Lupe Fiasco Defends Obama Comments

Lupe’s sticking to his guns. In an interview with Billboard, he refuses to retract his statement regarding President Barack Obama.

I’ve got nothing to clarify. It’s Obama and the U.S. government. [It’s] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him.

It’s funky because everybody’s pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don’t talk about anything else from the interview. So it’s really about, ‘What do people want to listen to?’ It’s not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit… there wasn’t the same reaction about me having a book club… about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system.

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  • onanigga

    coons gonna coon.



  • still best rite now!!

    Dont you hate when smart ppl say the dumbest sh*t! smh

    What did you think ppl would talk about Lupe?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Somebody get the Miri Ben-Ari on line 1 so she can play her Violin. Sidebar: How do you like your Miami Heat now?

  • ctg

    You can’t look tough while holding a bottle of sparkling apple cider.

    It’s just impossible.

  • MarcusMayor

    Lupe been acting mad strange and silly because he’s talkin to much

  • psychhhh

    this nigga talks too much, go sit ya ass down and read a book

  • EJMD

    Lupe’s tha man ! hes not such a pussy after all!! Fuck AMERIKKKA

  • cheetos

    “in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system.”

    LMAO go to Mali then. You are complaining about a 99% literacy rate which is tied with the UK when there are countries who don’t even have a 30% rate.

  • He doesn’t vote, he doesn’t have a literacy program (since he see it as such a problem) and when Obama was running he had something to say about him, saying he’d vote for Hillary, like her husband didn’t send soldiers to the gulf in 92. He’s a clown and while he’s talking all this righteous crap, he yelling free chilly. STFU.

  • your no. 1 supplier

    he has his opinions and has to be respected, keep talking lupe

  • James

    He sure was on the Hilary Clinton bandwagon when election time was around…..This guy needs to read a book or take some kind of political science course because he sounds like a 15 year old internet nerd right now.

  • CaliSteppin

    I used to be a big Lupe fan cuz he stayed out of the limelight and kept a low profile unlike most rappers but dam now he is making stupid comments left and right. Maybe if he wasn’t too busy making stupid comments lasers would of been on the quality of his first 2 albums

  • DirkDiggler

    Shockingly, I actually agree with Mr. Fiasco. Our future generations are in deep shit and most Americans can’t see this yet. The problem is, we don’t have the solution. Until we find one our schools will fail to produce critically conscious individuals who have the awareness to see right through the bullshit.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    smart dumb nigga

  • dmfslimm





  • Shorty_Supreme

    A lot of ya don’t know what he’s talking about. This government is corrupt. Wars create $ for banks who run the whole world. A lot of presidents are hand picked. A new world order is gonna be created with one world currency. All our rights are gonna be taken away. Many of us will die fighting it. Lupe is the only artist confronting it. Everyone else is scared

  • SwagOnSwoosh

    Ya dudes are ignorant. Lupe and his music speak the truth. keep ya mouths shot if ya not gonna make a valid point or opinion. On a side note that pic is a little bugged out.

  • Dashing

    “I’ve got nothing to clarify. It’s Obama and the U.S. government. [It’s] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him.”

    ^ Umm….that’s clarification. Sounds like he’s walking it back a bit. Or at least expanding upon it. If he said this initially it wouldn’t have been as big of a story. Lupe has done this consistently for YEARS. He’s said something, put his foot in his mouth and then screamed at everyone while trying to walk it back. (i.e. “I never even like Tribe called Quest” “I hate Lasers.”)

    Also, his not voting position completely makes his whole statement invalid. The people that are elected do matter. If McCain was president, shit would be mad different. funny coming from the dude who said “if you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor”

  • Can someone tell me what is the major difference between Obama and bush ? The American government is terrorizing the world and Americans blacks are blind since they will accept “black pres” to do anything . Where is the humanity ? Do you read the news ? You believe the Osama garbage ? 911? Lupe ! You are the man don’t worry .. Those people bashing you probably think you are against obama and with McCain but no they don’t understand that you are agains tyrants that rule the world and kill innocent people. Lupe is the Malcolm X of our time . This is going to happen where the public will attack him saying you “ruined the black dream’ it’s not about that anymore stop bringing it up everytime someone attacks a black man.

