Lauryn Hill Pens A Letter To Fans

After announcing Lauryn Hill announced her pregnancy with her 6th child, she penned a letter to her fans and addressed her tour dates and tardiness on stage.

Sidebar: Yo Rohan, Maury’s Callin’

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  • wickwickwack

    so the boyfriend says “we re not becoming parents” and Lauryn says “i m pregnant”
    smh ,something went wrong

  • onanigga

    6 babies? wow

  • RoeLuv

    So no Rock The Bells??


    yeahh, is she going to be at Rock the Bells?


    LAURYN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NICKI!


  • MsHiLL

    This aint ordinary bruh! she needs to give birth to a new album – MoneyMusic410.Com

  • Tiiz

    All I read was “Let’s do it real soon”.

  • Belize

    does anyone really care? lmao

  • Blaxdon

    I officially no longer give a fuck Ms.Hill congrats….lost the spot, will never get it back.

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    I mean if she not gonna give us new music theirs no point talking about this bitch. Even if she do make new music its not gonna be old Lauryn Hill waht is her new album gonna be about motherhood. She will always be a legend but doing a few shows a year will not get her the crown back

  • Nickey Black

    I feel like others man. No HIP HOP album then I pay hill no attention.

    She was to me the greatest female rapper ever and she could tangle with the best, which is why Nas let her sing on the hook(he knew), Jay said thats all he bumped in 98(he feared her competiveness).

    Dudes wanted to lock her down(Clef & Rohan) and knock her shine. Well it worked(Bitchniggaz).

    I love you Lauryn, but thank God for Badu!