T.I. Thanks Fans; New Song Coming Soon

It’s just a little over 3 months before he is set to be released—again, so the Kang retreated to his website to thank fans for their support and reveals that he will release a new song in a few weeks. #TIback ?

What up world? Been a minute. I’d like to thank you all for the thousands of letters, cards, books, pictures and words of encouragement. I’m truly grateful. I’m sure you already know I’m nearing the end of this chapter of my life, and looking forward to taking all of the things I’ve learned with me while leaving all the rest of the “BS” behind. I’ve been tuned in somewhat to what’s been happening out there. I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much being on the outside looking in, having to witness all that’s going on (and not going on) in the game affects me. Not being able to do what I love especially. It’s like a whole other sentence within itself. But I really do appreciate all the love, respect, shout outs and salutations during this very difficult period in my life. Everybody from da homies Weezy, Killa Mike, R. Rozay my lil bruh B.o.B, Terrence J (106 & Park) and my “durty” Nelly. Regardless of whether the gestures were the greatest or the smallest, they still meant the world to me. REAL TALK. The separation from my art has definitely sparked an inferno of inspiration that will soon be felt by all. As a matter of fact, to show my appreciation to those that have been in support of me and granted the requests of TEAM T.I. I’ll be releasing a record in the near future (couple of weeks tops) to hold y’all over til I get back in action. During this time of seclusion I have developed a mind full of thoughts, ideas, plans and strategies of change to incorporate into my professional endeavors, as well as my personal lifestyle. But none of them is as strong as my determination to conquer my own imperfections and my will to WIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I love, respect and appreciate all those who have stood beside me and I have accepted those you didn’t. But one things for sure and two for certain. As long as the Most High blesses me with the ability to live and breathe….My campaign will continue!!! Stronger, smarter, bigger and better than ever. For those that doubt that…See me when they free me.

Love King

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  • still best rite now!!

    hopefully he get back in that “Trap Muzik” mode…..nevermind, that might be a parole violation

  • ur mama’s man

    i use 2 lyk dis nigga.i hope he learns sth 4rm dis.all d bes tip.


    King Back

  • Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet he like P sitting his his sell thinking of things to write about cause he to scared to go outside with the other inmates. dude looks like a 15 year old. he would be something bitch.

  • Isiah Bradley

    your time has come and gone……on to the next, you are Roy Jones status
    You wasted opportunities simply because you got too comfortable and started sleeping on the consequences of the various traps that comes with success

    I don’t only blame you, but your wife,your fam,and your crew because they all failed to hold your lame azz down

  • NoNotToday

    T.I. sucks. His 15 seconds is over.

  • get bucks

    @ Isiah Bradley

    Roy Jones??? C’mon I’m not a fan of TI like that, but he’s no Roy Jones Jr. Who’s iller than him on some rap shit from the South?

    Weezy-I can’t call it.
    Ross-Hell Yeah, but Ross prolly the hottest in the game.

    TI still a contender.

  • Anon DCPL

    T.I. better than all these mainstream south niggaz.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Converse

    Did this fool say Ross is better than Tip?

    Hahah go off yourself dumb bastard! Ross only has dope beats and a FAKE gangster image smh I listen to ross music but without nice beats he would be irrevlent


  • Protest

    T.I.= The definition of a fuck-up. Had the #1 movie in America on top of making music, I believe he had an album out, and got locked up again. I don’t support foolishness.


    these clown ass niggas know that T.I. is realer than these soft candy coated fag rappers, keep sayin all that dumb shit once homie comes home u gonna be back on his dick when he drops some heat

  • puerto-black

    Free Tip

  • Black Shady

    Hey Officer Ricky……this means u got 3more months to enjoy. THE KING is coming back!

  • get bucks

    @ Converse

    I ain’t even gon’ insult u from my laptop, because that’s what bitch ass niggas do… somebody compared TI to Roy Jones Jr. and I totally disagree with that, but @ the same time TI ain’t the premier rapper from the South no more. Truthfully, Weezy been took that spot. Ross got the South Crown right now imho.

    I don’t care who’s a gangster and who’s not when it comes to artists. I’m a fan of music and not just music, but good music. If I was lookin’ for a crimey then i may consider a street cred background check.

    How u luv that???

  • CaliSteppin

    Hip hop couldn’t need Tip anymore than they do right now cuz ain’t nobody dropping albums. Where’s watch the throne? Cole world? The list goes on. (At least bad meets evil was fire)
    Say what you want about Tip but he is as consistent as they come at making good music. Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, King, and Paper Trail were all dope and at least 2 of those albums are borderline classics for THEIR TIME.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    T.I. is a dumbass.