  • teejay

    Lupe is extremely short sighted. He seems like his research on these issues are cursory viewings of wikipedia. He should kindly stfu.

  • midwestg

    lupe too smart to be famous

  • Belize

    Wow Lupe…didn’t realzie you were such a DUMBASS! lmfao!

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  • conscious

    It’s a known fact that presidents, liberal or conservative, perpetuate the policies of their predecessors. I don’t think McCain would be a better choice, think Palin as vice president, good god! A lot of people are dissapointed in Obama, not just Lupe Fiasco.

    He’s deported more undocumented workers than Bush, he hasn’t closed Guantanamo, the wars are still going, which ending the war was a major factor in his campaign.

    Btw, 30% of high schoolers will not graduate high school and 50% of latino and black high school students will not graduate high school. There’s no denying our educational system is a failure.

  • BeeVo

    Lupe changed so much from when he started to now. Your government views is your government views. No one can judge because everybody has a arguement about the other side of the spector. I still fuck with Lupe but now I’m on Jamal HD hard cuz he reminds me of old Lu. It happens

  • get bucks

    Lupe should stick to rappin’. Leave Obama alone. He’s the 1st black president. Let him live. Sheesh.

  • Marcybruva

    @BeeVo you know they perform together in Bangor, Maine on August 12th. I follow HD on twitter

  • @BeeVo dont compare Jamal HD to Lupe Fiasco. HD is dope as fuck. Did you even listen to Sin-thuh-sis? “Reminds me of old Lu” …..smh

  • BeeVo

    Jamal HD and old Lupe go hand in hand with music both good

  • Protest

    its his views, get off his and Obama’s dick

  • Rajon chrondo

    who gives a flying fuck about lupe fiasco – hes garbage


    90% of ya’ll niggas calling him stupid… Probably never discussed any of these topics before in your life. An air force one convo….maybe. If you could point out on thing in that interview that can’t be backed up with facts i’ll respect that. The second anyone criticizes Obama niggas go ham as if he can do no wrong?

    Preacher in a pulpit syndrome….”The Priest never lies” ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  • Soul_Assasin

    Don’t talk about it, RAP about it!


    right or wrong its one mans opinion if u don’t agree you have the right not too

  • kreflomodollaz

    @TRUTH — the problem is Lupe only succeeded in bringing attention to himself not to actually discussing US policy abroad. When you use words like “terrorist” you immediately alienate people who might’ve had a real convo with you because you’ve created such an extreme stance.

    Yes US moves overseas help in creating bitterness towards america and eventually Terrorists. But these “terrorists” are also blinded by their faith. You need more than foreign policy to create the beast.

    And on top of that what is the alternative? There will never be a utopian earth. Survival of the fittest is the way the world works. All animals operate on the same ideals. Strong and resilient survive and the weak don’t. Best traits evolve..

  • Chi Town

    Lupe from one west sider to another if you know thats what there going to pull out of the interview stop giving them the ammunition. You smart enough to know that. There trying to create this Lupe versus President Obama story and you keep falling into the trap. If the beef is with the government as a whole stop personally saying President Obama because they keep using you as a headline.

  • It’s funny

    I bet all the people just simply writing off Lupe and dumb and misinformed are 10x more out the loop than he is. Hip opinion is his and he has a right to say it. People get so riled up when a pop star or someone famous says something that isn’t with the status quo. If he feels Obama is a part of a fucked up system he has a right to say so. And for all of us here to sit and act like he isn’t half right, then I guess your, iphones, blackberrys, clothes, cars, shit even this site is your ruler. We live in a system based on corruption. Just look at how EVERYONE around the world looks at us and how they are treated based on our “global agendas”. He might not be too far from the truth whether you like it, agree with it or not.

