• O.G

    This is gonna be wack for any real trae fans, all the new guys will love it, but it seems that his going after the new generation of fans and has forgot about his true fans who have been with him for years….

  • lil peet

    that inkredible remix…… MY, I’VE NEVER HEARD A TRACK LIKE IT…. SHIT IS TOO SICK

  • IIG

    I just wish that there wasn’t features on almost every song. I’m still picking it up though.

  • Agent J


  • wickwickwack

    i thought he was cool again with RO …why he aint on there ?

  • Devante

    Oh you aint get the memo? 18 track albums are dead.

  • TA

    @wickwickwack saw in an interview with z-ro that they are cool but just aint doing music together right now.
    prolly cuz trae’s music leanin towards the mainstream side now, just speculating though

  • dugee f buller

    this nigga dont got 1 zro track..FUCK THIS CD!

  • trill

    quit di*k blowin zro is wack as fu#k thats why dont nobody know who he is im glad he aint got no tracks on there with em hes makin cold as music with dope lyrics you just cant deny thats why big time artist been workin withem now quit hatin zro aint never gonna get the chance to work with them people cuz his lyrics trash i guess you just wnna hear some fake ass singin about sippin drank just listen to his shit aint one song that dont and lyrics trash trae too hard to stay local like ro s trash ass.

  • g

    i agree zro is garbage you cant put him on the level with the coldest artist hes just local

  • The man

    Trill learn how to speak English and then come back and try that post again. Holy fuck that was the longest sentence I’ve ever seen in my life. Z-Ro puts Trae to shame. Its too bad Trae didn’t do one track with him because he didnt want him to outshine him again.

  • louisianimal

    OMFG! “theze niggaz” say Ro aint cold, (smmfh). BITCH! iz yall fuckin def, dumb, wit one thumb????????????? My nigga,, if it wuznt for Ro, nigga wudnt kno who da fuck trae iz. beeta go get dat Look What You Did To Me (his first cd). whoahhh.. like i really feel played, dis my first time eva hearin a nigga say, Z-Ro trash. whea u frm my nigga? dnt say dat shit too loud, “make a real nigga bat da piss outcha” (..in soulja slim voice). say roun,trae gone broke payin fu verses. man fuck dem niggaz Ro, cum do a show in da Flatz.


    @trill obviously you don’t know your history in the rap game! Z-Ro started off with the legendary Screwed Up Click (do you know what that is?) Z-Ro started off in the rap game then he brought his cousin Trae in! They both are beasts are the mic and drop tracks that alot of people can relate to from their struggle in life! If you actually listen to his lyrics he is ONE of the REALEST!!! He aint known? nigga you trippin!! haha! He speaks the truth on the mic and radio wont play bcuz they want all that lil wayne and drake bs!! Step your muzik game up nigga!!!