFA 12 which included cameos from Mr. Carter & Drizzy.

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  • bumpy johnson

    pro evolution soccer all the way ……………….. fifa is wack ………..

  • I saw them and I was like the fuck?

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  • screwface

    Ok Drake maybe I can see on the futbol tip but Lil Wayne GTFHO if he can name me 4 teams outside of Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid & Barca and at least 10 players minimum then maaaayyybe i’ll even entertain the idea

  • Ya Boy G

    lol the point aint for him to know international soccer, point is for international soccer fans to buy the game. and to draw more ppl. dur dur

  • Gond

    Fifa all the way, man. I used to be a PES fan, however I lost all my respect to the franchise as well as Konami. Anyways, wouldn’t it be great if Lil Wayne and Drake were featured as downloadable bonus players in the game (Irrelevant but bear with the idea lol)

  • Tiffany

    Wayne has a small as dick trust me ladies trust me on this one

  • me

    fifa sucks..pes did for a while too
    but PES 2011 is damn good

    this is wack

    Drake : ‘sometimes i play a game before i head to the studio just to stimulate the mind’ YEAH FUCKING RIGHT THATS SOME BULLSHIT

  • candice

    Go canucks go!!!

    Boston suck booo!!!!

    Boston bruins > lil wayne

  • screwface

    @Ya Boy G

    smdh *stares again at the comment* smdh that’s like a virgin endorsing condoms or a nikka promoting a book and he can’t read…”the point aint for him to know how to read the point is for literate people to buy the book.”<–(from someone who can't read) If you don't know anything about the game, rules, players ect… how am I going to know if the gameplay is on point? Someone get Messi and Drogba on the line

  • Word

    That was actually pretty cool. But imma stick with Basketball and Football. NBA2K is my shit. And Madden may actually be worth my money this year

  • I could believe Drake watching and playing Soccer, but lil Wayne, sorry that’s a lil hard to see….IDK,Maybe

  • Bx Slime

    Dope video I never knew Drake and Weezy liked soccer, FIFA is the shit.

  • T.O.S

    stupid americans calling it soccer lol most watched sports game in the world FACT football

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    i like fifa that shit is nice to play looks easy but it takes skills and once u start playing its fun…drake and lil Wayne must have seen a nice check from this commercial

  • Money mitch


    Stfu name on SOCCER player that could handle
    Himself in a fight against ray lewis..I’ll wait bunch of little pansys prancing around

  • Ya Boy G

    lol we talking bout a game not sex or ppl who cant read. how many ppl know everything about a sport? how many ppl get introduced to a sport by picking up the sticks and playing for the first time. the shit is designed to sell. not prove how much he knows about futbol or fifa. and who is to say its stupid for a virgin to push condoms? they know jst as well as anyone else safe sex is a must this day and age. how bout ppl who havent had the education to be able to read but still have a story to get out to the world? u wouldnt buy it cuz he cant read?

  • Gibzen

    why is Ole putting on an American accent.

  • Jamie

    Man fvck the hater! Im american and i love football aka soccer! And yes lil wayne know alot about different sports. He even talk about it two years ago now what! Lol anyway i will pick me up a copy for the ps3!

    M.U.F.C TILL I DIE …… 19…..

  • Ashin Kusher

    @Money Mitch, that might be the dumbest fucking question I’ve seen on this site. What does knocking somebody out have to do with soccer being the most watched sport in the world. Dumbass.

  • Devil

    lmao WTF does Lil Wayne or Drake know about FOOTBALL (not soccer)?

  • SmokinAces

    Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne knew a lot about soccer because the dude is a sports addict. Even if he doesn’t watch it religiously, so what. If Kim K can endorse fucking Sketchers then Wayne can endorse a video game he probably does play. I mean, I’m not a religious soccer watcher, but I’ll rock with some FIFA in a min.

  • Money mitch

    My point Is most watched or not shits weak, there’s more Chinese than anything else and they are genetically inferior people