Kid Cudi At G.O.O.D. Music Showcase

Before the curtain was drawn at the G.O.O.D. Music Showcase last night in Brooklyn, Kid Cudi blessed the stage. The highlight of the night happened in the film above with the entire G.O.O.D. family on deck for “All Of The Lights”. After the jump, Cudi performs two other notable cuts with Mr. West.


“Poker Face”

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  • Umm..

    the entire good family? Mos aint up there..

  • Pusha ? Common ? Mos def ?

  • Ya Boy G

    I understand its live but why sean and cudi jumping around like chearleaders? That performance sucked man. Great song bad idea to let them get tipsy before performing it.

  • wow

    Cudi…represents good music the best. Mos def is wack..will never blow if he hasn’t already..pusha t probably won’t drop n if he does ye will most def lose money on him cuz he won’t crack 50,000 //n common is sick tho..he atleast goes gold n drops dope albums

  • wow

    @ya boy g
    Its a room with a max of 500 people n its friends in there..there not performing for your dumbass..

  • Ya Boy G

    Lol…really. friends? Its a sponsored show u jack ass. U coulda bought a ticket. Stfu. They looked stupid.

  • chad c

    ^^^ you couldnt just go buy a ticket…it was an invite only event sponsored by heineken…..

    there were nothing but industry ppl.. and bloggers in there

  • Ya Boy G

    Ok. Then and still. Sucked. I like how ppl are picking up on the stupid ticket comment. The performance wasn’t good.

  • fryguy

    @wow mos def is dope you are a fucking idiot, who gives 2 shits if he isn’t on the billboard top 100 every year, he is a unique artist that represents hip hop’s roots.

  • dropem

    i was there… the performance did not suck. It was fcn great!! Only a cornball who wATCHED IT ONLINE COULD HATE ON THIS..SMFH