• Salezy

    Gilbere Forte already went on this beat.

  • chilleymost

    he flowin to say the least

  • Tyler, The Debater

    Who the fuck is STS? He can spit

  • STS is a Atlanta/Philadelphia MC thats gettin’ ready to shake shit up…#TheIllustrious #GOLD stay tuned…

  • Hank Moody


  • Jake

    Phantogram sample. flow is good, content is boring. I like the original song better, plus the chick is hot.

  • G

    Hones-T had this beat months ago, this guy looks like a clown next to him. Wow Bear One shouldn’t have late this go. STS you fire though.

  • KennyD

    you guys are not serious about life if you did not download that Money Making Jam Boys mixtape. smh

  • Kozak

    haha look at all these faggots bowing down to STS when in the past all you could do was make fun of his name, “Sugar Tongue Slim”

    The dude has ALWAYS been able to spit and his music has been fire, but everyone could only focus on his name, close your eyes and open your ears. True Fan

  • GOLDMember

    LOL @ Kozak! Way to keep it GOLD homie…we see you.

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