  • Gawd

    Honestly the only really good things about Obama were the fact that hes the first black president, and that he’s done well with the unemployment rates.
    Other than that, Obamas been nothing but hype from the beginning. What’d u expect? Obama to be some genius because hes black?? Some revolutionary?? He’s opened doors, but thats not going to take away the fact that the higher powers are corrupted. The higher-ups just did a damn good job at making things seem so ole and bold.

    Don’t be fooled, popular opinion is almost ALWAYS incorrect.

  • Koolo

    man this is bs
    Keep ya head up Lu, and to the rest of yall niggas talking shit the high power will wrench your mind of every piece of intelligence in it without people like Lu.

    These is the end times, dont say I didnt warn yall when every “theory” comes to pass FAGGOTS

  • Gus

    smh at black elvis next to him.

  • Fuck Wasulu Jackoff

    A book club will solve all of our problems! Thanks Lupe! People are mad at him because he is just like Obama, and like every other celeb. This is good publicity for him,he has no REAL solutions. He got his fans to put pressure on his label to release his album, why? If you really cared about your fans and your message you would put out free music via mixtapes and recoup your money on the road. HE WANTS TO BE FAMOUS, hes highly intelligent. Don’t let him fool you, he’s just like the rest of them.

  • still best rite now!!

    What has Obama done:
    1. Ordering & succeded in killing Bin Laden.
    2. Lowest IUnemployment rate in years
    3. Ended “dont ask,dont tell”
    4. Has a withdrawal plan for US troops in the Middle East
    5. Saved the American auto industry
    6. Revamping the United States sad healthcare system

  • Talk is Cheap

    Look at Lupe moonwalking!

    Dude has back peddled so much, he been around the world twice! This dude openly supported Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Presidential primaries and from the beginning has hated on Obama, former senator of his own state, who happens to be black and symbol of intellectuals of all colors. Whats wan’t there to like at back then? It was all self-promotion and it is now.

    Look, have your opinion dude, but it feels like you’re just trying to score buzz points after your recent decline in sales. When Lupe hangs the mic up, he’ll never be a Cornell West or a Tavis Smiley. So if you want people to focus on your book club, dont speak about Obama.

    For now.. keep moonwalking!


  • Tyler, The Debater

    @ Cheetos THANK YOU!

  • lol, anybody notice that lupe’s drinking martenneli’s apple cider

  • 1234…

    Obama “IS” the biggest terrorist in the world!!! Simple as that.

    He is worse than Bush!

  • Stupey Fiasco

    Lupe Fiasco is a stupid fuck not because of his views, but how he presented them.

    Why would you say that “Barack Obama” is anything if you have that overall view towards the government in general? Lupe has been rapping before Barack Obama was in office. Why chose now to take this stance and use Obamas name? This president has been the most diplomatic in regards to foreign policy than any president. So much to the fact that his opposition say he’s “sympathetic towards terrorists”.

    Lupe is a pseudo smart stupid nigga. Shut the fuck up and rap about touching Saturns rings, and go buy some school books for kids or something. Stay in your lane.

  • ironic

    I didn’t like the beats/production of LASERS, at all. It wasn’t an impressive album by any stretch of the imagination. However, just for being brave enough to speak ya mind and being accurate, Lupe, fuck it, I’ma buy another copy of LASERS…

  • Nickey Black

    Shout out to Lupe, I understand where you coming from.

    This is no different then what Tupac would say. Go listen to Letter to the President. Go listen to
    THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US and while you at it, bump MJ’s THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US. Listen to Dead Prez POLICE STATE, mattafact listen to the whole LET’S GET FREE ALBUM.

    I feel Lupe’s frustration and his opinion should turn into a convo we all should discuss, not dog.

