• ous

    Nice song!

  • Emile

    I like this one, pretty good. The piano outro could’ve been longer though.

  • Yup !

    Drakes On His Second Album.. >>>>>>> J.Cole Ain’t Even Started Yet….

    Ha !

  • Emile

    ^^^^ you are pretty childish

  • MadMike0082

    truly shocked how anyone can hate on Drizzy. Fucking genius man. No one has the balls to put out shit this real and not give a FUUUUUCK about what main stream radio and the rest of you corny wacka flocka faggot fans think.

    Dreams Money Can Buy is sooooooooooo fucking DOPE and that shit was tossed out as a freebie?!?!?! And Im on One is a Khaled Record?!?!?

    Take Care might end up being the best record of all time if that shits any indication…..

  • pap-game

    It’s Dope

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    Drake is doing good :))))))))
    No worries from montreal


  • Yup !


    “I’m just sayin’ J.Cole could do better”… – Drake

    Ha !

  • PHREASHest

    i promise 40 is a beast yo…damn!

  • rahrahrah

    This is pretty good. This guy has carved his own lane. Respect.

  • this is a great record – there is so much honesty in his music, even if you hate it you have to love it.


  • CapricornReligion

    You know… I might be Crazy for saying this but….

    I think Drake has more Buzz then “The Carter 4″…. Not a Promo/Hype type of Buzz but, Natural almost. Im looking forward to what Drake is going to do with “Take Care”

    I think, I know what to expect from Wayne already so, Im not really too Hype about it. With Drake its the same way but, Not too much. He picks good Beat Selections and, Fuck what you heard, He can tell a Good story in his Songs.

    This was very dope. I hope its on the Album. I like it . I feel like People are also looking forward to this more too. Im still going to check out both but, Im looking foward to Drakes “Take Care” more….

  • Dujay

    drakes switchin up the flows but he needs new kinds of beats too

  • nycccccc

    this shyt is tough

  • really tho

    not impressed by this singing stuff…he’s way to good of a rapper to be sing all the damn time

  • wow

    Just when you think a niga done lost it … he comes with something that makes you realize why he’s so great… This is where he excels in comparison to the aforementioned competition… There is a magic to the so far gone era music that gets recaptured on this… Shout out to Drake and 40





  • BRu973

    Drake need to fuck with some other producers outside of 40 & Boi1da…I need to hear dude over some real drums and not these Fruity Loops/software sounding bullshit tracks

  • nver dissapoints.

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  • Berklee

    THE WEEKND. much better than sing-songy drake. this shit sounds dated and yall dudes sound so homo when “liking” this shit. at least check out the weeknd if this is makin yall’s pussies wet.

  • bob

    one word, meh.

  • nick2bbury

    Fuck the bullshit Drizzy is a musical genius. hes real as fuckk and puts his soul into tracks they’re alwaysss quality

  • Berklee


    yall should peep. album’s free. trust.

  • Jeffro

    Wait this song is ok, but where is all the genius talk coming from? This sounds like a throwaway track from 808’s and heartbreaks – is this the truth? really?

  • Black Shady

    Yawns…….this nigga keeps singing smh. another RNB album from Drake?
    get back to rappin…you’re singing too much!

  • wow

    Berklee your a clown… Where do you think they’re sound came from? alot of these artists need to thank Drake/40 because they created a sound that has carried well into the current music scene. That so far gone sound is all over the Weeknd’s project …airy production , filters etc. I’ll even go as far as to say nigaz need to thank Kanye because 808’s influenced So far gone…

  • First- The more new music I hear from Drake, the more I’m convinced that his first album was crafted by the higher ups at his label. He has that older sound back as far as rapping/singing and production choices.

    Secondly- Autotune has been used for more than two decades on singers for pitch correction. So you hating Drake over it is a fail attempt at “being cool”. They do it to not have to force a singer to strain their voice by doing more takes than necessary, ask any mixing engineer that has worked with a good singer.

    Click the name!