  • Word


    His 15 seconds over? His last album went Gold WHILE he was in jail. Niggas still support TIP. Fuck outta here with that bullshit. Aint shit over. He gonna come out and take over the south all over again. Fuck you mean. FREE TIP. Ross barely sell gold and TIP does it in JAIL??? LMAO! Come on son! Ross is only eating because Wayne and TIP were in jail while he was blowing up. And Ross making sure he stay in jail im sure he snitching on TIP to make sure of that. Who was Ross before TIP went to jail? Exactly. A decent artist. Now he big but only cuz TIP locked up. Dont get it twisted

  • Word

    @GetBucks my comment applies to you too. Ross only hot cuz TIP in jail. Believe that. Think about it. TIP, Wayne, and Jeezy ran the south. Then Wayne and TIP got locked up and Jeezy ethered himself. Ross took advantage. Thats all. Aint like his music got better cuz it hasnt. He just took advantage of NO COMPETITION in the south. Simple. Wayne came out and started fuckin up with his music and conforming to Ross style of music with the BMF beats he used on John, Jeezy on the come up but who knows with that nigga, and TIP get out in September. Ross dont got long before the south straightens up and. He lucky theres no heavy hitters down there diong shit right now. KRIT on the come up tho. Ross dont got long. Trust me. NO COMPETITION and he only managed a Gold album and a flop of a MMG album? TIP and Wayne were both in jail but had Gold releases? Come on man you do the math

  • Word

    No to mention TIP is a WAY better rapper and makes better music. Imma leave it at that though and let yall think of a come back to that and an explanation to what yu think gonna happen when TIP free. Lol dont say flop cuz hes beyond that point now. He still young enough to appeal to everybody too.


  • Jake

    I hope his next song is something like big things poppin.

  • Hater, The Troll!



  • get bucks

    @ Word

    The lack of competition in the south is definitely a thriving point for Ross, but @ the same time he stepped up big time with his flow. Ross flow improved drastically since his 1st album. Idk Ross be goin’ off. TI definitely gonna do his thing win he come home, but The Bawse is in the building!!! On that snitch note TI kind of got a checkered past according to popular opinion. I think TI cut a deal to get a year on that gun beef. The big boys don’t care how much $$$ u got or what u mean to community (rap fans). I’m not judging him based on that, because I could understand that his business interests have to be protected. Ten years is suicide for a dude making as much money as he generates.

    I like Krit, but he’s kinda boring to me kinda like Phonte from Lil Brother is… Niggas can rhyme, but they just kinda boring. IDK

  • Belize

    better be

  • Dino

    Keep your head up TIP…. I’m still on your team my ninja!

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    T.I time is up??? What the are niggas smoking. He is still the king of south. He step his rhymes up gets the best production he don’t keep us waiting on his albums. I don’t even fuck with southern rappers but T.I is the truth

  • mikey

    hopefully his next album is better than his last

  • NoNotToday

    @Word Shut yo retarded ass up. Tiffany looks like a 15 year old midget with an elephant head. His flow sounds like he learned how to rap from a Speak & Spell. He is a scared little f*ck. Why you think he had all them guns. Tiny looks like a Muppet baby too.

  • get bucks

    @ NoNotToday

    Tiffany??? Yo u called TI Tiffany!!! LMBAO!!!

  • B.Boggz

    Black Shady says:
    Friday, June 10 2011 at 5:28 PM EST
    Hey Officer Ricky……this means u got 3more months to enjoy. THE KING is coming back!


  • James


  • YOUR pusha

    ross aint got to worry about anything, T.i will come out they will make more hits together, ross is building at the moment and doesnt have to worry about losing any spots, FREE T.I

  • suckadickhaters

    you fuckign faggots you dont know shit… this guy is a genius a phenom … while you faggots sit here and argue over this and that, this man will always be on top of you in this life time and ten more life times put together. SUCK A FUCKING DICK HATERS.

  • U AinT a Pimp U a Fairyyy!!

    Ross and T.I will coexist.fuck ya’ll haters.ross has improved with every album he has dropped.lyricly and production-wise.plus his flow is VICIOUS.i bump Teflon Don everyday,man.i hope T.I comes back with heat.the last album had standout trax but some were just too meh.

  • Ghost


  • i just really pray this time that he has learned his lesson cause he has to put i good music and his fans are looking up to him as there role model and all and he has kids of his own also and we are the role model to and for our kids and we can,t aford to mess up…nuff said thou…

  • Codeen

    September 29th can’t come come soon enough. Come home TIP, the South game need you for real. I hate Ross ass, and Jeezy and Wayne kinda fuckin up right now.

  • Yungtaps

    Tip went gold in 6weeks..ross went gold in 6 months..deeper than rap isnt even certified.Ross himself saw tht for him to survive in the south he had to kill his beef with tip.ross is 5 years older than tip on top of tht..by the time tip and weezy reach their 40s they will be moguls like jay and diddy.imagine wat they can achieve in the next 10 years.as much as u can hate on tip he is makin 10 million plus from a prison cell..and we all knw u haters listened to no mercy,listened to sum B.O.B.,watched takers,probably listening to tht dj drama oh my record and u probably even hv a pair of akoo jeans to match.then u say the king is gone?!ross and his mmg group couldnt even find a grammy nomination btwn them yet grandhustle had 7..

    You all knw tip will be back! And if he can stay outta prison he will live up to his name as the kang!