  • The Executive

    I respected Lupe Fiasco before those comments. he came off as a very intelligent guy with some of the illest lyrics i’ve ever heard. However, those ignorant comments he made were totally uncalled for. To call the president the biggest terrorist is waaaaaay out of bounds. Let’s not forget president obama recently won the nobel peace price. he won that because he is reshaping the “Bully” image of america. The Osama killing was an initiative that was continued from the previous administration. We acted in defense of our country. BIn Laden was responsible for Thousands of deaths during the 9/11 attacks. I am from NY and I remember 9/11. if you werent covered in debris from collapsing buildings, or lost loved ones, you will never understand the significants of catching osama. Now back to Lupe…. you have all of that to say about the gov’t and the failing educational system, but you dont vote. I have a problem with people who speak out negatively about things, but dont do anything to help the cause. since lupe is so knowledgeable about the failing school system, ask him which school districts are failing in Chicago. asking him to give you the percentages of failing schools in AMERICA. I applaud you for getting people to pay attention to you, but you really made an ass out of your self.

  • The Executive

    I’m sorry for my above post I just got a little heated ’cause I’m a bum boy. I really don’t understand that my country is based on lies, that my country has elected a president who just packages the same agenda as the Bush administration in a neat bow so the stupid american population eat it up. I’m sorry I didn’t mention that my puppet president did not close down Guantanamo Bay like he promised 4 years ago, I’m sorry that my terrorist president is still remains in Iraq after he promised to pull out within a year of him being elected, I’m sorry that my puny little mind can’t fathom the fact my president has increased more drone attacks in his single term compared to the Bush administration overall. I apologise that I mentioned the thousands of people who died in 9/11 but failed to mention the millions of innocent civilians my government has murdered over the course of these wars. I’m sorry the man I follow has increased spending when our country is broke and that he borrows money from countries that we can’t afford to pay back, I’m sorry RapRadar for giving you the information that our country’s economy is owned by the rest of the world (more than 7% by Saudi Arabia). Just excuse my ignorance I have too much american pride which is why 50% of my country is illiterate, why we went to war over oil and why we have tried our best to alienate a peaceful religion. I’m sorry I haven’t improved out healthcare system and why technically is as bad as it has always been – I mean we don’t want healthcare like Canada or the UK do we, we want to pay to get medical care, what’s this nonsense that it’s supposed to be free! Why oh why has my president not fulfilled his promises!

    I hope you accept my apologies for misleading you with my earlier post.

  • dll32

    thanks @teejay +1


    I don’t remember Lupe making any statements regarding George W. Bush.

    Lupe is a rebel without a cause. He’s not going to do anything meaningful to fix the problems he says exist.

  • Really

    really Lupe?

    keep in mind Lupe Fiasco’s best friend is in prison serving a 44 year prison sentence for selling drugs in Chicago.

    someone needs to ask Lupe Fiasco whether drug dealers are terrorists like President Obama?

    Lupe also belongs to a religion that is notorious for blowing themselves up in suicide missions.

    It can be argued that the Islamic religion is one of the most violent religions the world has ever seen. Why doesn’t Little Lupe bring up these issues?

  • The Executive


    …and Christians are known for bumming little choir boys!

  • Nickey Black

    I’m listening to WORDS I NEVER SAID and his statement he made recently sounds like the same thing he saying in this song. So I guess he did put it in music.


