Superhead Comes Clean About Book

So it was all lie, eh? To hear Superhead tell it, she fabricated the stories in her debut book, Confessions of A Video Vixen. In another vlog, she says she wants to be respected for her brain. Trust, we already do.

On a related note, her ex-boyfriend Kool G Rap tells AHH that he wants to make amends and have a relationship with their son.

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  • Word

    Amber Rose gonna be in this same position next. Lmao tho for that brains comment

  • daMan

    Jhene Aiko Playin In The Background

  • puerto-black

    This bitch was on Oprah? Lieing cunt

  • CapricornReligion

    So?……………… Wait hold up so?… It was all a Lie?

    Wow……. Really?

    That Lieing Bitch

  • Anon DCPL

    bitches be lying yo

  • Oh well…………. It’s too late now. It’s not like everybody is gonna refund their book

  • Able Danger

    She blew her chance at gettin a head in the game. Come on girl, and your dome-aine name that name sucks. She just wants the dough maine… I wonder if she has high-speed or DSL?

  • Shawn

    It wasn’t a lie. This is the next phase…. And some new Dummies will see her in her draws, hear the stories and say fuck it..

  • I’d still have sex with her mouth. Fuck it.

  • NuNu


    She smart to come clean after Oprah done already taped her last show. U know Oprah good for bringing people that done lied to her back to the show just so she can shit on them on national tv. LOL

  • Chunk


    This is kinda WAY too classless for Oprah. Seriously, play that episode out in your head… it would make Oprah seem like she was endorsing rap hoes.

  • WTF

    And I think the best way to get this point across was half naked in your bra and panties on camera and posted on Youtube. That will make a definite improvement in your image campaign.

  • Tiffany

    Yall need to stop hating on her. I do the same thing but I’m not writing a book. I gotta do what I gotta do

  • I’m Your Future Boss


  • studiothug4ever

    Prodigy took all of the spotlight from superheat that’s why she came clean.

  • puerto-black

    @tiffany, Can you listen to track 10 of Nas album “It was written”? I don’t want to “prech” to you but google it and you might like it

  • puerto-black

    @nunu, true indeed. The Wrath of The Big O is legendary lol

  • Mic Shady

    Yawn, I don’t give a damn about her. 🙂

  • Yo Tiffany holla at me

  • Mec-One

    Shout out to Able Danger ……… I see what you did there!

  • Your Father

    Everything was fake? C’mon son.
    She even sexed Mr. Marcus. That shit was real, so she’s still a hoe.

  • Big Willie

    Who cares!? Lemme get the heady wop!

  • Lost Boyz

    Snoop clowns Superhead

  • Tiffany

    @puerto-black “Lost Black Girl” first off I never said I was black. Get the fuck out of here with that Lyfe Jennings S.E.X/Pac Keep Ya Head Up bullshit, If I need a father I would go find mind. @Doperush PENNY PITCHER

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, Your right. Nas shouldve just called it “Lost Girl” and by the way your talking your father must of left you. Im sorry he didnt show you all money, aint good money and its easy to be a smut. You can change tho. Superhead IS NOT A HERO

    You should be ashamed of yourself
    The way you carry yourself
    The way you hang out all night long
    Doin silly things that is wrong

  • Mike B

    I read her book in county, randomly found it in the library. It’s actually what got me to start reading books in there ha. I thought the shit was interesting. Did it ever come out who the dude was that she called annoymous or w.e???

  • Tiffany

    @Puerto-Black I never said she was a hero. All I said is I gotta do what I gotta do. People choose to judge me and they judge superhead. All she is doing is sleeping with RICH men and getting paid for it causing no harm. But everybody looks up to drug dealer and the rapper who glorified it when really that drug dealing is destory the community. WHY DON’T YOU JUDGE THEM???

  • LOVE the background music..whoever it is thats singing.

  • Kush718

    Tiffany on fire get em girl!!!

  • Conway West

    @Mike B

    Yeah tha bitch lata on said it wuz Method Man

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    Damn @Tiffany makes a great point. @Mike B I’m surprised you know how to read.

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, ok instead of hero; let’s say admire? or emulate(“I do the same thing”)? Fucking for cash and writing a book about fucking people that dont want you to write a book(which turned out to be lies) about fucking are very different. What type of good whore snitch’s on somebody thats paying them top doller to fuck? Would you tell on the Industry Dick, Tiff? Why say tigga was busted in the ass by a dude? She should get sued for Defamation now since she admited she lied. Everybody doesnt look up to the drug dealer’s, that’s slander but you did say you “Do the same thing” So that makes you a Courtisanerie. Im not judgeing, just telling you there’s no 401k in Sucking Dick and catching loads.

