Big Sean Introduces Finally Famous

Big Sean held a listening session for his debut, Finally Famous tonight at the Standard Hotel in NYC. Before pressing play, Sean gave his backstory and even cried tears of joy. More dim footage on the way.

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  • toad3527

    i cant wait!

  • [email protected]!

    #Detroit…we’re about 2 take over…wait and see.

  • Donn


  • Hip-Hop Fien

    Damn he cried tears of joys.I’m proud of dude, people take putting out an album for granted with all digital downloads, can’t hate on the kid he living his dream. He’s a breath of fresh air. He not like the typical detroit rapper well he not the like any typical rapper. Finally Famous

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  • props to amaya for kanye stepping on his shoe. hah

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    dats cool. am proud of him. But wtf is up wit Cole? need that single!

  • TA

    @hip-hop fien cosign

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  • @hip hop fien cosign as well. Im happy for dude. And that’s dope how real he is about it. Worked his a off to get it, and deserves it now. Good luck to the dude. U finally famous homie.

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  • Well done Sean…

  • dll32

    keeping it real +1
    I like this dude

  • Phil

    Wow, y’all are getting real sentimental over total mediocrity, how does that even work?

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  • Chris

    Damn, he cried again?

  • CraddyShaq

    Very inspirational guy.. if you are fans.. GO OUT AND BUY THIS SHIT.. don’t download it for free unless you plan on buyin it.. Artists need this support.. i’m buyin a few copies for me and my friends.. pass the word people.. #BigSeanFinallyFamousJune28th

  • guy worked hard, and makes great music with a unique sound.

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  • Hip-Hop Fien

    Big Sean does have one of the best story in hip-hop, like how he heard Kanye was at a radio station so he went their ask Kanye if he could spit for him and Kanye said he gotta go and Ignored him. So Big Sean started spittin all the way to the exit and Kanye West stoped and started bobbing his head that shit sounds like a movie you can write that shit. Same thing for J. Cole how he waited in the rain for 2 hrs at the Roc The Mic studios to give Jay-Z a CD. People can’t just their music on youtube and just expect to famous. You gotta your dream come true anyway possible THATS HIP-HOP…

  • D!A!E

    The word of the day is BUY. B-U-Y. Buy the album yall….Hated his joint with Breezy, but still gotta copp that album…..Gotta love a dude that’s humble….smh @ Kanye tho….asshole

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