    I slept on this man~NickeyBlack

  • Syd

  • Converse

    Defintion: Fiasco-a complete ignominious failure, any undertaking that results in failure or diaster

    lmao this nigga isnt to smart if he chose FIASCO as his rap name lol? or maybe lupe is just living up to his name smh his a dumbass*Obama voice*

  • jam

    what the hell did you expect people to talk about? When you use words with shock value like”terrorist” everything else is overshadowed. if you stand by your words thats fine but dont complain cuz people wanna talk about it. truthful or not it was a controversial statement. DUHH

  • me

    @The Executive
    where exactly did you get that stat about 50% of america being illiterate?
    i would advise you to check your source because that number is waaaaaaay off buddy

  • lupe

    hahahahahaha. how desperate are you lupe for some buzz? You are a musician-stick to it. theres a reason why you have no fucking influence. ITS EASY TO stand there and say that everything is wrong with the world, but honestly-if you were in that position would you know how to fix it? Dumbass. flawed education system? why is it that america still has the best students and colleges? what can the politicians do if americans dont want to pay for education? will you pay? faggot. you dont even know how politics works. who the fuck do you support? yourself? NOWHERE IN THE WORLD IS SHIT PERFECT. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ILLITERATES, POOR PPL, ETC. dont vouch for them because you are a fucking hipocrit. shit makes me so mad. do you even understand obama’s policies? try running a country dipshit. you thinking bombing some village in the middle east is bad? tell that to your family when they get bombed or hurt during terrorist attacks faggot. so easy for you to say when you have millions and are safe
    you’re not hte fucking average citizen you piece of shit.

  • xFUCK


  • xFUCK



    if you think LUPE IS WRONG then why are you so afraid to do what i just wrote???

  • Owa

    SMH Lupe…

  • Ballerboy

    for the People goin at Lupe are stupid what he said has truth in it..stop being dumb fucks and wake the hell up the government,banks and all presidents are evil bitches besides JFK that’a why he was murdered

    read and do some damn research and get of his nutts just because he has a black face like yours..aint’ shit changed fuckers

  • TheToiletSpatula

    All the people hating on lupe for his comments need to realize something.
    American people are masked to what the government is up to.
    It is corrupt in the most intricate ways….but you have to research this stuff.
    Lupe is just educated about the “truth” behind the “lies”

  • Theloneus

    Bunch of fake asses on here riding that Obama hope and change dick even though they asses still unemployed scrolling through rap sites. If this was a white president all yall racist ass niggas would be sending Lupe checks. FOH.

  • B-Fresh

    i can respect a man with an opinion even if he is wrong he is fighting for wat he believes in….how many people out here with dead relatives knowing they wer drug dealers theives and murderers still laid them to rest only saying the good things and believing there actually in heaven smh……step your life up ppl are stupid…..side note lupe rocked the sweetlife fest he was better than the main band

  • greg

    black people. just because you got a black president doesnlt mean he’s not a corrupt white man’s puppet.

    wake up.


    It wont affect you.

    Just focus on yourself and make that paper for yourself.

    Ignore politics.

  • blackghost

    must of you guys have no clue what lupe is talking about republican or democrat it doesn’t matter whose in office they all been pre-pick study how ur system works and you’ll start to understand there are higher powers behind the white house that really pulls the string. America is turning into a police state where heading towards a north american union with mexico and canada it’s time to wake up people the dollar is going in the toilet food prices are rising, school system is failing big time and when u have a uneducated public you colud get away with anything. LUPE WE GOT YOU SOLDIER

  • Detroit Daily

    He’s not really defending his comment. He’s trying to maneuver and spin his statement by saying the “MEDIA” is overreacting and their other elements in the article. If anything dude knows what he is doing. He pulled the same routine with Atlantic when they tried to shelve [email protected] If Lupe doesn’t like Obama or any other president/politician/foreign policy, if that matters, just say it. Don’t try to impersonate someone who cares about politics only to demean the character of the President. I totally agree with Stupey Fiasco. Lupe Fiasco is a smart dumb rapper attempting to masquerade as political pundit. Lupe has replaced Nas in the category WTF interview moments.

  • Really?

    It’s funny to hear people defending any president after Eisenhower. He warned us. Read up on your history before you go calling people stupid for making a truthful comment. Sure he could’ve worded himself better, but at the end of the day you look like a fool running around supporting a smoke and mirrors government. Be realistic. SMH.

