YN Playlist: G.O.O.D. Collabos

Art: Ty Kidd

Big show. Not gonna go. But don’t think I don’t dig the tunes. There’s strength in numbers, muthafuckas.

1. “Grammy Family” (Khaled, I see you!)

2. “Good Friday”

3. “Christian Dior Denim Flow”

4. “Wylin Wit Ye”

5. “Don’t Look Down”

6. “Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord”

7. “Take One For The Team”

8. “Uncensored BET Cypher”

9. “Looking For Trouble”

10. “Southside” (HHG Tag. Ha!)


12. “They Say RMX”

13. “Better Than Yours”

14. “Glenwood”

15. “Good Bad & Ugly” (Original Vinyl Rip)

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  • X_X at the complete “Lord Lord Lord” title. G.O.O.D. shit tho. And #1 is prob my fav Cons track. Hope he & Ye reconcile, esp if Party is a HIT.

  • fuk waka nd MMG

    ahhhh i misss good fridays
    was a good time for hip hop… come on kanye bring it bak for a while!!!

  • Gunz

    Banks On Christian Dior Denim Flow Tho

  • Paps


  • coop

    glenwood is a better track than i thought originally. decent flows. lets see how that big sean do…. boi. haha

  • Premo

    man i miss a couple of these joints..haha..
    ..They already sending out test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my dorm..lol http://goo.gl/OUEXN

  • GoodMusic

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yup these lists are where its at , Jay bodied that grammy family beat tho . On another note the only thing gayer than calling someone gay online is stealing that persons name & use it to purport the alleged faggotry

  • John

    Glad Drake is dropping some good music – but where the fuck is Cole???

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  • atron

    why arent these tapes up for download. yea i got each song but to put them in a collection with the artwork on the iphone would be tight.. i dont know bout yall but im a nut when it comes to keepin the iphone and the ipdo clean

  • Can I Talk My Shit Again?!

    Re-hash of every G.O.O.D. Friday track…no d/l links …. YN you did it again, nigga, you a genius!!!!

  • YN

    Yo fuck you “Can I Talk My Shit Again” first and foremost.


  • chilleymost


  • yagga 868

    “Hi haters, I’m back off hiatus, I feel just like you, I mean even I Hate Us”
    Wicked track!!

  • dll32

    his collabos with common were dope

  • Ben


  • Chris

    I feel like We Major should be on there….especially if rumours are true..

  • Belize

    I bet each of these comments are by @YN.

  • puerto-black

    @YN, Good lookin out.

  • puerto-black

    Cons is somewhere crying in his suit

  • puerto-black

    Ohh it can’t be
    G.O.O.D. music, my Grammy family
    Used to bump the demo up out of the Camry
    Now I’m hoppin out the limo or either the Lam-B
    But you niggaz gon’ get in ’til you get to Miami
    GLC gon’ be Stone’d as Angie
    I be Don C., Johnny Patron and me
    It’s a celebration bitches, more bottles of cham-p-aign
    In love with the same stripper that +Sprung+ T-Pain
    And all this Loius Vuitton shit ain’t cheap, mayne
    Dawg I can’t keep, sayin
    G.O.O.D. music, the greatest latest
    Stuntin out the middle of nowhere like Vegas
    From the Chi, the city of hella haters
    Where we keep risin to the top like elevators
    Hi haters, I’m back off hiatus
    I feel just like you, I mean even I hate us
    Turn the radio down, I mean every song
    Yeezy got a vision that’s clearer than Evian
    Used to hit the radio, them faggots ain’t let me on
    Until Khaled turned up the volume
    Hit the club with it, c’mon homie they whylin
    Nas done told you, c’mon homie “We Major”
    Really Doe done told you hoes where we stayin
    G.O.O.D. music up in this bitch now quit playin
    (Ohh ohh ohhhhh) Dawg it can’t be
    G.O.O.D. music, the Grammy family
    A little bit of somethin flickin dawg it ain’t deep
    I’m only tryin to spend what they claim you can’t keep
    Before you die so I make sure I (ohh ohh ohhhhh)
    Stay on the Southside like Lakeshore Drive (la-la la la la-lahhh)
    The Grammy family (la-la la la la-lahhh)

  • JOeyzz

    christian dior demem flow

  • tbib

    They say is fucking too dope, one of my favorite common track ever!

  • Markoni

    Damn. where can we download this or somethin.

  • Hip Hop Orangutang

    someone put this together and give up a D/L link. I cant get enough Big Sean, CyHi or Pusha lately….3 G.O.O.D. Music solo albums I can’t wait for.

  • Hip Hop Orangutang

    PS. @YN

    What are you narc’ing for the RIAA now by putting up this dope list and then we gotta download the missing gems and get caught up in a lawuit?! tricky, my man

  • blackghost

    fo real banks murder that “Christian Dior Denim Flow

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