New Music: The-Dream “Body Work/Fuck My Brains Out”

Who’s retiring? Not Milian’s ex-hubby. Terius drops off two tracks off his upcoming set starting off with a slow groove then segues into a raunchy uptempo track (5:03 mark). Both written and produced by the man himself. Love, IV (Diary Of A Mad Man) coming soon. #DefJamBack

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  • WOW

    Perfect pic description lol

  • Word

    Didnt this guy rant about ppl leaking his music and said he would retire after his last one?


    both songs are nice…that last song sound like a prince type flow

  • UltraKid

    [email protected] for posting that pic. RR = Some soft ass niggaz.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    It always seems like the songs The Dream writes for other people are better then the songs he writes for himself.

  • belly

    dem joints bangin

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    Lmao PERFECT Pic!!!
    BAD singer….
    This Nigga shuld go Bitch about leakings with T-Pain’s Dark monkey looking ass!!!

  • UltraKid

    Dream is an underrated genuis and anyone that’s hating is cleary ignorant.

  • WilHEMI

    That first track sounds real Prince-y to me.. He aint the type to be talkin about fukin tho.. Leave that to Short..

  • WilHEMI

    scratch that… BOTH of them songs sound like a bad Prince impression.. I apologize, Mr Nelson..

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  • Ghost

    Definitely an underrated genius.


    iLL That chick look slouchy

  • Like the tracks, they fit Dream’s style, and seem to follow and progress the style of his previous albums. Overall both tracks r dope, esp the first one. The last track seems like those extra high ad libs can use some work tho or maybe just chop them.

  • I’m Your Future Boss

    Trey Songz would sound way better on the first track.

  • Belize

    what happened to retiring?

  • Hater Will Hate

    The Dream is one of the most underrated R&B artist of our century the whole creativity that goes into all of his songs is pure genius

  • Ari

    Rap Radar…yall are wrong for putting that pic up…why didnt you put the pic up of the artwork of the single?

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  • MaterialBoi1

    The-Dream is the shit bitches! Mothafuckers wanna hate just because he hasn’t gone pop like every other RnB artist! And I don’t know why his music is always getting compared to Prince when it’s a lot more like Ready For The World, get it right dummies!

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