Lupe Fiasco x Trey Songz At MTV Movie Awards

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The 2011 MTV Movie Awards went down last night in Los Angeles. Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz were on the bill and performed their duet “Out Of My Head” for the first time together.

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  • veesky

    Least favorite collabo off of “Lasers”? Obviously one of the tracks Atlantic forced on him

  • Kevin Simmons

    Hey Lupe my favorite track is from way back like Catch Me I’m Ballin from the NBA 2K7 soundtrack

  • king sonstatus

    dope performance

  • dll32

    the background singer sucked !! lupe sounded dope

  • protoman

    least fav? w/ all those terrible mdma hooks?

  • It’s funny that the two main records on LASERS people think are the label-forced ones, are not even close.

    Lupe was in an interview and talked about how he personally tracked out this song, and reached out to Trey to collaborate on it. The same thing for “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now”, a song he decided to do when being influenced by the huge crowds in Europe and that scene over there. The “label-forced” records were “The Show Goes On” and “Words I Never Said”, records that he made into incredible songs, still with a classic Lupe touch. I really wish people would get their facts straight.

    As for the song, it’s great, from a marketing standpoint, and just a song in general. People act like rappers who actually rap about something aren’t allowed to make songs about women, but you’ll “Swag” and “Woo” all day with Lil B while he titled his album “I’m Gay”.