Bad Meets Evil Special On Shade 45

Along with Royce Da 5’9″, Eminem utilized his radio station this evening and gave a track by track breakdown of their EP, Hell: The Sequel. Listen below and  cop it next Tuesday (June 14th).

Break 1: Eminem gives back story of “Bad Meets Evil” concept.

Break 2: More Bad Meets Evil origins.

Break 3: Eminem on reconciling with Royce, creating Hell: The Sequel, and plays “Welcome To Hell”.

Break 4: Em and Royce explain their Bad and Evil aliases, recording process, EP title, and “Fast Lane”.

Break 5: Bad & Evil explain “The Reunion”.

Break 6: Bad & Evil speak on Mr. Porter’s role on the EP.

Break 7: The duo speak on “I’m Everything”.

Break 8: Speaks on “Kiss”.

Break 9: Em talks collaborating with Bruno Mars on “Lighters”.

Break 10: Bad & Evil on “Take From Me”.

Break 11: Closing remarks and recording”Loud Noises”.

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  • Samson

    Both of these niggas weak as fuck….

  • onanigga

    right samson, now keep refreshing, new parts to hate on, are comming

  • tiffy

    i love this album 🙂


    $WonDough$ can hang with these 2…I put my life on it

    Bad Meets Evil combination in $Won$

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  • dmc

    Thanks RapRadar

  • mikey

    but the 5th one isnt working

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    compromised journalism.

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  • lu8799533

    thanks RapRadar,Love the EP,Love BME…

  • as109m


  • Black Shady

    Thanks for real for the interview!!!

    After listening to the EP…..There’s no denying Em is definitely the best rapper LYRICALLY!!! no contest

  • onanigga

    great interview, shady killing it again.

  • Jerome

    Outside of the hook on “Take From Me,” I can’t find a flaw in this album. One of the best releases this year….Royce really brought the best out of Em, and vice versa.

  • Owa

    One of the best releases this year really, track to track goes hard ‘cept dat Bruno Mars track.
    There’s no mistaking Em and Royce are on top.

  • RED


  • CP

    who is doing this interview???????????????? they need some work.

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  • SC00BY

    @RED all he did was say that he was back in the studio, he never said anything about an album

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    Anybody who says eminem is a weak rapper is CLEARLY a hater. its a FACT that Eminem is a great rapper. even if you dont like dude you cant look at his career and his verse and then come back and say dude is wack as hell. the word wack is for rappers like Lil B & soulja boy waka flocka. EVEN if hes not in ur top 10 or even top 50 you cannot deny dude talent.He ripped jay up on renegade. that is it

  • This EP is strong and lyrically impressive as hell.

    I’m not a fan of the Bruno Mars track. It’s too soft. and quite lame.

    The rest of the tracks, specifically “Welcome to Hell”, “I’m On Everything”, “A Kiss”, and “Loud Noises” are fucking strong. I’m blown away.

    Now all we need is some Bad Meets Evil performing in Detroit. EP Release party? Ehhhh????

    Very excited for new Royce solo album and D12 shit… hope both are on poooiinttttt


  • Hernan

    Links of The Audio??? Thank!!

  • Belize


  • Really feeling a couple joints from the LP

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  • Fuck Samson

    Samson first off you are weak ass fuck you cock sucking piece of shit. Your hating on two of the best in the game you punk ass bitch. whats the problem? you mad cause you tried a rapping career and no one wanted buy your wack ass garbage shit? Or is because your so god damn ugly and you hate yourself so much that instead of getting the balls to pull the trigger or hang your self your to damn scared because your self esteem is so weak that you cant even kill your self the right way? Son personally I think you need to go fuck the devil in his mouth and eat the shit out of his bitch you weak ass cock sucker. I hope you kill your self you punk ass little fucken maggot..

  • Fuck Samson

    Eminem best selling Rapper ever! Over 85 Million records sold worldwide Samson you Fuck Bitch

  • petey boii

    I wanna hear some new D12 but yea this EP is fuckin dope!!!

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  • sikh

    ems laugh is funny as fuck lmao

  • Word

    The EP was tough. Welcome to Hell was my shit. Em came hard on that one. A Kiss, Above the Laws beat was tough as fuck, Im on Everything was cool, Fastlane bangs, The Reunion saw Ems best flow in a while. No double time and no shouting. Same with A Kiss. Em aint even screaming on every track on this EP like some of yall may think. Lighters was kinda weak imean it was a good cross over track I guess and that one pop song a record needs I guess. Living Proof is classic. Echo is banging. Loud Noises beat wasnt that good to me but Crook killed it. Overall i give the EP a 8…maybe 9 out of 10.

  • renegade

    album sucks hard eminems falling of with his skills bad!


    Em been on his P’s And Q’s lately, he about to make Royce a household name, and now Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse too

  • James


  • frankie

    wow people are saying eminem is wack he fell off and shit wow i guess then just to ur non lyrical dumded down music EMINEM IS THE FUCKING ARTIST OF THE DECADE IS ANYONE ELSE COLSE TO THAT I DONT FUCKING THINK SO

  • yo, this interview was dope! lol…can’t wait to hear the ep joint indeed….crazy!

  • WestCoast

    Welcome 2 Hell Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
    Shady & Royce

  • Eminem fell off badly ever since he got hooked to drugs. Drugs are fucking bad, but yet people seem to ignore this warning and just go for self. Listen, you are just fucking yourself in the long run. Do you want to turn out like eminem? A fucking sellout? No, I didn’t think so.

    By the way, can you people please give me some feedback on my new single. It will be much appreciated. You can follow me at twitter @


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  • ur mama’s man

    welcome 2 hell…show love or burn.

  • fuk waka nd MMG

    Break 9 : ‘not sticking to the typical album structure’ <—- maybe thats wat the prb is but still this EP is the best lyrical shit i heard this year




  • Marshall

    CO-SIGN Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

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  • Anonyme MC

    I like, it!!
    50% Music
    50% Laugh

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  • mr.badass

    yall haters need to shut your man pleasers..

    this album was a gift from the gods.

    fuck young fags, i mean young queers, shit sorry i mean young mulla ba.. yesh lil wayne shut the fuck up with that shit. damn son.


    shady 4 ever

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  • wickwickwack

    listening to an Eminem interview is a pure waste of time …
    no infos just generic childish answers

  • Are u serious?

    @the jazzman, hahahhahaha probably the dumbest comment I have seen on here in a while. U say shady fell off once he got hooked to drugs? Bitch he started his career on drugs dumbass, and it seemed to work out great for him(80 million albums sold) he recently became clean and is off all drugs now. Don’t comment unless u know what ur talking about

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  • hudes

    why do they say its only 9 songs?
    eminem says that the slaughterhouse track is the last track on the EP….

    that just isn’t true!

    still good interview though

  • onanigga

    hudes its 9 songs 2 bonus = 11songs

  • Luke

    fucking crazy!! im getting so excited!
    bad meets evil wtf, sooo awesome. em back in the studio with D12 too, good to hear that.



  • Devil

    I think Em is back on his shit now! SH SH SH SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY!

  • Hugh

    This album is so dope! Buyin it first day! All the songs are mind blowing.

    Em is so funny and cool as always!

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  • opposite of solid

    Did anyone notice “Above The Law” iTunes rip is 7.77 MB

    And the song is about “poor get poor, the rich get rich”. “Sometimes life is so UNFORTUNATE”

    777 as in lucky casino.

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