• Peter Pankey Jr.

    I refuse to wear Reeboks. THEY ARE NOT BACK #REEBOKDEAD

    o yea



  • Converse

    Nah I prefer coke white forces/addias over reebok anyday

  • Black Shady

    “Reebok? baby you need to try some new things”

  • I use to rock Reeboks. Now I stay rockin True Religions, Levi’s or Chucks. But if Reebok came out with something along those lines I’d rock em. i don’t discriminate.

  • #ReebokWack

  • Jaymalls

    ^^^Judging by that statement…. i cant tell u have no style what so ever…. lol! Ohh… n ur name doesnt help either!

  • Ahhhh, THAT’S why Weezy was wearing the Reebok snapback @ Summer Jam. I knew there had to be a reason. No one just wears Reebok sh*t cuz they think it’s cool.

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  • daiurs dar

    [email protected] they guy @converse who said cokewhite airforces you down south nigga need to quit weaqring jean shorts and shit

  • martin


  • I’m Just Me

    rick ross is 35

  • fuk waka

    wud neva buy anything in reebok eva again just coz this fat fake motherfucka is promoting it!!

  • whatever

    @I’m Just Me

    I’m 18 and I don’t see your point. What does his age have to do with this? Are you perhaps embarrassed of your age?

  • ceaser

    kill ur self if u dont like reebok.nuf said.

  • Jovi

    That Reebok varsity swizz is rocking is nice but most likely its a one of one. Reebok got a lot of work to do if they think they can open the lane with a celebrity endorsement. For one they product besides the classics aint saying nada. Good luck with this one!

  • Belize

    swizz. got no sense of style.

  • reverb

    call me crazy but as far as the hiphop scene and fashion, i think the days of people buying into a brand just becuase a celeb has it on are gone. The clothing industry is way more free spirited now, brand is not really a reflection of being cool, or having a hard outfit as much is it did in the past.

  • hardwaysyd

    Sis Beats!!! f***kin poser!

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