  • This post should be about Drake but people always wanna bring up every other rapper that has nothing to with the post. OAN: This is o.k.

  • dre

    @berklee we all know who the weeknd is nigga…dont come here thinking like you know the hot shit…the weeknd is a part of ovo nigga !!! octobers very own

  • Berklee

    to wow: do u hear any growth since so far gone?? honestly?? n the weeknd, if they are super influenced by that album, well they took it further than drake can go as a singer and waaaaaayyyyyy further than 40 can go as a producer/engineer. drake is cool, i’m just sick of hearing this dude sing. drake, can u rap again please? what about some trax from that upcoming rap-only album i been hearing about??

  • mr mitchell

    @ berklee – cosign. this song would have been fire AF if the weeknd came out with it. this song has his name all over it, and if didn’t know any better, i’d say he wrote it for drake.

    @ wow – you’re a bit mistaken sir/madam…whatever. a lot of artist you consider relevant get their “new” sounds from up and coming artists like the weeknd. not sayin drake didn’t have the whole airy affect on TML, but the weeknd’s sound FIT with his, which is why drake made him his artist. you knew that though…right?

  • Berklee

    dre: thanks for promoting them for me bitch

  • s.b


  • Berklee

    mr. mitchell: word

  • dre

    drake is the reason why the weekdn is popular..go eat a dick…yall niggas dickriding as soon as he gets mainstream yall gonna shit on him to fuckboys…n what am i promotingg stupid fuck…”them” the weeknd is one person dumbfuck

  • Word

    Drake >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest of Young Money. Fuck Wayne, let Drake be president cuz Wayne is ass.

    Take Care >>>>>>>>>> C4. HA! and thats @Yup

    Aint nobody checking for that Weezy like they checking for Drizzy cuz niggas realizing that Wayne suck. Drake rap better and he can actually SING. Unlike Wayne trying to sing. Fuck that nigga. Drake and Cole taking over

  • Berklee

    dre is drake’s #1 fan. thats awesome dude.

  • drake is actually taking his time to make HIS music. shit is great man. you can feel the fact that there is some quality to this shit.

  • bigjay2501

    its ok. not something for the fellas. more so catered to the ladies.

  • This is some sunday afternoon relax music and its a great song love to hear the back and forth between the lines and would love to hear Drake go hard again on some heavy drum beats but maybe we will hear it on Take Care, but for now he doing good

  • SmokeYou

    Great movie.

  • Later

    Dope! Drizzy is back! Take Care!!!

    @bigjay2501: No it is for the fellas. Fellas who get women which I guess you don’t if you can’t relate to this song?

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    This is dope. Drake is making the music he want to make let him sing he is one if the only rapper who can actully sing. He stepping his bars up this nigga is focus. I do agree that he should work with more producers other than 40 and Boi-1da but he be in his comfort zone and they make great music together. Drake and J. Cole gonna be top niggas taking over. Wayne slowly slipping and thats great cuz he not showing nothing new that we aint seen from him

  • ethug

    this that j to the face sippin on something on a rooftop at 3 am thinking bout your ex’s music.

    i can dig it.

    stop hating. you aint feeling something then move on.

  • Anon DCPL

    this is some female shit, I’m amazed how many skinny jean wearing faggots are on here excited about this shit like a 16 yo girl going to prom.


  • Marquese

    @Yup !

    j.Cole album is already turned bruh !
    DICK HEAD! (in the annoying voice)

  • I’m drunk dialing 3 ex girlfriends tonight, while I’m on a date with my new girl. ugggh


  • THE WEEKND…this should have went to him. Drake should stick to rapping.

  • da youngsta doin wat got him in the game…conveying his sensitivity! the album is sounding pretty dope thus far…pulling a kanye jus leaking the ablum & let the internet go nuts then drop thus exploding into wat is known as HOVA splash…..

    keep it coming drizzy! looks like the fall is shaping up to be a young money type of fall with drake & wayne ablum coming in the upcoming months….


