Kreayshawn Signs To Columbia Records

Info ain’t lie. The press release was sent out today and Kreayshawn has signed to the Columbia division of Sony Records. No word if it was for a million bucks, but her video “Gucci Gucci” has received 2 million views on YouTube after two weeks. Nothing basic about that.

“I’m excited to work with my new Columbia family. They understand my vision and are going to let me continue everything I’ve been doing. My hope is to inspire others to be young, wild, and free.”

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  • Yep

    I seen her rise and I cant do shit but respect it. Db Tha General guilty by association vid shot by her and look at this now. Keep it lit lil mamas. Its bout to be severe hate from now on…get ya dough!!!

  • Mr. Dexter


  • Dream On


  • Michael

    It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about how trendy you are.

  • Big Willie

    I feel terrible that I actually kinda sorta like this song . . . a little bit…



  • still best rite now!!

    seriously how can Columbia justify this signing othey than being White hype?

    “Look at her eyes, baby blue, baby look at ya self…if they were brown she’d lose, she’d sit on the shelf” – Eminem

  • DeadSerious

    Ok……this chick gets a deal and all us hip hop fans gonna have to suffer thru it & her music.

    And don’t bother with the “just don’t listen to her songs” cause chances are they will be garbage BUT SELL VERY WELL…..

    Then we gonna have sit thru another 2-3 years of ALL struggling but CREATIVE & ACTUALLY TALENTED artist dumbing their flow down to generate some sales/buzz.

    SIDE NOTE……I DON’T CARE IF THESE CHICKS ARE FROM OAKLAND…….they’re dropping the N-bomb & I ain’t with it…

    Vanilla Ice x Waka Flocka = kreayshawn

    Its not a color thing cause Em is the sh*t and definitely in top 5 of all time.

    Wack, ignorant music is just wack ignorant music. Then on top that the b*tches got straps in they videos???

    Who they bustin at?….If Jeezy or a REAL URBAN ARTIST do that every1 in an uproar.

    Check her “sister” viral video if you think I’m lying on these broads.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Sad to say but hip hop is goin the way of rock’n’roll , it ain’t hard to tell look at Em’s continued popularity even though he hasn’t released anything decent in almost a decade ,Yelawolf, mac miller ?? the writings on the wall

  • C’mon Son!!!

    Somebody kill this bitch….C’mon Son!!!

  • CapricornReligion



    Gaga has started this to Me. Flash over Substance

    Whatever tho. It is what it is. I got my classics already. I feel bad for this New Generation….

    Say hi new Rap fans. This is your Future untill the Streets come back

    But… I cant front tho Lol. This song is Cool tho. Lol, I cant front….

  • Ac@pella!

    I hate white girls like them, that “act” hood. Shit is so wack…but whatever. Congrats I guess.

  • blake

    wtf did i just watch.





  • Yep

    So people was expecting jean grae to sign for a deal like this? Its about money and this bitch is going to bring the dollars in. at the end of the u can still play ur mos def and talib etc….how I see it rap fans nowadays is lookin forward to a jesus wrote and quincy jones produced album. We the fans murder our on genre. And its so much to choose from for listening preference. But let somebody u dont listen to get ahead somehow its blasphemous lolol. But back to yo momma she over here chewing wirehangers wit her front teeth….amazing lol

  • The Hater

    Fuck that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going up to Colombia to get a record deal tomorrow!!!!!!! They must be giving them shits away!

  • Donn

    HELL YEA! I am really rooting for this chick. She’s dope as hell. Reminds me of MIA and Santogold. She bout to blow!! Cant wait

  • vincent



    i dont care what y’all say she can spit and its the way her attitude comes off she good lets forget the bullshit i for one KNOW HIP HOP and if you got a package brand ship and ready to go you will get signed some wack rappers get signed because they have hustle money and push their music with it make it rain the club and buy out the bar so folks going show them love so in return labels..this just sound like some having fun type stuff come on….jean grae can spit and she gets props but she need to get media blitz buzz going with some singles and features but you cant compare jean grae too kreayshawn its two different world but both are lyrical in their own right.

  • Sam I Am


    oh shit!!! lmao i was skeptical but the track do sound similar but i aint feeling any of yall anyway. no shots but i do see that they bit off the duke em’s group

  • “Dukems 585

    Bitter! Dukems 585 made this song up 2009 fuck that

  • bigjay2501

    I hope a bunch of grown ass man arent hating behind a computer screen on some girls. I decided to give this shit an objective listen for the first time and SURPRISINGLY, it was better than i thought it would be.

    I doubt ill be purchasing any of their music,but the song was ok. They may be able to fill a niche somewhere.

  • FireRed

    Yo the industry is Grimey.this is my homey Dukems song,a Rochester,NY 585 (Braveyankee Empire)representative.. He did this joint back in 09 on his mixtape.. Somebody stole it and tryna make this chick think she got talent..either cease and desist of we sending the Lawyers for copywrite infrigment and he career will end befor it even starts!!!!