  • DIVIDE and CONQUER at its best.

    We can’t even differ in opinion on a BLOG without ripping each others heads off…. let alone contribute solutions to help Obama (a fellow ‘minority’) run this country.

    All of you must be OUT OF YOUR MIND to think THAT ANY PRESIDENT would be able to repair what Obama is facing.
    Thats ALMOST like phkn up your GPA for the first 3 years and then trying to graduate with a 4.0 in the Senior Year!!!

    Besides, how can you REALLY fix a damn thing when all you get from the people you’re trying to serve is CRITICISM and disrespect.

    Half of you cant resolve your own little issues at home yet have the nerve to criticize someone thats trying to run THE COUNTRY.

    The ‘system’… the ‘beast’… the gov’t… the ‘terroists’ dont have to do shit anymore because we Divide and Conquer ourselves.

    They dont even need ‘military state’ tactics since we keep each other in check like cattle.

    You even crucify each other if I like a different artist or wear a diff sneaker brand, etc.

    Being smart or ignorant doesnt matter if you’re BLIND to whats REALLY happening to ALL OF US.

    IF Lupe’s money is phkd or any other artist, OUR money is phkd.

    Whether Lupe is creating a buzz for himself or not-
    open another tab in your browser and google or YouTube the little tidbits Lupe speaks of

    See for yourself.

    Most of us really believe that its Republicans vs. Dems vs Libs when inside the W.House…. the McCains, the Palins, the Obamas, the Bushes, the Clinton all eat off the same plate….. OUR PLATES!

    The revolution WILL NOT be televised. Rise and Shine….

  • glasshousetenant

    I can not throw stones so how can you? Opinions are just that without Hard facts. No body and 95% believe the story the other 5% believe you.

  • Oboma has NOT brought CHANGE, In fact ~~ THE ONLY real THING needing CHANGE !

    Was Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Barack Hussein Obama II ( Who hates American Values )

    Who who is A ” SELF PROCLAIMED Enemy ” ~ of responsible, Morally Conscious HARD WORKING Americans.

    oBOMAS supporters KNOW~ that Barack Hussein Obama II, WILL FORCE YOU to paY THEM, out of your PockeT ….

    This UN~CHANGABLE fraud, has done His VERY BEST to Inspire VIOLENCE.

    THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. saying “Bring it on” To his supporters.

    Oboma ~ Demands Saying “Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your fellow Americans”

    – Obama has ALSO DECLARED to his Supporters

    “I want all Americans to get in each others faces!–

    Obama demands !

    “You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun” – Obama Cant wait to get everybody involved in some kind OF CONFRONTATION of some sort….


    Obama has ALSO DECLARED “Republicans are our enemies”-

    ** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

    ANGER VIOLENCE and more taxes….. THIS IS OBAMAS Change for america

    /“Hit Back Twice As Hard”. He commands !


    *Obama on the private sector: ~~ “We talk to these folks…~ / so I know whose ass to KICK.“
    OBOMA wants to KICK your ass /

    Shouting THAT Republican victory would mean ~ “hand to hand combat”

    HE IS EXPECTING people to kill & BE VIOLENT / for their immoral CAUSES

    * Obama Tells democrats: “ I’m itching for a fight.” !

    PLEASE go to reXes NEW WebsiTe ~ ! Oboma *( Just like Adolf Hitler~~ In that oBOMA~~~ Demands ! — [ THE FINAL SOLUTION – ~ For Un~Wanted Children

    Barak Obama A MURDERER .~Torturing UNWANTED babys on DEATH ROE

    OBAMA supports TAKING a little NEW BORN innocent child.. / BORN. ALIVE ~

    sTabing it iN the head & SUCKs ITS BRAINS OUT.

    He also demands, that a Child SURVIVING a FAILED ABORTION, Has no RIGHT to Life or medical care.