    Drake always has the same sounding beat on the songs he SINGS. Good song but i would agree w/ some of the previous posts ,he needs to work w/ different producers. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

  • Michelle

    Jigga, Ye, Drizzy, Cole are my favs. Can’t wait. Love these dudes.

  • Jaymalls

    Yea sure^^^

    Anyway this shit is okay…. he didnt carve his own lane. He has been running with Ye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks sound for the longest. He already said him n 40 were very inspired by that album n sound, thats what helped them make “So Far Gone.” SMH.. U moist Cottonelle ass niggas!

  • Deegz

    When he says “this is another piece of the story” does he mean its on his album cause if it is i don’t wanna listen and ruin the album.

  • Bx Slime

    I never really understood why people hate on Drake especially with this kind of music. Drake and J.Cole are gonna run hip-hop for a long time.





  • honestly, i wouldnt be mad if the whole album was like this.

  • coop

    how many times is drake gonna use the “hooo hooohooooooaaah” sing songy croon. this fool is boring.




  • cronk

    drake is gay as fuck. comin with the same bullshit songs for bitches over and over again. same flow same autotuned voice cuz this fag CANNOT really sing, stop gettin it twisted you retards. do you think luther vandross ever used autotune? what about barry white or nat king cole? those motherfuckers could REALLY sing not this fake ass computerized harmonizing. and even when drake does rap its the same flow and same lyrics just said slightly differently, he has no versatility always usin the same stye of beats to match his monotone ass flow and flat voice.

  • WhoIsDrake

    For Lyrics Click Here >>>>>> http://www.MoneyMusic410.Com <<<<<<<<<<

  • Jaediggity

    hahaha ^^^ hater!!! Wouldn’t be surprised if you were a J.Cole stan. Drake killed this shit as usual. Sophmore slump.. fuck is that? Take Care doing 700,000 first week. If Drake single come out before J.Cole single come out. I’m giving up on Cole World. Really what’s the point? Lol..

    “My newest girl from back home got issues with parents. And some charges how the fuck can I get her to Paris. Luckily I’m the greatest my countries ever seen, so chances are at the boarder they’ll issue me clearance. Dreams money can buy, everybody else surprised I wasn’t surprised. That’s only cause I been waiting on it nigga, so FUCK whoever hating on it nigga!”
    Take Care BITCH.

  • TheCool

    Yu niggas talkin’ about “this is some female shit” godda stop being so insecure. So you’re saying only females can listen to R&B? Smh.

    Not even a huge fan of Drake, but how can yu not prefer to listen to this instead of some garbage Wacka, Gucci Mane, or Rick Ross? And dont come at me with that “man wocka is real those some real gansta G niggas” Get the fuck outta here. They’re the fakest most ignorant bitches to come out in a while.

    And why does someone always bring up the J. Cole vs. Drake thing? They don’t even spit about the same things. Just cause they’re both light skinned? Ima huge fan of Cole, but I could bump Drakes shit to. Cole, Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, Drake, Slaughterhouse, Big Sean, Pusha T, Chiddy Bang are all doing they’re thing. We just gotta get rid of the “rappers” that sound like they got brain damage.

    Song is nice. Wish it had longer rap verses tho. The verse he got here had some nice rhyme schemes and it seems like he’s switching the flow up a bit.

    #Watch The Throne, Hell: The Sequel, Cole World, and Take Care taking over,

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    Drake and J. Cole are both ill no point in comparing them two way diffrent artist. The only problem I have with Cole is he taking too long to drop his shit especially when he said most of his album was done even before he was signed just drop the shit. Even Wayne wack ass knows he has a star in Drake that why he pushin his shit remember Jae Millz washed ass got signed like a year before Drake and still came out. Drake not fucking around no more he got alot to prove TML was a rushed album and it was still better than half these weak ass niggas out

  • Biggar

    Mannnn!! this feels like some Friday night 3 in the morning drunk music. I coulda damn near wrote this one.