  • FireRed

    Meant or her carreer a end befor it even starts $$$$

  • “Dukems 585

    Word but the differnce is we really from these streets and been doing this real nigga shit so it just semm very funny how the song sound the same but the world can. Judge fagget 585 gees up flees down

  • yahaira

    Come on now she bittin off dukems he made dis song on a mixtape bk in 09 u need to pay like ya weight cuz datS not right .. Dis white chick can’t flow if she or whom ever is stealin pples songs .. Something has to be done bout dis its not gnna happen dukems works hard on all his music he does n for smeone to steal it and get famous off his stuff is not right at all give dukems a deal he better den her shout outs to 585 rochester stand up

  • The Prophet

    Hip-Hop is a joke b. Call it Hip-Pop because that’s all it is. You don’t even have to be skilled to get a deal anymore. She signed a 360 deal, so she has to recuperate every penny that Sony/Columbia spends on her project including the signing bonus. Won’t be an easy task.

  • WAk wink wink

    When you steal in ceratin countries they cut off ya hands , when you steal from the ROC they cut off ya head , find ya own way , who you gone steal from next

  • “Dukems 585

    Yeah call it what ya want we on her ass trust if it was your song you wud feel and do the same word fuck that shit 585 stand up!!¡

  • World Famous Kev


  • Vashti

    Damn so Dukems does all the work & she gets the credit hell nah thats not rite its bad enough we b trying 2 make it & sumthing like this can knock a person down but not my Dukems keep ya head up do what u gots 2 do its wack anyways

  • Blaxdon

    Lol….I know she is hurting a lot of feelings right now….I also peeped the odd future cameos, shout outs to her hype man

  • Truth


    And i’m not gonna come on the bring back that boom bap shit…she sounds extremely simple. If you are over the age of 13, not a girl, and have working ears, and like this….drink a gallon of bleach immediately.

  • AVbomber

    This song is a guilty pleasure, this girl is definitely going to be heading towards Lady Gaga or Ke$ha money soon

  • Fangs

    Dukems…i feel where youre coming from & you do have a point that there is a similarity in hooks…but melody wise its not the same & the sequence of “gucci louis prada” has been used in soo many other songs. Not hating but its kind of a generic unimaginative rap cliche at this point…roscoe dash’s “show out” uses it…I’ve heard gucci mane use that same line, and fergie even used it. I wish you luck in your proceeding but you weren’t the first or the last rapper to use “gucci, louis, prada” in song…sorry brah.

  • “Dukems 585

    Yeah but at the end of the day the lawyers a be the judge its just a lot of people hlet things slide so it get over look but am just saying the shit sound the same ge and now I can’t put that out with out fans saying I bit it from her so now what MA ge

  • Stu Pickles

    @The Hater

    No you’re not.

  • Stu Pickles

    @The Phropet

    How do you know? You work at Arby’s.

  • Stu Pickles


    They made it a hot line, she made it a hot song.

    We have been through this before.

  • …..

    all these comments n only 1 brought up what I think is a major issue…..which is These white girls drop the n-word alot….like alot alot, n now we gonna have people justifying it with some lame as excuses JUS WATCH! k.shawn drops it here n there(but is still saying it none the less) n her sister v-nasty uses it as every other word SERIOUSLY, go find some “music” from her/them n see what I mean…wiggers n wigger bitches are gonna play a huge part in them becoming successful….n that shit hurts cuz we got a ton of really really TALENTED people trying they hardest to get on but then yu got these GIMMICKY bitches that get deal thrown at them……FUCK THIS SHIT POINT BLANK PERIOD. n if you like this bitch n her “music” GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE FUCK YOU!!!

  • dre

    yall niggas are called talented artist artist are always signed to major labels…but guess what?! they dont get recognition cuz they cant appeal to the masses fuck all this we need rapper with real talent to be on radio…fuck that …gain fanbase then talk…this chick will blow up trust..reality check…there isnt taht many people checking for underground rao nomore get a life



  • B.Boggz

    I love how everyone hates her cause shes

    “Bitch you aint no barbie, I see you work at arbys” Is that a shot at nickki?

    I’ve only heard the one song but Im already ranking her higher than waka and gucci.

  • YFDF

    When I first saw the video it was my first time hearing her and I liked it. I like her style, however upon learning that she might have possibly jacked the song I’m not diggin’ that AT ALL. SMH. Really disappointed can’t respect that and as for her friend or whatever V-Nasty using the “N-word” bitch need to kill herself as well as Kreayshawn if she uses it too. People shouldn’t be getting passes. Although again from my initial hearing I liked it. Her getting a deal seems kinda rushed tho off 2 million views in 2 weeks you give her a deal? Columbia might as well just form a line out their offices and give everyone one.

  • El Oh El

    she got them odd future niggas with her

  • “Dukems 585

    Yeah y she did she had too ge real nigga shit ya mean go to my cd on http://www.qaundabomb.c tr3 the beabeat is amost the same my shit is hood thoughdone it in 09

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  • cc

    Get that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ dukems!!!! make them pay for stealing ur shit…big winks

  • “Dukems 585

    Good looking 585 fam something got to give tho word gees up !

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  • KCali89

    All you cats from Rochester or wherever you are in the east, stop your crying, your not gonna get a dime from this, so silence that noise. You cant copyright words/brands whatever, the song sounds nothing like yours, and honestly, ive listen to hip hop for years, and K’s track absolutely blows yours out of the water, a chinese chick could have made that track, and it would still shine, yours, Im afraid, just is, ‘not hot’, sorry bruh, Cali al day

  • KCali89

    ya herd

  • Yajaira

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