The Roots Releasing Orchestral Album

Coming off the success of last year’s release, The Roots plan to keep the concept LPs going by dropping one based on orchestrated melodies. So far, two sketch pieces have already been completed and ?uest and Black Thought tell Billboard what we can expect.

This is going to be our first full-fledged narrative concept album. It’s a one-word title that’s spelled incorrectly…what a way to tease you, right? It’s going to be heavy on sort of orchestral chamber music with harder beats in it.

Black Thought added that conceptually, the album will stem from the “same idea” as “How I Got Over,” but “kind of flipped. Instead of from dark to light, it’s an album that goes from light to dark,” he explained. 

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is gonna be nice cant wait to hear.

  • Caseyjonesing

    Hell Ya!

  • Tay Tay

    Now THIS that high-end rap music.

  • Cold Blood

    THE ROOTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LIL WAYNE, DRAKE, NICKI MINAJ, GUCCI MANE, WAKA FLOCKA, DJ KHALED, RICK ROSS, SOULJA BOY…


  • GB

    Can’t wait to hear this one. Roots never disappoint.

  • Mischief

    Sounds cool. Respect any thing these guys do.

  • Sam I Am

    I love the Roots. I respect the Roots. But I hope they realize that the last album success was because of John Legend. Dunno why but the Roots aren’t marketable. They have the material, but they need better marketing.

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  • Kareem

    @Sam I Am

    The Roots are performing on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” every weeknight, throughout the year, on network television (NBC). They’re almost 20 years in the game. Fuck “marketability”. Their spot is already etched in the game. They don’t need any marketing schemes or cosigns. They have a steady, consistent fan-base that allows them to do, at the very least, 40,000 first week on every record they release.

  • @Sam I Am

    The Roots would lose an enormous chunk of what makes them so incredible if they started trying to be marketable. They make great, genre-less, artistic music exactly the way they want to make it. Are they gonna outsell Lady Gaga? Hell no, never. Am I gonna be playing their music for my grandchildren? Yea man.

  • Sam I Am


    not disputing the facts you brought up, but tell me this: why does being marketable mean its equivalent to “selling out” or having a gimmick? You can be marketable and still have excellent work. Radiohead. Marketable. They said they were coming out with an album three or four days before the album came out. Still sold a lot. Still had great work. “in Rainbows” they put that album out before the last one at a price the fans could determine and still went multiplatinum. Wouldnt you want the Roots to have the same success?

  • Qua?

    ^”King of Limbs” sold 60k first week, “How I Got Over” did 55k

  • Sam I Am


    60k first week and still selling

  • Qua?

    And HIGO was what? Pulled from stores?

  • Sam I Am


    How i got over had marketing and still got outshined. my point is that if you’re a marketable artist, you can accomplish a lot. and just because someone is marketable, that doesnt mean they are commercial or gimmicky

  • Qua?

    And my point is that compared to your example, the Roots have accomplished exactly what you wanted for them. And in a day and age where even Thom Yorke cant sell albums, groups need to expand their horizons in creative new ways. Radiohead started the online album trend, whereas the Roots got themselves a long-term TV gig, complete with everyday royalties (Here I Come is the show’s theme song).

    At the end of the day, every artist in this conversation is living comfortably and making the music that they want to make. If thats not enough for u, it really doesnt matter, because its obviously enough for them.

  • Sam I Am


    And im telling you from my first comment above, they need better marketing. There is a difference between comfortable and excellence. I didnt question their material. If them being complacent is good enough for them, then fine. more power to em. You’re missing my point.

  • Qua?

    And youre missing mine… completely. Probably means its time to move on.

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