  • shitNiggashit

    Drake is dope this song is dope as well, J.Cole is dope as fuck too, they need to do a joint album fuck lil wayne

  • showp
  • im lovin dis song bruh,

  • Word

    @TheCool cosign.

  • Gman

    Dope song from Drake…I’m anticipating “Take Care” more than C4 from Wayne. lol

  • jmarcroyal

    come on Drake, keep rising in the rap game, keep reppin Toronto, maybe soon you can help recruit players to the Raptors!

  • puerto-black

    It’s his lane, it works for him.

  • puerto-black

    @TheCool, Well said and True Indeed. Sometimes you wanna listen to Public Enemy/Killer Mike, sometimes Carl Thomas/Anthony Hamilton. All Good music

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  • MG

    Great title and great song, tbh. Drizzy aint playin, I see.


    sounds okay i guess but i think he should just make a r&b album and get the singing out

  • JOeyzz

    Fuck this pussy nigga

  • is he a singer or rapper?

  • Frontrunner

    Banger. His album might end up better than Tune’s.

  • I’ve had this song on repeat all day…Don’t see how ppl can constantly hate on Drake. He makes gr8 timeless music….Yes, I said TIMELESS.

  • I’m feelin’ it.

  • B

    I think DRAKE is talented. The only reason he gets slack is because people think he’s the best. But in reality the real competition doesn’t get air play. He’s really good as far as his lane is concerned as being a commercial rapper. Just lyrical enough, and versatile enough when flips it with the singing. People just need to know that’s his lane. He not a beast when it comes to lyrics tho. Respect the fact that he not the only one.

  • the One

    Comeback season bitches! HA! T. sound only we got dat kind of natural dance hall swing!!!
    Take dat Take dat !! (In puffy voice)


    he’s more of an artist than a rapper

  • Later

    @B: I agree with everything yu said except for him being a commercial rapper and not being a beast with lyrics.

    1. He isn’t a commercial rapper. He spits and sings truthful shit about his life he hardlly ever makes songs for them to be overally popular like pop songs. Over and Find Your Love and Best I Ever Had are like the only songs he made specifically to rule the radio and charts.

    2. He is a lyrical beast! He must be one of the smartest rappers ever. You guys actually hear his lyrics? The way he says them in asmart contructed well made clever sentences? That’s real lyricism not dudes beasting on songs with 90% of the lines being punchlines.

  • Maestro

    The Haters ran outta ammo.

    Drake and Kanye are P4P the best in the world. No fanboy shit, that’s just how I see it. Hip-Hop as art is more clearly demonstrated by those two than anyone else right now.

  • internetgod

    Drake Should work with Lance Elam

    New R&B Singer by the name of Lance Elam – SKIN ( Smash Hit Single )
    The Labels are checking for Lance Elam I heard even the Major R&B Artist showing him love
    He should sign with Atlantic records or Interscope records
    here is the song http://hulkshare.com/40fbhc29ksmr




  • E

    Drake = Quality Music…keep it up Drizzy, screw the haters, and laugh your way to the bank, not that you need anymore money anyway

  • dope!!

  • Whyyy dah fuckk yall be talkin boutt Jcolee ..
    Theyyy bothh dope rappers! !
    Ahh Stfu niqqahhhs . ! !! !
    J colee just gott really intooo itt .
    Soo nah hee aint on no secondd album
    But his flowss are dopee and so are drakess !
    -Ariel Angelite<333

  • therealest


    smokes one day

    sober the next


  • LukeTheDuke

    @Anon DCPL
    Fuck u

  • daibizzzzooo

    lmao, j-cole started after drake, i think it would make sence that drake is a little bit further than J , and Drake be reppin for cole . so dont hate, but j cole is fire. and so is drake & this song

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  • r3dskin fan

    Drake’s flow is sick, but you can ‘t fraud J Cole’s is up there to

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  • HopeVille

    Love this. Really looking forward to Drake’s new album. http://whenthebeatdrops.com

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  • JB