  • Tiffany

    @Puerto-Black…I said I do the same exept I NOT WRITING A BOOK. I don’t admire and I don’t emulate I don’t do what I do becuz Superhead does I just see where she coming from she gotta pay her bills and feed her son. She was abused by evey man she knew since she was a kid so what kind of self-esteam you think she is going to have. At the end of the day all those rappers should of known the possilbity of getting exposed, she had a big rep. And there is no such thing as a good whore. No I do not fill out a W2 form for my profession but there it is legal in Vegas. My bills get paid. She looking for attention I’m not no book, no sex tape, nothing just trying to survive. You should listen to City High “What Would You Do” you might like it.

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, Then we agree. Writing books are bad and your a courtisanerie

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, Courtesan

  • Tiffany

    @pureto-black I said on first comment that I dnt like dat she writing books. I think are you very disrespectful to woman. You rather pertect rappers who degrad woman. Put on the radio or look on the billboard charts all of them are about degrading woman and drug dealing from men who are more actors than superhead who most likley never sold O’s. They lie to you everyday but you dnt judge them. J. Cole and Lupe Fiasco are the ones who say something. I think have low self-estem to listen to most of that garbage. Rappers paint a picture of drug dealers and degrading woman. Then kids see it and EMMUTATE it. Now whos really lieing now. Niggas need to wake up

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, I have 6 aunts 5 nieces, 5 sissters, 1 daughter, 1 mother, 3 grandmothers I Love Smart Working Independent “High maintence” Women. I Love Love Women. Bitchs, Whores, courtesan Groupie skanks make me sick. Especally the one’s who promote fucking for money. Get a Job. Do some hair, be a RN. Its only school and you might meet someone who you like for who the person is instead of 500$ for blowjobs 750 to fuck(or whatever the price is. i’d rather dinner and movie). Your right the Drake song that bigs up women is considered “soft” and Travis Porter “Make it Rain” is the “shit”. You must admit by saying “don’t hate” on Kool G. Rap Babymama that the same songs you judge about BItchs is the same Bitch your defending, who’s also a liar. Superhead isn’t worth defending. You did say you like the whoreing. College isnt that hard and you will feel like rocky when you get the degree, no more whoreing

  • puerto-black

    Jcole and Lupe hates bitchs too

  • puerto-black

    “Sisters get respect, bitchs get what they deserve. Sisters work hard, Bitchs work your nerve. Sisters tell the truth, bitchs tell lies” “I LOVE My Sissters, I dont love no bitch”

  • Tiffany

    @puerto-black… Bitches get what they deseve? No woman deseves to be called a dog or treated like one no matter waht decsions they made. Who you let your daughter listen to hip-hop now a days or when she gets older knowing how hip-hop treats woman when she go to the club their no songs uplifting woman. Thats sad you treat woman like that, woman are somebodys daughter period no matter what. I don’t admire superhead but I see why she do what she do. If women had a man to help raise their kids except running like a lil’ boy maybe women will have more options. College takes time and money something I do not have. It’s 2011 job aint getting thrown at people and everybody does not wanna be a AR. I look up to strong women like LAURYN HILL, ALICIA KEYS, AND KERI HILSON. At the end of the day when I lay down at night I feell ok with who I am and don’t have a problem with it, but you do? Men hate getting hustled by they rap about their fake hustle stories everyday. DOUBLE STANDARD

  • puerto-black

    @Tiffany, Bitchs are not women. I said RN as in Registered Nurse. You want someone to save you for you dont have to work. Courtesan

  • Tiffany

    @puerto-black… What have you done with life that is great that you can judge me. your prolly not even in your daughters life. Karma is a bitch and one day a man like Kool G Rap is going take advantage of your daughter think about that when you degrade women. Someone might abuse your daughter. There gona have SEX with her and its not gonna be out of love or drop a lad on her face yeah your baby girl be coming a loose “LOST GIRL” because her father says it ok to treat women like that

  • Solace King
  • i think that is very horrible how the whole damn book was fabricated cause she tried her damndest to spread vicous lies on every1 and break up there relationships with there wives or girlfriends now know1 is ever going to believe her ever again and now she has made alot of enemies regarding all the lies she told about certain entertainers and so on and so forth u just don,t do things like that with any1 and i purchased her book also and now i want my money back and i am going to find out how i can go about…nuff said thou….

  • first of all…all of u guys are dumb if u think she confessed lol this is jus a video she made because of how she got famous and think if she tries to get a good job the professionals would look down on her because she is Karrine “SUPERHEAD” Steffans….she basically did the same thing that most hoes do bt she got paid and fucked other men…lol u think she got paid jus for this book??? she was making money wen she met her first celebrity and got beaten and pregnant…on this video she is jus tell u dummies that she regret wht she did to get where she at EVEN FUCKING CELEBRITIES….i bet didnt nobody deny fucking karrine…or breaking bread because its tru….n yea TIGGA did get fucked in the ass get over it yall dont know him she know what she saw lol yall are clueless…pay attention to the video ppl jus want her to b a liar

  • anonimous

    I think this women knows what she doin that’s a given, she lyin about lying she know ahe slept with those dude’s, now she sayin no cuz she wants ta trick haha pun intended new blood